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We're in the midst of a tsunami of new foundation launches! I haven't rushed out to buy them all because I'm just pretty settled in my routine, however I was recently sent the Zoeva Authentik Skin Foundation* (Shade 170W Fearless) | £25 | so I thought I'd test it for you guys and deliver my verdict on whether it's worthy (in my personal opinion) of joining the ranks of your absolute favourites...

Let's start at the top; the packaging and branding for this collection both really appeal to me. The foundation comes in a blush pink and copper unit carton and the bottle itself is glass with a square shape and comes with a pump - the look and feel of it actually reminds me a lot of the Nars Radiant Longwear foundation (review of that one here). I really love that on their website and in their marketing of this product; everything feels inclusive. Everyone is represented from fair redheads to dark-skinned women to East Asian men to Muslim women to long-haired women to women with a buzzcut. I just really like that because it make me feel like this is a brand and a product that's marketed towards us all. I'm also a fan of the price-point of this product because it feels premium but still comes in £5-15 cheaper than most of my favourites. 

In terms of picking shades - there are some good photos on the website taken in realistic lighting to help you choose from the 44 tones on offer. The foundation is available in warm, neutral and cool undertones. I was sent 3 shades and the first one I opened seemed a really good match for me, so thank you to whoever on their PR team painstakingly tried to match influencers to a shade from their pictures! I wear 170W, which is pretty close to my skin tone but, if I have one gripe, it would be that (despite being labelled as a warm-toned foundation), I think it could have been a touch warmer.

Ok, let's get to the most important part: the formula! This also reminds me a lot of the Nars Radiant Longwear, so if you're a fan of that and you're running a little low but want to save £10 on your next purchase; definitely check this one out. It has a nice creamy formula and 1 pump is fine for me on a normal workday or I'll build up the coverage where I need it by using an extra pump for an evening look. It's a medium but buildable coverage you're going to get with this and the finish is luminous and natural without being overtly dewy; think of it as somewhere partway between super-glowing and satin (leaning a tad more towards the latter). I really like how this looks on the skin - it gives a flawless but non-cakey look that still lets my skin show through a little. If you're looking for something very matte and full-coverage, it probably won't be for you, but if you're looking for a 'proper' foundation that still allows things to breathe and looks as natural as one can look; this would be ideal.

In terms of longevity - I've found this one pretty good! Towards the end of my average day, I do notice some shine coming through, but for me it's most important that my foundation doesn't break up, go patchy or look unflattering as the day wears on and this one doesn't. I can trust it to last me for my work day and even beyond that, if I've got evening plans afterwards.

I know we're currently probably all a bit foundation fatigued, but if this sounds like your sort of formula; definitely check it out and save yourself a nice bit of cash compared to the other recent launches! 

Are you interested in this foundation launch?

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