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Omorovicza is my luxury skincare weakness! It's a super-premium brand, but one that always delivers for me. Their latest launch is called the Cure* | £205 | and it's a 9-day skincare overhaul system designed to give you your best skin ever. However, does it live up to its claims? (And the price-tag...)

The set comes with nine ampoules; these glass vials containing a concentrated skin hit. Phase One is the Resurface & Brighten treatment stage, Phase Two is the Renew & Revive antioxidant stage and Phase Three is the Reconstruct and Replenish oil stage to really restore skin health. I decided that to properly gauge the effectiveness of this regimen and in order to ensure that any stronger actives included in the system didn't become too much for my skin, that I should strip back my routine. What I used alongside the system is pretty much exactly what I laid out in this post if you're interested. You apply these ampoules in the evening only, but I kept it really simple during the daytime too. The only thing I didn't really like about the Cure is how you have to crack open the glass ampoules. It will never not feel dangerous to me! And I'd always wonder if maybe a bit of glass was in the product (obviously, there never was).

Phase One was absolutely the most 'active' element of the programme. The Resurface & Brighten ampoules contain lactic acid, mandelic acid and proteolytic enzymes to give a big hit of exfoliation. Lactic acid is a milk-derived AHA (though it can also be made synthetically) that's one of the most gentle options in this category. Mandelic acid is another chemical exfoliant, again it's considered to be a little more on the gentle side. Proteolytic enzymes break down the protein bonds of dead skin cells and exfoliate the skin in this way. It's extra-important that you use sunscreen during this phase of the system, as these ingredients can increase sun sensitivity. Overall, from the very first use, I noticed that by morning my skin felt incredibly smooth and clear and had a lovely glow.

Phase Two contains antioxidants; coffee, ginseng and sandalwood. This is more of a 'protection' part of the course, so I wasn't hugely expecting to see as dramatic changes in my skin as I had during the first three days, however this phase gave me soft and nicely moisturised skin.

Phase Three is where you replenish the skin and strengthen its barrier with squalane, fig, nut and chia seed oils. Squalane is a skin-like oil that's safe for sensitive and / or compromised skin because it's very similar to what it naturally produces. The other plant and fruit derived oils will also help to deeply moisturise the skin. This cocktail of oils is calming, softening and smoothing for my skin; I absolutely love it! I would buy this oil blend on it's own; it's just great and perfect after an intense acid peel like the first three days of the course.

All in all, by the end of the programme, I was really happy with the results. However, I generally believe that you will see the most dramatic results in skincare if you don't already use a lot of active ingredients. I use retinol, I use acids, I use Vitamin C, so unless I'm switching to a very high-concentration formula; I'm not going to experience the same dramatic difference as someone who is new to active skincare. I definitely saw the results from the exfoliation phase and the final oil stage was a lovely replenishing of my skin, however I think you will see the best results if you aren't regularly using strong ingredients in your routine. I don't think everyone needs to try this, however where I think it would be perfect is if you have a big occasion like a wedding or graduation and want to look your best. You get that amazing 'brand new skin' exfoliation with plenty of time for it to calm down and a stage that will replenish your skin after it. Omorovicza also recommend using this every three months for general upkeep, which I think is something that will work best for those who don't already use all the actives under the sun!

Have you ever done a skin overhaul programme? What results did you experience?

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