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Super-affordable drugstore makeup brand MUA Cosmetics recently launched their Blushed Liquid Cream Blushers* | £2.50 each | which bear more than than a passing resemblance to my long-term love: the Glossier Cloud Paints | £15 each. But does the formula itself measure up...?

Right off the bat: I don't have the exact dupe shades in the Glossier version for each of the MUA blushers I have but I do think there is more or less a match for all of the colours (which is a bit naughty, I guess!) We'll just talk about the formula, I've swatched the shades I have from each range and I'll outline which colours are dupes of which.

Both of these liquid-cream blusher ranges come in tubes - you only need a tiny amount of product to get that natural, flushed look and you can even mix the shades together to create your own custom cheek colour. Playing around with them, before even having applied the MUA blushers to the skin, I did notice a difference in texture. The Glossier version is very pigmented and a true cream-liquid hybrid, whereas MUA's alternative has a bit more of a mousse-like texture and can be a little more sheer on the skin. I always apply a product like this with my fingers - dabbing it onto the cheeks and (if needed) meshing it in with my foundation using my blending sponge from my foundation and concealer application.

The thing I really love about the Glossier formula is how they go on evenly, they don't get patchy throughout the day and - even though it's just a natural flush of colour - they last so well! Whether it's my nude shade, the brighter tone or the deep option; the formula is just great - it's easy to apply and stays looking good. With the MUA blushers I did notice a bit more inconsistency across the shades. This deeper colour Rouge Noir was pretty messy to apply and looked kind of patchy on the skin - I just was unable to get it to look how I wanted, which isn't an issue I have with its Glossier equivalent (Storm). The two lighter more nude shades, however, worked really well - they gave that natural, easy flush of colour that lasts and doesn't look patchy or disappear over the hours! I sometimes mix them together too and it just works really well.

These are the shades and their dupes...
Glossier Dusk (peachy-brown nude) - MUA Taupe Tango
Glossier Beam (pastel peach) - MUA Peach Puff
Glossier Puff (true pastel pink) - Misty Rose
Glossier Dawn (red-orange coral) - MUA Tiger Lily
Glossier Haze (bitten pinky-berry) - MUA Watermelon
Glossier Storm (deep rose-berry) - MUA Rouge Noir

Below I've swatched my Glossier shades - Dusk, Dawn and Storm next to the new MUA shades I tried - Peach Puff, Misty Rose and Rouge Noir. Although the shades don't match up perfectly, it was helpful to be able to try a nude, a bright and a deep shade from each range.

Overall, I think the MUA blushers are a decent buy! Personally - I do see myself still reaching for my Glossier ones more just because I prefer the shades I have and the darker colour works far better for me. However if you want a great drugstore option, these lighter two shades do pretty much the same job and I really can't fault them! Just be aware the formula isn't consistent across the entire range and you're probably best off trying the more natural tones.

Have you tried the Glossier Cloud Paints?

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