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Today I wanted to share a few moisturisers that I personally really like and that are pretty simple in terms of formulation and about as universal as it gets when it comes to skin type (though, of course, you still need to check the INCI list for any ingredients that don't agree with your skin personally). I know a lot of people don't like rich creams and gel moisturisers seem quite popular at the moment, so this post is a bit of an ode to the basic moisturiser...

First up is a classic, in my personal opinion, the Ordinary's Natural Moisturising Factors + HA* | £4.90 (for 50ml or £6.80 for 100ml). The Ordinary only has one moisturiser in their line, so it's not surprising that they kept the formula as simple and universal as possible. 'Natural moisturising factors' are replenishing ingredients that occur naturally in our skin, meaning they're suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive. Such ingredients include fatty acids, ceramides, urea and amino acids, which will strengthen the skin's barrier, help repair any compromised function and assist the skin in water retention. There's also hyaluronic acid in there to pull water into the skin. For some, this will be too simple; it has a creamy texture that melts onto the skin with a finish that's neither rich nor un-substantially light on my normal to dry / dehydrated skin. Perhaps it will leave the very dry and the very oily a little unsatisfied; but for me it's a basic moisturiser with the essential replenishing ingredients your skin needs and it's very, very affordable.

Let's talk about the Kylie Skin Face Moisturiser* | £27. There's a full brand review on the way so I don't want to get into the ins and outs of who's behind this line right here; I'm just going to talk about the product, which was a pleasant surprise for me! When I first received this moisturiser, I was a little dismissive, assuming it probably wouldn't be enough for my skin because Kylie has a younger audience who are more concerned with breakouts and getting rid of oiliness. I was wrong! This is a lightweight lotion moisturiser that still softens, smooths, hydrates and moisturises my skin sufficiently, even in the colder weather. It absorbs nicely without any excess but not into nothingness! It's formulated with hyaluronic acid, glycerin (another humectant), sweet almond oil, shea butter, oat extract and jojoba esters, which are all really fantastic hydrators and moisturisers. The only ingredient that could be problematic for some is the orange peel oil, which is usually added for fragrance. It doesn't bother my skin and it's not combined with other fragrance, but this is just to let you know if you are sensitive to it.

Next up is something I tend to use as a night cream, really, but can also be spot-applied to problem areas of the skin: the Indeed Labs 10 Balm Soothing Cream* | £19.99. This is a calming blend of largely plant extracts (such as sunflower seed oil, honey, propolis, acai and jojoba) designed to calm stressed-out skin. There are 10 extracts in the formula and the texture is so light that it can work on oily skin types as well as dry skin. When my skin is irritated; I personally use it all over my face, but you can also be selective if you have more of a combination skin type. Most skin types experience some degree of irritation and this is a great, lightweight option for when that happens that won't smother oily skin and makes a great all-over calming and moisturising face cream for drier skin types.

An old favourite of mine is the Dr Roebuck's No Worries Hydrating Face Moisturiser* | £30. This is one I reach for during the summer months because it gives my skin a great level of moisture and softens it nicely. It's formulated with macadamia oil and Vitamin E to nourish and protect the skin, alongside rosehip oil, which is moisturising but also has potential healing properties when it comes to treating scars. It has a pretty simple, but effective formula. There's only one ingredient in here that might not be suitable for some and that's lavender oil; the product doesn't smell of anything much but I assume this is included to mask the aroma of some of the other ingredients in here. It's a simple and functional everyday moisturiser that works really well for my skin. 

Finally, I also really rate the Alex Steinherr x Primark Maximum Moisture Moisture-Locking Everyday Moisturiser* | £5. This moisturiser is pretty straightforward with no fragrance and lots of skin-loving ingredients like urea, squalane (a skin-similar plant-derived oil that can be great for all skin types, due to its non-greasy feel) and a lactic acid derivative, which probably isn't massively exfoliating in this context, but also has the ability to attract water. There are also some other non-fragrant plant-derived oils to - as the product name suggests - lock the moisture into the skin by creating an emollient seal. This leaves my skin soft, smooth, but never greasy and is an all-round great basic moisturiser.

What are your favourite simple moisturisers?

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