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It's no secret that when it comes to cleansers I'm a non-foaming kind of gal, and my favourite form of non-foaming cleanser for the winter is a cream-based formula. Particularly if you fancy a morning cleanse but don't want to strip your skin of moisture! None of these products are really designed or marketed for removing makeup but I'll mention the ones that can get off light makeup when paired with a damp cloth. Let's dive into a few I have in my collection right now, and why I love them so...

The REN Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk* | £23 | is perfect if you want a lighter more fluid texture. I wouldn't reach for this to demolish a face of glam makeup, but if I'm just wearing a bit of sunscreen or concealer then I use this in the evening as a gentle first or even one-step cleanse. It also works in the morning as a non-stripping, skin-softening option. This dual function, plus the fact this comes in a tube makes it a travel favourite for me too. It is branded as being formulated for sensitive skin, but I would note it contains fragrance, which won't suit some people. For me personally, as someone who gets occasionally-sensitised skin, it doesn't bother me at all but it's worth flagging up. This is formulated with fatty alcohol, shea butter and lots of plant oils, including calming chamomile. It leaves my skin with this beautiful soft feel, which is the perfect start for my morning skincare routine.

Next we're obviously going to talk the Skingredients PreProbiotic Cleanse* | £26. I mean, if you're new here: maybe it's not obvious! But this is one of my favourite cleansers of all-time. Full stop. Ever. This is a rich, luxurious-feeling true-cream cleanser, though you can apply it using damp hands to create more of a lotion-like feel. Slapping this on my face first thing in the morning is pure bliss; kind of the skincare equivalent of being handed a delicious, warm, marshmallow-y hot chocolate after a day in the cold. This is formulated with fatty alcohol, PHAs (gentle, hydrating exfoliants) and pre and probiotics, to support the skin barrier. I can reach for this when my skin is freaking out and it instantly gives my face a hug!

A newer love had been the Skinceuticals Gentle Cleanser* | £35. This has a really interesting cleanser because it's a cream but kind of a more watery lotion at the same time. Maybe you have to see it in action to understand what I'm saying, so there's a clip here! It just melts effortlessly, so if a true, rich cream formula like the Skingredients doesn't appeal to you: try this. It's a lighter formula if you want to dip your toe into the world of cream cleansers and is gorgeous for the morning. Like the REN formula, I also use this as a first cleanse on sunscreen-only days. It's formulated with fatty alcohol and glycerin, a water-attracting humectant, alongside a little bit of glycolic acid to gentle exfoliate the skin over time, leaving it silky-smooth after use. 

One of my favourite new skincare launches has been the Monday Muse The Cleanser Soft Milky Gel* | £28. This is non-foaming and non-emulsifying, like all the products in this post, but the texture is quite different; as the name suggests, this has quite a unique feel on the skin. It comes out more of a cream, but then within moments of you massaging it in, it melts down to more of a gel. It's packed full of beautiful ingredients like antioxidant algae extract, soothing aloe, prebiotics and moisturising oils like hemp seed and sweet almond. This is lovely for a gentle morning cleanse that leaves my skin feeling fresh but doesn't take away precious moisture!

The next product I have feels like a bit of a hybrid between the Monday Muse and the Skinceuticals at a budget price-point. It's the Superdrug Me + Hyaluronic & Niacinamide Cleanser | £6.99. This is a wonderful creamy melting gel-lotion that I use in the morning or on sunscreen-only days as a one-step evening cleanse. I really recommend this one for very dry and sensitive skin because it contains a bunch of skin barrier-building products and nothing that's really active, so it's doing the most gentle, replenishing cleanse possible. It's formulated with glycerin and a hyaluronic acid derivative for their humectant properties, ceramides and cholesterol (mimicking the composition of the skin's lipid barrier), niacinamide (which actually helps stimulate the skin's own ceramide production) and replenishing fatty alcohols. I can't believe it's less than £7! If you're on a budget: this + the Inkey List's Oat Cleansing Balm* | £9.99 | full review | are a fantastic pairing to cover off all your cleansing needs.

To round things off, we have a more affordable alternative to the Skingredients if you really want that rich, luxurious, cloud-like cream. The Wow You! Zen Cleanser* | £16 (15% off with code JASMINE15 (affiliate). It has such a beautiful creamy-but-fluffy texture that's such a treat to use. I like this as a morning cleanse for clean but soft and moisturised skin and it's formulated with soothing, calming cucumber and oat, as well as avocado oil to nourish and replenish the skin with fatty acids. 

Do you like a creamy cleanser for winter?

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