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Natasha Denona palettes don't exactly come cheap, so I thought it might be helpful to do a comparison of two of her cheek palette which are similar enough to the average person that they don't need both! Therefore, today I'm going to walk you through both the Tan Cheek Palette | £51 | and the Bronze Glow Cheek Palette | £51 | and put them head-to-head, so if you're eyeing them up but you don't know which to go for; perhaps this could help...

Both of these palettes are smaller than you'd expect for the price, though they're pretty handy for travel and come with sturdy packaging and a nice big mirror. I also appreciate the little flap over the cream products to prevent them drying out and any powders from getting into them (I really hate that!) 

Let's talk about the formulas; there are four different finishes across these palettes, according to me. In the Tan palette, we have a matte bronzer (Blush & Bronze Powder) and a light frosty gold metallic (Glow Impact Powder). There's also a more traditional highlighter in this palette (coming in a very warm gold colour - Super Glow), which is the same sort of formula as the two at the bottom of the Bronze Glow palette (Super Glow Bronze - a very warm gold bronze - and Super Glow Nude - a light oyster gold). Then there's an emollient, traditional cream highlighter in the Tan palette (Glow Cream Base), which is a bronze champagne. There are two shades in a different cream formula in the Bronze Glow palette - Bounce Cream Blush (this is still a highlighter in my books - it's a rosy bronze) and Bounce Cream Glow (a light iridescent pink-white). 

Just looking at the colour stories; I'd say the Bronze Glow speaks to me the most; I just love this warm-toned golden bronze vibe. I think Tan is more neutral and will suit most undertones in the medium skin category. I think the bronzer, two different finishes of powder highlighter and the cream highlight mean it's a more well-balanced palette to invest in. Many people will want a palette like this to travel with and not necessarily to dip in and out of for a single shade every time they do their makeup, so I think Tan is better for that.

Personally, I don't know why they chose to change the gorgeous cream formula in the Tan palette and swap it for what you get in Bronze Glow. These Bounce Creams don't really pick up with a brush, so to get colour payoff, you need to be comfortable applying them with your finger (which not everyone likes to do). Even then, I just feel like I'd prefer having something dewier and more movable on the skin. Like the formula they had in the other palette...! If these two shades had been in that formula, I'd prefer this palette to Tan, in all honesty. I wouldn't have picked it up had I realised that's not what I was getting! Some people have already commented that these are drying out on them and the palette launched a few weeks ago, so if that happens; I'll be even less impressed.

Super Glow Bronze is a really nice sun-kissed highlight on my skin tone and Super Glow Nude is probably my favourite individual shade across the both palettes. I enjoy mixing the two shades together too - that gives a really pretty look. However, even though I really enjoy the two powders in Bronze Glow and it's not a total fail; £50 is a lot to pay for two small highlighter pans... Would I pick this up again? No. Is it a total waste? Also no. 

I actually started using my Tan palette again a lot more ahead of writing this post and it made me appreciate it all over again. All in all, I recommend the formulation and versatility of the Tan palette over Super Glow Bronze (as pretty as it looks on the surface) any day. I just can't recommend the new cream formula, no matter how lovely the shade selection is!

Have you tried any of the Natasha Denona cheek palettes?

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