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I rarely seem to find face palettes that tick all of the boxes for me, however the Natasha Denona Tan Palette | £51 | is so 'me'! I was really excited to get this for my birthday and from the title; it clearly didn't let me down. Keep reading for a deep-dive on the shades, formulas and swatches...

This palette isn't exactly cheap and it's definitely smaller than I'd expected from pictures online - there's a total of 12g of product in here. The packaging is functional and pretty enough; whilst it doesn't create a luxury experience, I appreciate that it's sturdy and travel-friendly and I also like this little plastic flap to stop fallout from the powders from getting into the cream formula (though you still have to be careful with the shade directly to the right of it). 

Each of the shades in this palette has a different formula. First we have the cream; I personally really like this texture because it isn't greasy or shiny or thin, like some cream highlighters can be (no one wants a bit of glitter suspended in some Vaseline-like substance on their cheeks!) You get a gorgeous pearly finish with this and whilst it warms under the fingers to make it easy to dab out; it doesn't have an overly slippery formula. It lasts on my skin and it's opaque enough to look noticeable even after I've applied the rest of my makeup. The next formula is what I personally consider to be a 'standard' powder highlighter formula. It's not glittery, it's not chunky, it's not anything too over-the-top; it's just pretty and natural on the skin. Next there's the one matte in the palette - a bronzer. It's a nice formula; it blends, it has good pigmentation and doesn't go patchy as the day wears on. It isn't quite as dreamy and creamy as my Fenty one, however I probably wouldn't bother packing that one too if I was travelling when this does the job for me. Finally, there's the more metallic and intense highlighter, which sits beautifully on the skin and is perfect for more of an 'all out glam' look.

In terms of the shades: the Glow Cream Base is in this beautiful ambered rosy bronze, Super Glow is a very warm gold with a slightly orange base, Blush & Bronze Powder (to me this is a straight bronzer - I don't really get the 'blush' part!) is that perfect warm bronzing tone that isn't at all orange and the Glow Impact Powder is a light frosty gold. This is the perfect selection of tones for me and I kind of like that they haven't tried to please everyone because those highlighter palettes with everything from a frosty white to a deep bronze never totally suit anyone! And I personally wouldn't be happy to spend £51 on a face palette unless I really liked every single shade. For those of you with fair / light or deep / dark skin tones, there are other palettes from Natasha Denona you can check out here.

Overall - I love this palette and it's my perfect go-to for a bronzed makeup look. I also love how travel-friendly it is and it will definitely be coming with me on my holidays this summer...

Have you tried Natasha Denona before?

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