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Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks have become something of a classic so my interest was definitely piqued when the Hot Lips 2 Collection* | £28 each | was launched! Just like the original launch; these lipsticks are all inspired by icons and capture their look and personality. They also come in reusable, collectable packaging and £1m of the sales from this collection will go to Women for Women International! Let's take a closer look at the shades and formulas I have here... 

First up; this packaging truly is special! It's part of what you're paying for with this brand - you're getting a glamorous experience when you apply these lipsticks. The tubes look dreamy on your dressing table and you'll be more than happy to whip one of them out in the bathroom to re-apply during the day. It feels as expensive as it looks and you can pop out the cartridge and just buy a refill once you've used up the product. There are also other little touches like the kiss mark imprinted on the front of the bullet.

Here I have the shades Enigmatic Edward, In Love With Olivia and Dancefloor Princess. Enigmatic Edward* is - of course - a clear lip conditioner. I actually really like this formula - it isn't shiny or greasy or slippery but gives my lips some hydration. However it's still £28 so I don't personally feel I'd buy this myself, though I'll definitely use it and enjoy it for as long as it lasts. I have a Caudalie one I like just as much that's about £6 so unless you're a huge fan of Edward Enninful (the editor of Vogue who inspired this product) or the packaging; I think this one is skippable! Dancefloor Princess and In Love with Olivia have a super-hydrating and nourishing lipstick formula that has a nice, sheeny finish - they aren't 100% opaque but still have enough pigmentation for me with one swipe. 

Dancefloor Princess* (inspired by legendary Australian pop star Kylie Minogue) obviously isn't an all-over lip colour for me personally - it's a light pinky-nude that will look lovely on fair-to-light skin tones. I personally use it on the centre of the lips over the top of In Love With Olivia to add dimension and volume. In Love With Olivia* is my sort of pink - it's on the warmer side and has a rosy undertone. I'd say it's a medium shade so translates to a natural pinky-nude on me - the kind that actually looks good!

Overall - I really love this formula and the shade In Love With Olivia is seriously pretty! If I have one improvement for the range it's that I wish there were more shades inspired by women (or people) of colour - naturally these shades are going to best suit people with similar skin tones to the celebrity they were modelled after and there's not much in there that really works for my complexion personally. It's a bit of a shame that Edward Enninful's shade was a lip balm instead of a shade to represent dark-skinned people (though I guess I've never seen him wear lipstick). Not that all of the shades are unsuitable for deeper skin tones but there are a lot of pinky nudes and reds in the collection and I think a more diverse basis of celebrities for the collection might have injected a bit more variation. At the same time - I do appreciate that the people chosen are those who Charlotte has done makeup for in the past or has a personal relationship with. I just wished there were fewer pink-based products and more brown or dark nudes, orange-based shades, berry tones with a blue undertone and so on.

Have you picked up anything from this collection / do you plan on it?

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