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Hourglass just dropped their Unlocked Instant Extensions Mascara* | £29 | and as a fan of their Caution Extreme Lash Mascara* | £29 | (honestly, it's been the only high-end mascara I've really had time for over the years) I was interested in how the two formulas would compare and what the new mascara would add to their line, so today I'm putting the mascaras head-to-head...

The Caution mascara was a surprise hit for me, to be honest. It's marketed as a volumising mascara and has a fibre wand, which I personally associate with thick, clumpy lashes. However, I was pleasantly surprised when it gave a separated sort of volume; kind of like a false lash effect with zero clumping. This has been my go-to mascara for a glam makeup look and I'm already on my second tube of it. I feel it holds a curl beautifully and makes my lashes look darker, longer and more voluminous. I love how fluttery my eyelashes look after use and I feel it lasts well throughout the day with minimal smudging or transferring.

The Extension mascara comes in the same luxurious gold packaging, but has a different shape, which is helpful given sometimes I'm in a rush and grab for things without checking the name on the tube. The Unlocked product line by Hourglass is all vegan and cruelty-free, however I can't help but wonder why the brand as a whole wouldn't be at this stage? It's a tubing formula designed to be long-wearing and primarily give the lashes length. As you can probably see; it gives less of a perfected glam look on the lashes, and creates more of an everyday eye. The longevity is amazing; usually during the summer, even my most trusted mascaras can tend to wander and leave a bit of debris under my eyes; but not this one. It definitely extends my lashes so they're longer and adds a nice amount of curl that doesn't drop throughout the day. I can see this being my go-to everyday mascara!

I actually think these mascaras perform a different function: Caution is what you wear when you want to make an impact, Unlocked is what you reach for when you want a long-wearing everyday look. For this reason, I think they both have a place in my collection. The Caution mascara really does give me that 'wow' effect, so I think I still have to maintain it as my favourite, but I think Unlocked is a great option if you struggle with mascara transferring, flaking and generally making a mess around your eye area! Particularly given it's allergy season...

Have you tried either of the Hourglass mascaras?

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