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I don't know about anyone else, but my skin hates... weather, particularly seasonal changes, so as we head into the colder months, I like to keep my routine still lightweight, but very replenishing and calming. Here are my tips and personal favourites for the transitional period!

The first product I have to talk about is the Venn All-in-One Moisture Balance Cleanser* | £55. This is a gentle emulsion-like non-foaming cleanser that's so gentle and hydrating on my skin, making it a perfect cleanser for in the morning or when my skin feels a bit dry, lacklustre or temperamental. It's formulated with PHAs for hydration and gentle exfoliation, soothing panthenol, green tea for antioxidants and niacinamide and cica to calm the skin. Obviously this is a wash-off product, but you can still get some nice benefits with this cleanser if you really take your time. For a hydration boost, I've found myself reaching for the Eve Lom Moisture Mask* | £65 (30% off with code JASMINE30 - affiliate link, not an affiliate code). This is a light, kind of gel-cream mask formulated with glycerin, coconut alkanes, Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. It's one of those products that can take your skin from dull and lacklustre to soft, smooth and pillowy in 10 minutes. Slap it on before your shower and rinse it off after for a boost of moisture.

When I want gentle leave-on exfoliation, I've recently been reaching for the Pestle & Mortar NMF Lactic Acid Toner | £28. This is a blend of mild exfoliators (PHAs and 5% lactic acid, a larger-molecule-d AHA) balanced with aloe and glycerin to soothe and hydrate the skin, alongside niacinamide to promote a healthy skin barrier and help with discolouration. This isn't at all irritating but really smooths out my skin, providing a mild exfoliation that my transitional skin can handle! My top serum pick is the Monday Muse the Juice Daily Serum* | £40 | full review. This is a gentle, calming, hydrating serum formulated with niacinamide, panthenol, prebiotics and cica. I am planning a full post on microbiome skincare in which I'll deep dive into how it works but prebiotics encourage good bacteria on your skin which in turn can promote a healthy skin barrier. Cica is an amazing skin soother. This serum can calm the skin and take down redness. Just as a bit of a heads-up; both of these products presumably have quite a mild concentration, but it's still worth mentioning that you should be careful with double-dipping niacinamide in leave-on products, as it can get a bit irritating and we need to be careful as our skin adapts to the seasonal shift. 

During the transitional period, I'm pretty happy to use moisturiser-sunscreen hybrids; it's not so hot that I just want a light gel formula, it's not so chilly that I need a rich cream under my moisturiser. I personally have been loving the Medik8 Advanced Day Ultimate Protection* | £59. This is SPF 50 PA ++++ (with visible light protection) so you're getting the maximum coverage possible, but they do also have an SPF 30 version, which I honestly think is fine for everyday, not-out-in-the-open wear as the days get shorter and the sun dies a death here in the UK. This is a beautiful light lotion that's moisturising but not greasy. You're getting an elegant formula that's perfect for under makeup alongside skin-loving ingredients like squalane and hyaluronic acid. 

As an evening option, the Nue Co Barrier Culture Moisturiser* | £45 | is a lightweight formula that packs in a lot! Those prebiotics we discussed, along with other biome-boosters like probiotics and postbiotics, are in here alongside niacinamide (caveat as per above), squalane (the plant-based skin-similar oil), fatty alcohol and ceramides (the fundamental component of your skin barrier). The lotion-like texture makes it great if the weather is still a little warmer where you are, but these skin replenishers will really go a long way to help your skin barrier make the transition. Lastly, we have the Zelens Power D* | £95. God, I love this stuff! It's a super-lightweight oil - sometimes I put a couple of drops under my moisturiser, sometimes I slather it on over the top, others I use it during the day; it's pretty versatile. This replenishing blend is incredible for tender or compromised skin without feeling too heavy, being formulated with Vitamins E, F and D, fatty acids, avocado oil, cholesterol and squalane. All this good stuff soothes irritated skin and can act as a preventative method or as a replenisher after using stronger actives.

Hopefully you're able to pick out the key ingredients I think are important for maintaining a healthy skin barrier as we head into cooler weather. As I always say; these are just my recommendations and you can definitely have a look through your current collection and identify some of the textures and product types I think are perfect for the next couple of months!

How are you transitioning your skin into Autumn?

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