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Today I wanted to do a bit of an off-the-cuff kinda fun, kinda genuine advice post on the 'skinfluencer' habits you definitely shouldn't adopt any time soon!

Have more than one product type open at once

It's definitely not necessary or beneficial to have more than one product type open at once. I'm personally constantly reviewing and comparing products so it would set things back in terms of my content if I totally used up every single product I have as soon as I open it. However, if you aren't a creator; there's absolutely no need to do this. Skincare products begin degrading as soon as you open them, making any actives in there less potent the moment they come into contact with light and air. Some ingredients actually start on their road out as soon as they're manufactured. Take the Skinceuticals C E Ferulic Antioxidant Serum* | £145. It's one of the best skincare products I've ever used and I was recently gifted it twice! Given how pricey it is, I was feeling very lucky. However, it's an l-ascorbic acid and this ingredient is notoriously unstable so now I'm in a race against time! You don't want it knocking around for long; ideally you need to order it when you've used up your current pigmentation or antioxidant serum of choice so you can immediately use it when it arrives. In cases like these, it's really not a good idea to keep backups. I often have unopened backups of products I've previously emptied to be able to show a product if I'm comparing or rounding up a 'best of' in a brand or category. No one who isn't a creator needs backups (unless you've genuinely used one product only for years, it's not an active and it's on sale) or more than one product in the same category.

Chop and change regularly

Obviously I'm constantly reviewing products and once I've seen the benefits of how something works, there's not that much reason to keep on using it, so it's on to the next one. I know my skin and I know what it can handle, however good general advice is to stick to a consistent routine and to be very cautious and gradual with introducing new products. That way you can figure out what's causing a problem if you have a reaction and reap the maximum benefits possible. Of course you can still be responsive, having a thicker moisturiser for when you feel like you need it, and possibly skipping your retinoid one night if your skin is a bit irritated, but you don't need a library of products to choose from!

Apply product excessively liberally

Honestly, even with products I paid for myself, I do tend to slap them on generously because I know I have plenty more, though I am careful to show appropriate amounts when I'm filming. I wipe any excess on the backs of my hands and on my neck to get those extra benefits there. Do I use a bit too much product? Definitely! If you've paid £50 for a moisturiser and £50 is a lot of money to you, you only need to dot it onto each area of the face and massage it in. The only exception is sunscreen: slather that on.

Use product types that aren't that necessary

I've said before that very few eye creams have done much for my dark circles (the Murad Vita-C Eye Dark Circle Corrector* | £56 | is one such unicorn) and, although I enjoy using them, it really isn't essential. Especially not when often they're very similar to moisturisers but come in tiny pots for more money. So, why do I still use eye creams? Because they're nice, if you enjoy that sort of thing (which I personally do), and I get sent them constantly. I don't think I've bought an eye cream in about 5 years and I don't think you need to either to have a good routine. I personally like using them so I'd probably buy one if I wasn't a creator but I wouldn't sweat it if I ran out and and couldn't find a discount code to repurchase right away; my routine isn't going to crumble without an eye cream. Likewise, though there's the occasional face mist or hydrating toner with active ingredients or additional benefits, they're primarily a 'nice to have' if you've already got a really good moisturiser.

Have the full collection from a brands

Sometimes I will try or even purchase a couple of extra products I'm less interested in to give a broad overview of a brand. For example, if I've been sent a moisturiser and some serums from a brand, I might pick up their cleanser to provide a more well-rounded review. And, I'm sure you've seen full shelves of Glow Recipe and Drunk Elephant on Instagram. I personally don't have brand-loyal skincare routines, and similarly, I think most people lean towards a 'pick and mix' approach across skincare brands picking whatever appeals to them from a range of product lines. It's really not necessary to be a collector or a completionist if you're just a normal consumer! Just stick to what you like.

Do you have anything to add to this list? Are you guilty of any of these?

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