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Today we're talking hair, well, actually mostly scalp and how scalp care is kind of an extension of skincare. As someone with a dry, irritated, flaky scalp (which is not the same as dandruff), Monpure has been a revelation for me. Let's dive into the products...

The philosophy behind the brand is really that your scalp is skin and it deserves the best skincare ingredients on the market, just as much as your face does! The first thing I tried from them was their Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo* | £36 | and their Strengthening Essence Conditioner* | £36. These are a little on the pricey side, but I'm actually really impressed with how little product you need; I've been using these since December, whilst I've rotated two other duos in to test out for a little longer, I have always come back to these and there's still a little left in my original bottles. They do quite often do discounts, too. I've kind of given away the fact that I loved these two by saying that I'm running out and have bought more! The shampoo is very gentle with a mild lather. SLSs are not the devil, but I do find them very drying on my scalp at times. It's all about formulation but ultimately: I'm not a cosmetic chemist so I can't look at the INCI list and tell if this combination of ingredients is going to be fine with the SLSs or if my scalp is going to be irritated, I can only observe that it gets on better with SLS-free formulas (but if you're using a product containing SLSs, and your hair and scalp are happy with it: crack on). It's very personal, like fragrance in skincare: do what feels right for your skin and hair. This instead contains gentle coconut surfactants to gently cleanse the scalp. There's calming and refreshing aloe in this formula, along with vegan silk peptides for hydration (they also could help with hair density) and keratin, which is what gives your hair and nails their strength. The conditioner is a light, fluid formula, but don't be fooled: it still leaves my hair soft, silky and hydrated but totally free from greasy excess product. What I love about this is that you can take it onto the scalp as a bit of a treatment. It totally rinses out but my scalp loves that extra bit of nourishment and love. This is formulated with nourishing argan and coconut oils, silk peptides and panthenol, which is amazing for locking hydration into the skin (and therefore scalp and hair). Overall, these products were game-changing for my scalp and felt so luxurious to use.

I actually posted on my Instagram Stories that I'd ordered the shampoo and conditioner again as there was a deal on, and the brand were kind enough to reach out and add the rest of the range to my order, which was amazing! The first new product I tried out was their Clarifying Scalp Scrub* | £48. This is the sort of thing I like to use once a week just to get that exfoliation of dead skin cells. This isn't a harsh scrub at all, it comes in a creamy but aerated base, it's kind of hard to describe but it's very gentle, you just massage it in and it rinses out easily and doesn't leave any residue. I tend to use this before shampooing and conditioning. The physical exfoliation comes from the jojoba beads and they're set in a nourishing base of shea butter and argan oil to keep things moisturised and buffered. This has really helped my scalp and allowed me to leave my hair longer between washes, which has been amazing.

They also do a Nourish and Stimulate Scalp Mask* | £53 | formulated with aloe, camellia tea oil and silk peptides. For me, personally, this is the least essential product in the line. It's nice, it's moisturising and hydrating, it's lightweight and you can slap it on for 10 minutes then it fully rinses out, however it has quite similar ingredients to the conditioner. As I've mentioned, I actually already use that as a kind-of-mask on both my hair and scalp, and that works great for me. So, at this price-point, I don't find the mask to be a must-have, more of a nice-to-have.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum* | £83. I find it so hard to review these sorts of products as it's very difficult to observe a noticeable increase in hair density. Since I had COVID I've been experiencing some really significant hair loss, and I won't lie: it's been a little bit distressing to have my hair coming out like crazy every time I wash it. So, I guess if it's not all gone in a few months, I'll know this has been helping! I was using this product after most washes for around 3 months before I tried out the Typology one. It's pretty pricey but does contain some good stuff: the pumpkin seed extract is meant to block some of the enzymes that can lead to hair loss, which is very interesting, lactic acid is obviously going to exfoliate but also help to hydrate the scalp and there's retinol in the mix, which in this context is going to increase skin cell turnover. Overall I feel this helped keep my scalp less itchy, I didn't get visible flakes and I wasn't experiencing the same irritation. So, I'd imagine that if my scalp is feeling healthy and free of debris, it's going to help with hair growth. This is on the pricier side so I'd only recommend it if you have serious issues in this department, otherwise the shampoo and conditioner are fine for day-to-day maintenance.

I also wanted to touch on the work this brand is doing around de-stigmatising hair loss. I know it's an absolute drop in the ocean compared to those suffering from compulsive hair-pulling, alopecia and who have been through cancer treatment, but when my hair loss started it did cross my mind: what if I lose it all? Within my friendship group, two of my very close friends have experienced patches of baldness and I think sometimes it's considered 'embarrassing' or 'shameful' or 'not feminine' and I appreciate the brand opening up a conversation on this, whilst focusing their product line on scalp health.

Do you struggle with your scalp at all? What do you look for in your hair products?

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