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Beauty Pie is the members club for beauty fans: you choose the level of membership you want (I have been on £5 / month for a couple of years, paid for by me) and for that you get a monthly spending allowance (which will roll over to the next month if you don't use it - I tend to save mine up) and beauty products at huge discounts when compared with their brand-name counterparts. If you're a new sign-up you can get an extra £50 spending allowance with code JASMINESENTME (affiliate). Overall, I've found the products to be of incredible quality! I actually don't tend to go for the makeup, so for my must-haves I'm sticking to skin and body products...

Let's start with cleansers. I have two because they're both amazing and I refuse to choose between them! The first is the Japanfusion Pure Transforming Cleanser | £6.92 for members (typical price: £25). This is such a fantastic multitasker; it's a moisturising morning cleanse, you can use it as a second cleanse for dry skin or it can also remove makeup. It's so hard to describe; it's sort of like this aerated creamy product as it comes out of the tube but as you massage it into dry skin, it melts down into something more oil-based. It doesn't feel at all heavy and completely emulsifies with water. There are some nice ingredients like Vitamin E (a nourishing antioxidant) but it is a wash-off product so - within reason - if it works then I'm not too fussed. I also love the Beauty Pie Super Healthy Skin Hot Oil Double Cleansing Balm | £12.09 for members (typical price: £50). Let me know if you want me to do some sort of a post comparing Beauty Pie products to other high-end alternatives, because this reminds me a lot of the Elemis cleansing balm, meaning it's pure luxury for £12! Rice bran oil, baobab and aloe juice are all in here. The balm melts into something oil-based with the warmth of your skin, melting down makeup and sunscreen. It emulsifies with water but it definitely feels more nourishing and leaves my skin softer. I'd say this one for dry skin, Japanfusion for everyone else.

Moving onto serums, let's start with my beloved Superactive Capsules Essential Ceramides + | £10.45 for members (typical price: £50). These are concentrated hits of amazing ingredients. Ceramides are often called the 'building blocks' of your skin because these lipids are an essential part of your skin barrier and deplete as we age. Applying ceramides topically can help keep your barrier strong, preventing redness and irritation. These are beautiful for that and also have such a moisturising, smoothing formula. I personally use these as part of my evening routine and they help maintain overall skin health for me. Another standout for me is their Super Retinol High Dose Booster Treatment | £16.77 for members (typical price: £90). I think this is the equivalent of the ceramide formula I used a little while back, looking at what's in it, but it does seem the formula has been tweaked slightly, just so you know. I always feel like such a cop-out because this is the only affordable retinoid I've ever truly loved! If you don't know what retinoids do (retinol is the most commonly-used cosmetic Vitamin A derivative): they're the only proven anti-ageing class of skincare ingredients (besides sunscreen, which is preventative, whereas this repairs damage) and can be amazing for acne, texture and scarring. This is incredible at improving the skin's tone and texture and smoothing out fine lines and it supplements the retinol with ceramides to counterbalance the potential harshness of the retinol. It doesn't dry out or irritate my skin, but do be aware that if you're new to retinoids you need to start slowly and ensure you patch test. Sunscreen is essential if you're using retinoids too. 

The next product I really recommend checking out is the Triple Hyaluronic Acid & Lipopeptide Serum | £16.96 for members (typical price: £60). Hyaluronic acid is a water magnet, so apply it to damp skin so that water can be drawn into the layers of your skin. This utilises three molecular weights to evenly distribute this water content. So many affordable hyaluronic acid serums are sticky, tacky or otherwise unpleasant to apply, but this one is lovely and melts right in. The peptides in here also help to plump and hydrate my skin to temporarily improve the appearance of fine lines. Lastly, to round off this category, I'm going to talk about the Japanfusion Genius Lift Elixir* | £7.74 for members (typical price: £40). This is so hard to describe! It's almost like an oil-serum that gives you dewy, glowing skin. It's what I reach for when my skin is dry, tired and lacklustre. It does contain water-attracting humectants too, alongside moisturising castor oil and also antioxidants, that help prevent free radical damage.

To round off facial skincare, I absolutely love the Japanfusion Light Urban Air Purifying Moisturiser* | £12.34 for member (typical price: £50) | (can you tell this is my favourite Beauty Pie range?!) This moisturiser has a lotion-y, almost aerated consistency but it still provides so much moisture to my skin and makes it feel beautifully soft, and look dewy but not greasy. The antioxidants in this formula are what's going to protect your skin from potential free radical damage and squalane is an amazing plant-derived but skin-similar oil that really replenishes the skin. Overall, this is a beautiful product that's amazing as an everyday moisturiser under makeup. Lastly, I have a body product to throw in here: the Super Healthy Skin Deluxe Moisture Body Creme | £14.60 for members (typical price: £50). This is absolutely huge, can I just say! This has such a beautiful texture; it feels like this really light lotion (as opposed to a thick, greasy body butter you have to rub in for ages) but it still leaves my skin soft, smooth and moisturised all day long. You have shea butter, Vitamin E, fatty alcohols, meadowfoam oil and more in this lovely formula. 

Have you tried Beauty Pie? Don't forget to use code JASMINESENTME (affiliate) if you choose to sign up!

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