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If your ongoing experience with conditioners and hair masks is 'meh, it was ok but I need a bit more' then keep reading, because Bread Beauty Supply could be the answer...

Bread Beauty Supply is a black-owned, female-owned Australian haircare brand aimed at curls which simplifies your routine down to its key components. Everything in the range is vegan and cruelty-free. More specifically, it's geared towards 3a-4c hair types (if you don't know your hair type, you can find out here), though I would say that other people can use it too. I'm naturally about a 3B, though I do usually blow-dry my hair. However, I know a lot of people of Asian descent who have very thick hair that they coat in oils just as much as I do, despite the fact they'd be in the 2 family, so you can definitely use a bit of discretion with this. Obviously don't go for these products if you have fine blonde hair thats weighed down by everything, though! If you have the kind of hair that need washing once or twice a week at most, then I'd say this range could be for you. 

I have their shampoo and conditioner equivalents, and when I bought both I got a vegan satin scrunchie for free, which is nice. They do also do a hair gloss, which I didn't pick up just because I didn't need another finishing oil. Before I get into the products themselves, can I just say that I really enjoy this packaging and it also makes this duo pretty travel-friendly, I like the artwork and I'm into this overall look. And these are really flexible products to incorporate into your routine; if you like to put your hair in a protective style whilst your hair mask works its magic; that's fine, I've seen some people put on a cap to lock in the moisture for a shorter treatment, so you can do that. I personally think that with most hair treatments you can be quite flexible and use hair masks and conditioners for far longer than it says on the packaging. The products have an incredible scent too! It's just sweet, cakey goodness and I can still smell it on my hair after drying it - it's so good.

The first product I reach for is the Hair-Wash: Gentle Milky Hair Cleanser | £18. I really like that it's called a 'hair cleanser' and not a shampoo to dispel the idea of a foamy, stripping, SLS-laden formula. As someone with dry hair and an easily-irritated, very dry, flaky scalp, I tend to prefer a gentle formula that lathers slightly but doesn't go all bubbly, which is what this formula provides. You don't need a ton of product either, so this bag is really lasting me (can I also say: I love that they give you a bigger bag in the hair mask / conditioner because I always run out of that first thanks to my liberal application style...) I really enjoy this formula; it nourishes my lengths as well as providing moisture to my dry scalp. If you need a really clarifying formula to cut through product build-up then this probably won't be for you, but if you're primarily lacking in moisture then it's perfect. There are nourishing avocado and coconut oils, as well as soothing aloe in this formula, alongside cetyl alcohol (the good, fatty kind of alcohol).

I'm also loving the Hair-Mask Creamy Deep Conditioner | £26. This is a gorgeously-thick formula. For my hair type, I focus on the lengths and ends but with other more coily hair textures, you could definitely massage this right into the roots to get that nourishment in there. Whilst being gloriously substantial for my hair, it also washes out nicely so my hair is left softer, healthier, more shiny, sleeker and totally nourished after use without feeling greasy or heavy. I personally leave it on for, like, 20 minutes at least but when it comes to this stuff I'm very much of the opinion that 'you do you'. It's formulated with fatty acids to replenish dry hair, cetearyl alcohol (another fatty alcohol with hair-softening emollient properties), lactic acid (here for its hydrating properties, I'd assume), shea butter for nourishment, glycerin to attract water and sunflower seed oil to moisturise. This is an absolute dream for thick, dry, damaged or curly hair and I really recommend it.

Overall, I'm so happy with these products! I totally get that you can find cheaper stuff at your local beauty shop, but obviously the shops were shut when I picked these up. And, sometimes it's kind of fun to go for something a bit more current and to try something new. I really like this duo and will definitely repurchase. You can get a full set of every product in the range for £54 if you want to save a bit of money or you can get a mini set with the wash, conditioner and scrunchie (100ml each vs. 250ml in the wash and 354ml in the conditioner in the standard sizes) for £26. 

Have you tried Bread Beauty Supply? What do you look for in your haircare products?

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