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Ceramides are the main component of our skin's lipid barrier, helping to keep the skin strong, healthy, calm and hydrated. However, many moisturisers containing ceramides are rich and heavy. I'm not complaining, with my dry skin! But it's often overlooked that people with oily and combination skin types can still have an impaired barrier function and can really benefit from topical ceramides. Today I'm walking you through three formulas that give you those amazing benefits without smothering the skin or leaving behind a greasy excess...

First up I have the Nue Co Barrier Culture Moisturiser | £45. There's a lot of other amazing stuff going on in this formula alongside the ceramides: pre, pro and postbiotics can soothe the skin and strengthen its natural barrier, niacinamide calms and provides further barrier-boosting benefits, centella asiatica soothes and calms and squalane provides lightweight replenishment as well as locking hydration into the skin. There's no fragrance or any other known irritants in this formula, so it's absolutely one that I feel comfortable wearing when my skin is feeling irritated or inflamed. Best of all, it comes in this gorgeous light, almost gel-lotion. It melts right in with no excess but still feels very softening and moisturising. I love using this during the daytime but if you have more of an oily skin type, you might enjoy it for the evening, because it's still breathable but helps to replenish your skin overnight when it's more prone to dehydration. 

Next up we have the Indeed Labs In-Ceramide Daily Moisture Cream* | £24.99. This is still in pump packaging, so you know it's not going to be too thick or heavy, but having said that, it's a little more rich and nourishing on my skin than the Nue Co formula. That's likely because the ceramides are formulated alongside shea butter and avocado oil, which are nourishing and replenishing for the skin. We have glycerin to act as that water magnet, allantoin to soothe and replenish the skin plus squalane. This is very softening and emollient and definitely does an amazing job of locking hydration into my skin and creating a bit of a barrier between my face and the elements.

The lightest product in my lineup is the Stratia Liquid Gold | $27 | which I reviewed in a little more depth here. This would be my top pick for more oily skin types, and on my drier skin I actually use it like a serum to replenish a damaged skin barrier or to layer with a stronger active. This contains the holy trinity of fatty acids, ceramides and cholesterol, which are the fundamental components of your skin barrier. There's niacinamide in here too, which can help encourage the skin to produce more of its own ceramides, alongside calming and nourishing oils like sea buckthorn and rosehip. We also have Vitamin E and fatty alcohol. All of that sounds pretty intensely-nourishing, right? Well, it is, but you really have to feel the texture to believe it: it's almost like a creamy gel, and isn't rich or shiny on the skin whilst providing calming, replenishing skin benefits.

Finally, we have the SKN-RG 5% C3 Ceramide Moisturiser* | £49.50 | which I had the privilege of trying out for a couple of months before its launch. This is formulated with ceramides, of course, but also polyglutamic acid (a powerful humectant drawing water into the skin), moisturising soybean oil, squalane, which is of course your plant-derived skin-similar oil, fatty alcohol and also Vitamin E, to calm and moisturise the skin but also provide antioxidant benefits (protecting the skin from environmental aggressors). This has a lovely creamy formula that melts onto the skin effortlessly, it's not heavy but it's more than a light lotion. Despite the texture really allowing your skin to breathe, it really softens my skin and locks in hydration all day long.

Do you use a ceramide cream?

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