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As part of my affordable beauty month, I just had to share these capsules from Beauty Pie! You do have to be a member to access their lower prices, however this can be as little as £5 a month with a 3-month minimum term, so for £15 I did conclude in my recent review that I think it's well worth checking out (plus, they often have offers on that give you your first month free). Here's why I think these capsules should be at the top of your Beauty Pie shopping list...

Ok, I'll admit that when I saw these I thought they were some sort of weird vitamin thing I wasn't into. Even my boyfriend almost ate one... However they're actually highly-concentrated serums, which makes sense because almost all the active ingredients in this line need to be protected from oxygen and light to work properly. I was definitely a little concerned when I first saw them about the individually packed capsules, however the outer packaging of the capsules is biodegradable and made of seaweed. You get 60 capsules in each jar so you'll get a couple of months out of them with daily use.

We'll start with the Hyaluronic Acid & Biopeptide Microspheres | £9.73. These capsules are fragrance-free, cruelty free and vegan. Hyaluronic acid is an amazing ingredient for dehydrated skin. It draws water into the skin from the atmosphere and has a lightweight texture. I personally like to apply something like this to slightly damp skin in the morning and I like that this formula absorbs easily without leaving a tacky film on the surface of my skin. Peptides are amino acids and they can help strengthen skin-boosting proteins such as collagen, which help the skin look plumper, fuller and younger. This formula is safe to combine with other actives, which is also great. Overall, I like these capsules a lot; whilst not my absolute favourites from the line, they do what I want them to, which is to plump my skin, restore its hydration levels and contribute to that overall 'healthy skin' look. They're a concentrated dose of skin goodness that are suitable for pretty much any skin type.

The other serum I prefer to use as part of my morning routine is the Pure Double Vitamin C & Vitamin E | £8.64. This is also fragrance-free, has a minimalist ingredient list and is both cruelty-free and vegan. This formula has a thicker, more creamy texture and I do notice the dimethicone in this serum, which would be my only gripe, because it can pill up a little if you follow it with an oil. Ascorbic acid is a nice, stable, well-researched form of Vitamin C and it's totally protected in this little capsule (which is one of my ongoing issues with Vitamin C serums). Vitamin C can brighten the skin, treat dark spots and give it an overall glow. Vitamin E is a great pairing with Vitamin C, as it has more of a soothing, hydrating quality. Both are antioxidants, so can protect the skin from environmental factors and therefore ageing. Overall, I like these capsules; they deliver the skin-perfecting benefits I want from Vitamin C, my only negative is the texture.

Onto the night options - my first is the Pure 3% Reservatrol + Exotic Fruit Oils | £10.03. This is again vegan and cruelty-free, but it's not fragrance-free this time (for some reason they decided to formulate with parfum, which is an unknown blend of many fragrant molecules). I hadn't actually come across this ingredient, but its an antioxidant derived from the skin of red grapes. It also contains dimethicone and silicone aimed a smoothing and blurring the skin, which I again don't love because it can pill up - I like to use this at nighttime and ideally would follow it up with an oil, but it isn't possible with this formula. It's formulated with peptides, like the hyaluronic acid serum. Overall, I've found my skin looks nice and plump with the help of this formula and I like the overall glow and 'healthy skin' look it creates. Again, my one downside has to be the texture; I'd prefer it to be less powdery and primer-y.

I've saved the best for last! I'm totally in love with the Essential Ceramides + with Glyco & Sphingolipids | £7.55. Obviously you now know the drill - the product is vegan and cruelty-free - however this does contain fragrance, which I find to be unnecessary, though this is honestly my only negative. I use these overnight and they give my skin such a healthy, dewy glow and provide an amazing hit of nourishment. Fatty acids help replenish the skin and keep it moisturised and healthy. Ceramides in particular are amazing for strengthening the skin's natural barrier and protecting it against the elements. This formula gives me super-soft, plump, smooth skin and has been a go-to of mine this winter to revive a dull, lacklustre complexion.

Have you tried Beauty Pie skincare?

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