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Kosas has long been one of those ubiquitous Instagram brands I knew we couldn't easily get in the UK, however Cult Beauty just made it a whole lot more accessible... I was kindly sent a few things to try, but is this brand worth the hype...?

The first product I want to talk about is the Tinted Face Oil* (Shades 06 & 07) | £40. To say I had concerns about putting this on my decidedly-combination skin would be an understatement... but somehow it looks really good! I've mentioned many times on this blog that I love a light base and this is a great one - it's very fluid and you have to give it a good shake before use. Just a couple of drops will cover your entire face to give a radiant, more perfected version of your own skin. Whilst oily-skinned people may not get on with this; I think it will suit normal through to dry skin types for an everyday, dewy, lightweight base. The shade range isn't incredible, but for very light coverage like this, it's not too shoddy. I have Shade 6 and Shade 7 - with my post-holiday tan I'm mixing the two together but I think Shade 6 will eventually be the closest to my natural skin tone. It also lasts very well - I definitely get a bit of shine coming through around my pesky t-zone towards the end of my work day, however it's nothing a few seconds and bit of powder won't sort out. Overall I'm incredibly impressed by this product I'd never have thought to pick up myself!

Next I tried the Colour + Light Creme in Tropic Equinox* | £32. This is a cream cheek compact duo with a highlighter and blusher. The formula is definitely on the dewy side - it gives a fresh, natural flush of colour. It isn't something I'd really recommend on oily skin, but for me - it works surprisingly well! I've tended to avoid these more 'wet look' cream formulas but this actually lasts on me. The blusher doesn't go patchy and the highlighter is subtle but pretty for every day. The highlighter is a light champagne, whereas the blusher is a warm terracotta-nude colour. I can't get enough of this duo - the creams blend so beautifully with my base and they can even be dabbed on after you've applied your powder without looking uneven.

Finally we have the Weightless Lipstick in Royal* | £26. This is a really nice lipstick formula - it has a wearable sheer element to it without being shiny or glossy. It has a semi-matte finish but isn't drying on the lips and still lasts well. The raspberry tone of Royal isn't an 'every single day' shade but I really like it for that 'bitten', blotted berry look.

Do you have your eye on anything from Kosas?

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