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Today we're talking daily sunscreens for spring! Less so the kind you use for exercise under the blistering sun, more so the ones that apply easily and work well under makeup. They make applying your sunscreen every day without fail a total breeze...

First up is a product I've been loving using under makeup; think of it as like a glow-y primer and an amazing sunscreen all in one. The Ultra Violette Queen Screen Lightweight Skinscreen SPF 50+ | £36 | full review | demo | is a weightless, luminous serum-textured sunscreen that's hydrating and perfect for dry skin. It does have a visible sheen to it and it does have a strong rose scent, which won't be for everyone. I love how fluid it is and it's an Australian formula so is made with the latest, non-irritating, lightweight-but-high-powered filters that won't leave a cast on your skin. It's a broad-spectrum formula that offers a high level of protection and has passed the rigorous Australian testing system, so you know you can trust it. It never pills up and you can comfortably apply the correct amount and get a gorgeous backlit glow underneath makeup. For that reason: this is my pick for you if you wear makeup most days.

Next, we have a Korean formula in the Thank You Farmer Sun Project Water Cream SPF 50+ PA+++* | £18 (15% off with code JASMINETALKSBEAUTY (affiliate) | demo. It has a very good level of UVA and UVB protection that's been independently-verified but comes in a wonderful water-cream texture. It honestly just melts onto the skin effortlessly into fresh, dewy gorgeousness! It uses modern filters that feel weightless and don't irritate my sensitive eyes. I don't experience pilling with this formula and it's another great one to wear under makeup. I find it hydrating and plumping, as well as being a fantastic sunscreen.

If you're low-maintenance or you're buying a daily sunscreen for someone who is, it has to be the La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Aquagel SPF30 | £34.49 | full review | demo. Yes, this is only an SPF 30 (broad spectrum, of course) but during an average spring day here in the UK: it will be fine for most people only getting incidental sun. This is a clear, humectant-rich gel, meaning it draws water into the skin to plump and hydrate (the silicones in this formula help to seal that in). It's very breathable and oily skin types can probably get away with using this without a moisturiser underneath. This is a European formula which is why we have that lovely transparent finish and it doesn't cause my eyes any irritation. It's easy to slap on and perfect for low-maintenance people and it's personally my go-to for WFH days when I'm not getting much sun but want the protection whilst keeping things minimal-effort. 

Lastly, I have one that's available in the US (as none of my other picks are): the Supergoop Glow Screen SPF 30 | £32 | demo. This can be irritating around the eyes, so if you have hayfever, it might cause you issues (I personally reach for a mineral formula I'm trying to use up for my eye area when I want the effect of this on the rest of my face), which is really because it's an American-made sunscreen and unfortunately they can't utilise the newer filters. Despite that, this is still cosmetically-elegant - it's only an SPF 30 but it's broad-spectrum and it's what I wear under makeup when I'm mostly indoors (v.s. the Queen Screen, which I'd definitely wear to a beer garden or any kind of setting where I'm wearing makeup but getting a bit more sun). It has a warm-golden tint to it so can almost act as a skincare-makeup hybrid and it has a subtle luminosity to it, making it a perfect dewy skin primer.

Have you tried any of these formulas?

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