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I won't lie; this is a bit of a surreal post for me to be typing, but: I have a kit out with TONIC15! If you don't know already; TONIC15 is my go-to destination for a curated selection of K-beauty brands that are shipped from right here in the UK. I've been part of their influencer group the Fifteen since the start of this year and we've collaborated to create the Tonic 15 x Jasmine Talks Beauty Self Care Kit | £63. Keep reading to find out what's in it and why...

2020 has been a testing year for many of us, and I know that self care has been an important part of getting through this, particularly during March and April (which was the most challenging period for me personally). Rituals of self care like going for a run, cooking a healthy lunch, reading a good book or doing some yoga were pretty much the foundation of my life at that point, and of course (the beauty lover that I am) so was having a bath, lighting a nice candle and doing my skincare routine. Therefore, it was pretty easy to decide on a theme for this collaboration! Many of us also won't be spending the Christmas with friends and family in the usual 'the more the merrier' way, so I thought this would be a lovely gift to send to a loved one who's had a difficult time during all of this (which is why I chose this beautiful festive design for the kit). Additionally, I will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sales of this kit to Refuge, which TONIC15 will be matching. I chose Refuge because Christmas can be an incredibly difficult time for victims of domestic violence and unfortunately there has been a huge increase in incidents since the start of this pandemic. Amongst other things, Refuge provide emergency accommodation to those (including children) fleeing domestic violence and it's so important that these services can continue to provide for everyone who needs them.

It's been fantastic to work with Jin, the owner of Tonic 15, on this kit and I'm eternally grateful for the opportunity to do this in such a free, creative and collaborative way. Inside the box you're getting over £95 worth of products for just £63. Let's get into the products I've chosen and why...

The Huxley Secret of Sahara Moroccan Gardener Candle* | £38 | was a no-brainer for my kit! I've used up an entire jar of this before and it's honestly one of the best smells ever in my humble opinion. It's a soy wax candle that gives an incredible level of fragrance, burns evenly and doesn't give off dirty smoke! This is such a relaxing scent that makes me think of fields of fresh grass. It instantly puts me at ease with notes of green leaves, white flowers and musk. Stunning!

Once I've got my candle going, it's time to cleanse my skin of any makeup, sunscreen and general dirt and grime from the day. I'm a huge fan of the I'm From Fig Cleansing Balm* | £29 | for this. The reason I love this cleansing balm so much is the texture; it feels like a creamy, smooth dream! It's silky to the touch and melts down makeup effectively whilst still feeling incredibly luxurious. Of course, it's formulated with fig to act as an antioxidant, alongside turmeric extract. Amino acids and peptides are in there to hydrate the skin too. It smells great and offers the sort of sensory experience I love for a cosy night in with myself.

My go-to mask whilst I'm having a nice long soak in the bath is the I'm From Honey Mask* | £8.20 (mini). As you may have noticed; I'm From are all about taking natural extracts and creating elegant skincare formulas with them. I really like this because it's a nourishing option that you can leave on for up to an hour, unlike with some of the more clay-based masks on the market (which always have me feeling like I have to get out of the bath prematurely to wash it off). Honey is a fantastic ingredient in skincare because it has the dual benefit of being antibacterial, and therefore great for clearing up and preventing little breakouts, but it's also super nourishing, which is exactly what my winter skin needs! There are plenty of other moisturising ingredients in here too like shea butter, macadamia seed oil and jojoba oil, plus snail mucin for hydration, and this mask never fails to leave my skin soft, smooth and nourished.

It's no secret that I have very dry skin on my body, so an oil is amazing to use after a bath to really lock in the hydration. And who doesn't want to wake up in the morning with lovely soft, smooth legs? As you know; I'm in love with this scent so it's probably not that surprising that I opted for the Huxley Secret of Sahara Moroccan Gardener Body Oil* | £7 (mini). This is an intensely-moisturising but still non-greasy formula and the fragrance lingers beautifully on the skin after use, really providing that luxurious experience I appreciate on a self care night in.

Last, but certainly not least, we have a product from a new brand to TONIC15: the Beigic Treatment Lotion* | £14 (mini). Beigic is definitely a brand with a focus on self care, so they felt like a really natural fit for my edit. I've tried a couple of different products from them but I just kept coming back to this lotion, which you splash onto the skin after cleansing (or you can apply a toner first; either works). Beigic's star ingredient is coffee extract, which is rich in antioxidants, so of course this is in their treatment lotion. It's also formulated with peptides and so feels incredibly hydrating on the skin, panthenol helps with water retention too. We also have soothing chamomile and a whole host of other fruit and plant extracts. I have pretty dehydrated skin and this is an amazing extra step to layer on the hydration during the winter months (I use it both AM and PM).

And there we have it: my kit! I hope you're as excited as I am about it. I love these products and really hope this kit introduces you to a few new favourites. My affiliate code isn't valid on the kit because you're already getting a huge discount on the products included, but if you do want to shop individual items on TONIC15 whilst you're over there, use JASMINETALKSBEAUTY for 15% off. You can also get the Huxley Oil Essence (Travel Sized) free with your kit by adding it to your cart and using code JASMINE1.

Let me know what you think of my kit and the brands / products included! Have you bought anything from TONIC15 before?

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