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Algenist isn't a brand I don't shout out individually enough, in all honesty! Whilst their products are luxurious, they combine hydrating topical collagen with really impressive actives to provide a selection of effective, gentle, well-rounded products. Today I'm reviewing their two newest launches...

Let's start with the Blue Algae Vitamin C Skinclarity Brightening Serum* | £56. It has a kind of gel-milk texture so it's a little weightier and more hydrating than your typical Vitamin C serum. We love Vitamin C for its ability to even out the skin tone, protect the skin from environmental damage and boost up collagen production, so you face stays bouncy for longer! Algenist use ascorbic acid, but it's a little different to other products on the market as it's formulated from spirulina; whilst I couldn't find much information on its stability when pitted against standard ascorbic acid, anecdotally I've found that this stays really fresh. I can see that product outside of the packaging that's trickled out onto the pump has oxidised with that tell-tale dark orange but when you pump the product out it's still fresh. In terms of other antioxidants (ingredients protecting the skin from free radicals), we have turmeric extract, beetroot extract, Vitamin E (which can help stabilise Vitamin C) and bakuchiol, which also has skin-brightening benefits and might trick the skin into thinking it's the gold standard in anti-ageing: retinol. 

The moisturising jojoba oil, soothing aloe and humectants (water magnets) in the form of hyaluronic and glycerin make this a well-rounded formula and we have a little bit of salicylic acid in here too. This BHA exfoliant is something we'll go into more depth on when we move onto the second product in this post, but it's great for blemish-prone skin. This means that (in combination) these two actives are working at clarifying the skin both in terms of preventing active breakouts but also when it comes to treating hyperpigmentation. What I love about this formula, though, is that it's not too much! These two ingredients sound like a lot, but they really weren't for my skin. This was a gentle but really effective product that helped with general congestion in my skin, it gave me a glow-boost and it ensured any blemish scars cleared up quickly. If you're more acne-prone and want a Vitamin C in your routine then this is a brilliant option because you're getting all of those amazing benefits + the clarifying power of salicylic acid.

Algenist also launched their Genius Liquid Skin Resurfacing 2% BHA Toner* | £32 | recently as a dedicated salicylic acid toner. I don't think you need both at the same time in your routine; it's really about personal preference and what else you have going on. I'd lean towards saying the Vitamin C is best for those with acne-prone skin to use daily and the toner is better for those with occasional breakouts to throw into their routine as and when they need it. Salicylic acid is the pore-penetrating chemical exfoliant; it's oil-soluble so can clear out the stuff that causes breakouts. This is formulated alongside a little bit of glycolic acid for that surface smoothness and overall glow-boost. Azelaic acid is a great ingredient for acne, redness, discolouration and inflammation, so I love that it's in here. Plus there's niacinamide in the mix, as a multi-tasking active that can halt hyperpigmentation in its tracks, regulate oil production in the skin and boost up the skin's barrier function.

The only thing I don't love about this product is that some of the extracts in here could be irritating for some skin types, and they don't add much to the formula from a skincare perspective; they're really just fragrancing ingredients. My skin has no issues with this but I know some people find them problematic, especially when formulated alongside exfoliating acids. Personally, I'm really enjoying this product at the moment; it helps clear up breakouts and reduces that inflammatory response in my skin when it's having a hormonal moment. Plus, the added extras really help keep hyperpigmentation at bay, so you're working on both the active breakout and what's left behind afterwards. Best of all: this gives me a mild tingle at most, so it's not at all irritating despite containing all of these heavy-hitting ingredients.

I hope that gave you a good little overview of the brand and their two newest launches! Have you tried anything from Algenist?

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