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I recently discovered that online fashion retailer Revolve has a really good beauty section! So, I decided to treat myself when I got my bonus at the end of March and ordered a few things last month. They're based in the US, so have brands we don't have access to in the UK, and get other releases a bit faster, plus they include all taxes and duties in the price of the product and pre-pay this for you, so there are no nasty surprises and it's just like ordering from the UK, really. It's £7 shipping under £75 (or free over that amount), but the products arrived ridiculously fast; my original order (a few items were on preorder so weren't dispatched straight away) was placed on a Saturday evening and was with me by half 8 on Monday morning! They also have a ton of discount codes floating around on the internet, which also inspired my order. Let's get into what I picked up and my thoughts on the products, having had a couple of weeks to play around with them...

The first product I picked up was the Kosas Revealer Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer (05) | £27. Kosas is available in the UK on Cult Beauty and Naturismo, but they don't seem to ever get the new releases in. I've also ordered from Kosas directly in the past because they ship to the UK, but it's more expensive than Revolve and takes longer (though on the flipside, I believe you are allowed to return things to them if you buy the wrong shade by accident, for example). I'd heard really good things about this concealer and I feel as though, deep down, we're all always looking for the perfect one! I chose Shade 5 because I already have their tinted face oil in the shade 6, and I tend to like the concealer for under my eyes to be a little more brightening. It definitely looks lighter in the tube than the colour it is once it dries down, so be careful if you're trying to match yourself online. The swatch below is the shade it sets down to and this works really well on me personally, though it does have quite a strong yellow undertone. The texture of this concealer is creamy, as promised, but not to the extent that it creases really easily. I blend it out with a damp sponge and set it with some loose powder and it meshes so nicely with the skin and is so easy to work with. It has a hydrating finish, so doesn't look dull or dry under the eyes and lasts really well on my skin throughout the day, both in terms of minimal creasing and minimal fading. The coverage, to me, is medium-to-full; I would reach for this on an everyday basis as opposed to if I was doing some full-glam look for a night out (as if that's happening right now, anyway!) Overall, this is a winner for me and we'll have to wait and see if it dethrones any of my absolute favourites, but I have a feeling it might...

Also from Kosas, we have the Kosas the Sun Show Moisturising Baked Bronzer in Medium | £33. This comes in three shades and I chose the middle option, which is a good match for me, though I'd warn you that unless you have quite a warm skin tone; it could look a bit orange on you (though not to the extent of something like MAC's Gimme Sun!) I'd also warn that it's surprisingly pigmented and does kick up some fallout in the pan, so be sure to tap off any excess before going in with it, and it'll apply smoothly and evenly to the skin. This bronzer doesn't cling to dry patches, which is important to me, and it wears really well on the skin. It does have a very slight sheen to it, but that doesn't really translate to the skin once applied, other than just giving the skin a bit more dimension. It warms things up nicely and doesn't look flat or overly matte on my skin, which is great. All in all, I'm really enjoying this bronzer and look forward to using it regularly during the summer months to get that sun-kissed glow.

I tried two product from Tower 28 - a brand I've wanted to get my hands on for ages. I chose the Tower 28 Beach Please Tinted Balm in Golden Hour | £19 | and the Tower 28 Bronzino Illuminating Bronzer in West Coast | £19. Straight off the bat; I have to say I didn't love the Tinted Balm as much as I'd hoped I would! This balm is designed to be used on both the lips and the cheeks, but I found the colour clung a little to dry patches on my lips unless they were very well-moisturised, though it wasn't a really matte formula. I just find that the Ilia pigments are a far better multi-tasker than this. It looks nice on the cheeks, but feel it is a little harder to work with than my favourite dewy-look cream blusher formula from Kosas. You need to give it a moment to set in place or it will kind of keep moving on the skin and not look even. If you take a little extra time to apply it carefully; I do like the natural flush of colour it gives, plus it's not overly pigmented and can be blended out with ease, due to its more emollient formula. The longevity was ok on me; it did start to look less vibrant after around 6 hours of wear and got a little patchy from the 8 hour mark, though I guess you can easy throw this in your bag and touch up when you're out and about. I do really like this vibrant red-orange tone for summer; I guess I was just looking for that perfect 2-in-1 and this didn't quite hit the mark for me. The bronzer is also a very dewy-looking, emollient cheek product and, whilst I obviously wouldn't recommend it for oily skin, it actually isn't as scary as it looks. You can dab it on with your fingers and / or use a synthetic brush to blend it out because it does have a good amount of movement at first, but will eventually set down. I wouldn't say it's still super-visible at the end of my average day, but it also doesn't look patchy or uneven, which is what I tend to hate! This is actually the lighter of the two available shades and it gives me a very natural look, so I'm not sure how it would work on fair to light skin tones. It's a warm medium bronze colour with a golden sheen (don't worry; this doesn't translate as glitter on your face!) It's a little different to the other cream bronzers in my collection, which are all matte and less dewy-looking, so I wouldn't say I regret buying it but I could live without it.

Next, I picked up a product we do have access to here in the UK through sites like Cult Beauty and Naturismo, however I was already placing the order and had a good discount code, so decided to get it from Revolve. The Jillian Dempsey Cheek Tint in Sunny | £27 | is something I've been keen to try for a while, having seen it across my Instagram feed many times. Recently I've been all about cream cheek products, so I finally decided to try one of these blushers. I won't lie; I was pretty unpleasantly surprised at how dinky this is for the price! I was expecting a standard pan size and the packaging is cute but made of lightweight plastic, so doesn't feel premium as such. However, I do really like the product inside; it's a matte cream blusher that's not overly dewy or emollient on the skin, so will be perfect for people who want to be into cream formulas, but are worried about looking a shiny mess. The flipside of that is that it does take some warming between my fingers to get it to the smoothness you need to quickly and easily dab it on. That being said, it is a really long-wearing formula that doesn't get shiny, fade or go patchy on me during my average day, so I really can't complain! Sunny is pretty much my perfect nude colour; a sort of muted warm tan.

Although it wasn't available in the UK when I ordered it, you can now get new shade Nudestix Nudies Matte Blush & Bronze in Terracotta Tan | £31 | over on Cult Beauty for slightly less money (though obviously I had a discount anyway). The Fenty bronzer has seriously turned me onto getting a sunkissed look through creams. I know this comes in a stick, but I personally find these sorts of things work best if you swipe a dense synthetic brush over the product's surface and stipple it onto the skin. This is a matte formula and I really like that it goes on subtly, as opposed to being overly pigmented, because it's much easier to build up colour than take it away! Again, it doesn't have a dewy finish, but the more matte dry-down does mean it's very long-wearing. I also love this tone; it's definitely warming but nothing overly orange and can still add definition and dimension to the face.

And last, but not least, you can now get this product at Naturismo, but I've been testing it out a little while. It's the Ilia Daylite Highlighting Powder in Starstruck | £33. There are two bronzer shades and two highlighting shades in this latest mini-collection and I chose the deeper of the two highlighters. I've never come across a colour quite like this before; it's a sort of bronzed, warm rose gold colour with a true gold shift as it catches the light. The other shade is also gold-tinted but more of a light gold, so if you don't like gold highlighters; there's probably not something in this range for you. This has a beautiful, soft formula that's actually really creamy for a powder. As you'd expect from this brand; it isn't some blinding, super-metallic formula, instead it's sheeny and gives a 'lit from within' look. That won't be for everyone, but I think there's a time and a place for both types of highlighters. It really meshes with the skin as opposed to sitting on top of it and doesn't ever look powdery, plus you can't really go over the top with it. It looks gorgeous on the skin and if you want an everyday option; it's perfect.

Have you ever shopped at Revolve? Are there any brands here you've tried or products you have your eye on?

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