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Today I'm sharing my standout beauty product of the month and this time it's the Curel Intensive Moisture Facial Cream* | £19.50. It's fantastic, you can pick it up in Boots and it's under £20 (and can often on offer for £15). This is what's in it and why I love this product...

This cream comes in packaging that's very much 'no frills'; it's a compact little pot. It's worth noting that this contains 40ml of product and a standard serum is 30ml whereas a standard moisturiser is typically 50ml. Curel is a Japanese brand designed for sensitive and dry skin types, so you can probably see why it's become a go-to brand for me during the harsh winter we've had already this year. I have normal-to-dry skin that leans more towards the latter at this time of year and also suffers from dehydration. When the weather is harsh and the central heating is on, I also sometimes get a bit of redness and irritation I want to keep under control.

In terms of the ingredients, there's some really great stuff in here. Different forms of ceramides are something I love to see in a moisturiser. They naturally occur in our skin but deplete over time and they really are the critical to healthy skin barrier function. When your skin barrier is healthy, it's going to retain moisture more effectively, so that dehydrated feeling is reduced, and there's a reduction in redness and irritation. Applying ceramides topically can work wonders for dry, irritated, compromised skin. There's squalane in this formula, which is a plant-derived skin-similar oil, meaning it's going to be suitable for most skin types and overall it's a non-irritating option. It's not overly greasy or heavy and works in the same sort of way as the oils our skin naturally produces, helping to replace lost moisture and softening the skin. The other key ingredient in here is glycerin, a natural moisturising factor and a humectant, meaning it pulls water into the skin to keep it plump and hydrated.

Let's move onto the texture, feel and application of this product. It has this lovely, light, fluffy texture that I hope I've captured in this image. I know ceramides and hydrators can be found in lots of ranges that are bit cheaper like CeraVe and Cetaphil, but some of these products can a bit joyless to use! What I really love about this product is its texture, how it melts into my skin and the luxurious feel it has. It leaves my skin soft, plump and deeply moisturised. It's not heavy, it's not rich, it's not greasy; it's just a beautiful moisturiser with function ingredients that are great for the skin.

Overall, this is a solid moisturiser with the ingredients I personally look for around this time of year. Yes, it's a little pricier than some of the other options on the market that fulfil this need, but for your extra money you're getting a product you'll look forward to using every single time. And that texture experience is an important part of skincare. If you enjoy lots of replenishing ingredients in your skincare but want something a bit fancier; this is a brilliant option to take you through the colder months.

Have you tried anything from Curel?

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