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Today we're spotlighting Good Light, which is now available at Cult Beauty! This is a capsule collection of simple but hydrating products made for everyone. Let's jump into them...

First up we have a surprise hit: the Cosmic Dew Water Cleanser* | £17. I saw 'gel-to-foam cleanser' and thought it would be just another foaming cleanser and they're really not my bag. However, I thought I should give it a go for review purposes and expected to pass it on to a friend or relative fairly quickly. This is a thicker, humectant-y water-based cleanser that lathers lightly on contact with water but unless you're really over-applying the product: you're not going to get that sudsy effect. It's enough to satisfy people that like a foam and little enough not to freak out dry-skinned people like me! Whilst foaming doesn't necessarily equate to the formula being drying on the skin, I just don't like the feeling but a light lather in a gentle water-based cleanser is perfect for me as a second cleanse in the evening during the summer (this can also be used as a morning cleanse). We have soothing and hydrating ingredients like Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and beta-glucan paired alongside very gentle and skin-friendly surfactants, meaning you get an effective but non-stripping cleanse. It never leaves my skin feeling tight, dry or uncomfortable and is very gentle so I think it's a great option for just about every skin type. It was a pleasant surprise and I really recommend checking it out!

Next up is the Moon Glow Milky Toning Lotion* | £21. Again, whilst a milky toner with a touch more body feels like a dry skin product, I think this is actually pretty universal. It  doesn't have much of a scent but just as a heads up: it does contain some fragrant plant oils, though these are itemised for those who have specific allergies or sensitivities. Rosehip, meadowfoam, avocado and sunflower seed oils are all gorgeously-moisturising, there's snow mushroom to act as a humectant, Vitamin E for an antioxidant boost, soothing oat extract, urea to support the skin barrier, allantoin to soothe the skin and niacinamide at a skin-friendly concentration. It's a multitasking favourite to balance out oily skin, reduce inflammation, boost up your skin's barrier function from within and it even helps inhibit hyperpigmentation. All of this in a formula that's non-sticky and absorbs effortlessly. It's barely any more weighty on the skin than a water-based toner but feels hydrating and moisturising. It's a product that will ensure most days are good skin days if you use it regularly. I think it will suit all skin types but oilier people who don't want an extra layer on their skin during the day might prefer to add this into their PM routine.

Finally, we have the We Come in Peace Microbiome Serum* | £23. This is a lightweight milky serum that's a skin-soothing all-rounder. Whilst it does have a moisturising effect, it actually feels very lightweight and absorbs effortlessly into the skin. At the same time there's some really good stuff packed in here. Glycerin will draw water into the skin and there are non-fragrant plant oils to soften the skin and lock in hydration. Fatty alcohols will also condition and replenish the skin. However, for a bit of something extra, we also have bakuchiol and a fermented ingredient. Bakuchiol is often touted as a 'natural retinol' and whilst I don't quite buy the idea that it's going to reduce fine lines and stimulate collagen production based on the information we have right now, it's actually a great antioxidant (protecting the skin from free radical damage), may actually boost the effectiveness of your retinol (so you could apply this before your retinoid and it doubles as skin barrier support) and it can be used during the daytime (most retinoids are light-sensitive). The Lactobacillus Ferment Lysate is an interesting addition; it has probiotic qualities which is all about boosting 'good bacteria' in the skin to hopefully contribute towards a happier skin barrier. You can check out my thoughts on retinoid alternatives here and on microbiome skincare here. This serum isn't one of those game-changing, 'instant love' products, but honestly: it's one I keep just reaching for! It's lightweight, it layers easily, its ingredients are very compatible with my key actives and I find it calming, hydrating and moisturising. It's understated but really quite lovely.

I really enjoyed all three products from this line, to be honest! They're not transformative, they're not active, but they're solid. They're great for low-maintenance people and those who want to focus on hydration and skin health. Plus, I think these formulas really do achieve the goal of being damn-near-universal basics!

Have you come across Good Light before?

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