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Do you ever have those products in your skincare arsenal that just hold everything together? You keep reaching for them, they keep delivering and you never shout about them. That's what the I'm From Rice collection has been for me! Today we're giving it its moment in the sun, and don't forget - all of the products are available via Tonic 15 for those of us in the UK and EU and you can get 15% off with my code JASMINETALKSBEAUTY (affiliate). Let's jump into the products...

I'm From is a Korean skincare brand and each of the product lines they make uses a different plant or fruit extract, and the Rice collection harnesses the anti-inflammatory goodness of this extract. Rice extract also has the added benefit of helping with excess oiliness, so I really think any skin type can benefit from this ingredient in some way. Each product in the line also contains other great, beneficial ingredients for your skin barrier.

First up let's talk about the famous I'm From Rice Toner | £26. This is definitely a formula with a lighter toner texture more than it is a sort of essence hybrid, which is why I think so many different people with different skin types love it. At the same time, it still has this milky quality and feels moisturising on my skin after use. I just splash it into the palm of my hand and apply it like that. This is a simple formula with the rice extract and rice-based lipids but also niacinamide. One of the things I love about K-beauty is its gentle and hydrating approach to actives. Niacinamide is an amazing ingredient with the power to strengthen the skin barrier by increasing ceramide production, it can also regulate oil production in the skin, provide some antioxidant benefits and even help prevent hyperpigmentation. The thing is, a lot of Western brands formulate with higher percentages that aren't proven to offer greater benefits but can increase irritation. This feels calming and it's something I can use every day to reap all the benefits of all of these ingredients.

The newest product from the line to me is the I'm From Rice Serum* | £25. This is a lightweight water-based serum that I think would suit most skin types and works really well for layering after actives to bring that calm back to the skin, as well as providing added hydration. This is 73% fermented rice extract - why do we love fermented ingredients? The fermentation process can make skincare ingredients more bioavailable and easily absorbed by the skin, so you reap the most benefits possible. There's glycerin and hyaluronic acid in here, which draw moisture into the skin, then squalane, which is a plant oil our skin recognises as similar to those it naturally produces. Plus we have calming allantoin and the active component of centella asiatica (or cica), which has anti-redness and skin-soothing properties. There is also niacinamide in here, so I'd just be aware that you might not want to use the toner and this serum in the same routine if you're sensitive to higher concentrations of this ingredient, as it will have a cumulative effect.

Last - but certainly not least - we have my beloved I'm From Rice Cream | £31. When in doubt, I reach for this moisturiser because the texture is just perfection! I use it in the daytime, I use it in the evening and it works for both. This is formulated with 41% rice bran-derived ceramides, which are a fundamental component of our skin barrier, keeping it feeling calm and locking in moisture. There's also glycerin and nourishing shea butter in here, plus moisturising rice bran oil. Bisabolol and panthenol can soothe and hydrate the skin and there are a number of replenishing fatty acids in this formula. Despite all this good stuff, the moisturiser itself feels light on the skin. It's not thick, it's not heavy and it's certainly not greasy or smothering. It's beautiful under makeup, leaves my skin so soft and moisturised and is the perfect partner for stronger ingredients like retinoids. Absolutely beautiful, and my must-have from the brand as a whole!

Have you tried any of the I'm From collections?

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