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Today I'm bringing you a little review of K-Beauty brand Dear Dahlia. You've probably seen this gorgeous packaging (which hits every influencer's aesthetic notes!) all over Instagram, but are the formulas just as beautiful...?

Let's start off with a surprise hit; the Paradise Shine Eye Sequins in Diva and Queen* | £25 each. Let’s face it; there aren't many opportunities for glitz and glam at the moment, but sometimes it’s still fun to just play with makeup. I actually used these for a makeup look I did to create some festive content that will be released in the next couple of months and just decided to leave it on for the rest of the day and evening. They remind me a lot of the Stila glitters in that they make glitter really easy to do. The glitter is within this cream base so sticks to the lid and there’s no fallout upon first application or throughout the day and - though these can definitely be used as toppers over powder shadows - they’re opaque enough just to be used on their own. They’re brilliant for people who like the idea of glitter but don’t have the patience to be faffing around. They last incredibly well and there’s no cracking or flaking on my lids. Diva is a light gold with a silvery shift and Queen is a true warm copper colour.

I think this brand is probably most famous for its lip products, so let’s talk about those! First I have the Dream Velvet Lip Mousse in Teddy* and Buddy | £25 each. I was sent one shade from the UK range available at Feel Unique and ordered another shade (alongside the next product I’ll cover) from their website directly, as they have more products, though it isn’t the cheapest to ship to the UK (especially once you’ve paid the customs). My main gripe about this range is that the shades all seem so similar to one another, though that’s not always obvious when you’re shopping online because swatches show the colour really layered on, which isn’t necessarily how you’re going to wear them in real life. A lot of the shades are in this sort of reddish pink family and I think they could just do with switching it up a bit. Buddy is warmer and Teddy more pink-toned but once applied, they’re really similar and I didn’t need both! The formula itself is creamy, comfortable to wear and dries down to a stain-like effect that’s long-wearing and when it does fade down, the colour remains even. I like how non-drying this is and how low-maintenance it is for a matte liquid lipstick.

Finally, I have the Lip Paradise Effortless Matte Lipstick in Amber | £28 | which I hope comes to the UK soon because this creamy, comfortable, opaque matte formula is beautiful. It glides on without skipping or feeling dry, giving fantastic colour payoff and not clinging to dry patches. It lasts really well on my lips as I eat and drink throughout the day too. I feel this colour is a little different to the main collection, being a warm terracotta colour that still looks nice and bold once applied. 

Overall, I really love the formulas here and I do think this brand provides both style and substance. My only negative really is that the lip colours are too dominated by red and pink tones. I hope they continue to expand this and that some of the newer collections come to Feel Unique soon. I think the price is pretty reasonable for the quality of the products and the seriously-luxe packaging!

Have you tried Dear Dahlia?

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