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It's a tad overdue, but today I have my monthly standout beauty product ready to chat through! A couple of months back Cult Beauty kindly sent me a few things from Fresh as they were Brand of the Month for June, however I hadn't yet got round to trying the Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Oil-Infused Serum* | £52. Last month I attended an online event with Fresh Beauty and their founders were talking about this product, how it works and then there was a facial routine we did featuring it and I realised it was pretty much made for me, so I cracked it open and have continued using it ever since (especially on my little self care nights in)! Keep reading to find out why I've fallen so hard for this product...

I've talked at length here about the whole natural / clean skincare debate, and although Fresh are definitely more into naturally-sourced ingredients, they're definitely a brand that's just very passionate about their ingredients and creating an amazing sensory experience for the user (they don't demonise ingredients or put other brands down). Yes, their products contain fragrance (before the anti-fragrance brigade come at me with a pitchfork in one hand and a tub of CeraVe in the other) but their products have never irritated my skin. This particular product also doesn't contain 'parfum' and all the ingredients are listed out in full, so if you have no known issues with any of them, you're probably going to be fine with this. For those who enjoy the scent of their skincare products; this smells very similar to the Soy cleanser in that it has a fresh, cucumber-y fragrance. 

It comes in simple, but beautiful glass packaging with a 'splash' style dispenser, so you can tap out the right number of drops (for me that's 2-3). and you may have noticed the formula is dual-phase: there's the water-based serum and then there's the oil, so you need to give it a good shake before use. Over on the watery side of things; we have hydrating rose damascena flower water, glycerin (to pull water into the skin) and cucumber extract, for its skin-soothing and antioxidant benefits. Then we have moisturising rose damascena oil and camelina oil, rosehip oil to deeply nourish (and for its potential skin-healing benefits, which can help with scarring and evening out the skin's one) and squalane, a non-irritating, skin-similar plant oil that's not greasy and helps replenish the skin barrier.

I absolutely love the texture of this product; I have normal-dehydrated skin, so I've been using this primarily as part of my evening skincare routine, but it really doesn't make my skin look shiny so I can definitely see this making its way into my morning routine (particularly during the colder months, when my skin needs all the help it can get). This has a lightweight formula that can be patted into the skin and it gives my complexion a fresh, healthy glow without excess greasiness. I've tried it a couple of times under makeup and it gives a gorgeous, luminous glow without disrupting anything. It also makes my skin feel so incredibly soft, moisturised and generally well-looked-after. 

Overall, I think this is a beautiful product; I love the texture and the fresh, dewy look it gives my skin when it's a bit dry and tired. It feels beautiful, it looks beautiful and it's a treat to use every time I reach for it. As much as I believe in regular use of active skincare and champion the results they can give, sometimes I just want skincare that makes me feel good and is something a bit special that I can look forward to using, and this product fits perfectly into that category.

Have you tried this product or anything else from Fresh? Let me know your thoughts!

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