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I don’t think there are many truly unique ideas left in the beauty world but when the Huda Beauty Tantour | £26 | dropped - I could honestly say I didn’t have a product quite like it in my collection, so I placed a little order. But was it a hit or a miss with me...?

The first thing I noticed about this cream contour-bronzer hybrid is that it comes in really flat packaging so there’s really not a ton of product in here. It’s nothing special packaging-wise but it does the job and I have no real complaints. The product comes in five shades and what I would say when you’re picking one is that these look a lot darker when swatched than they come off once applied, because you only need the tiniest amount of product.

I really do like the formula of this; it isn’t too slippery or greasy at all but still has enough movement to blend out nicely. Like I said: you really don’t need much product at all, so try not to be heavy-handed when applying it! I personally dab a synthetic brush into the product and apply it using a bit of a stippling motion on the outer parameters of my face. It goes on evenly and looks very natural on the skin.

I wear the shade Medium, which is great for my skin tone and I love the colour! True to the name - this product strikes that perfect balance between adding warmth to my skin and being the right sort of tone to create a natural shadow. It’s quick and easy to apply, making it a great option for someone like me, who just doesn’t have the time, patience or inclination to sit down and properly contour on a day-to-day basis. It’s also a lot less harsh and there’s far more room for mistakes - if I accidentally apply too much or get this somewhere I didn’t really want it then it’s pretty easy to just grab my makeup sponge that I used for my foundation and concealer and dab it out.

The only place this falls down a little for me is when it comes to longevity! I apply this directly over foundation and then set my entire face with a translucent powder, which is usually enough when it comes to cream cheek products, however I definitely notice this fading throughout the day. Like a lot of people: I work in an office (vaguely 9-5) so my makeup is often going on at 7am and not coming off until about 10pm. Whilst no makeup is going to look perfect when it's time to take it off; I find this starts to disappear by the afternoon, which really isn’t great! It doesn’t go muddy or patchy - it just doesn’t seem to be there any more... It looks great in the morning but after several hours of wear, I’m just like: ‘ok where’d it go?!’ This is a bit of a deal-breaker depending on your skin type because if you’re oily and products tend to vanish throughout the day - you really won’t get much mileage out of the Tantour! I’m combination so although I’d use this if I was just doing my makeup for an evening out; I can’t trust it to see me through my normal work day.

Although I love the application and final look of this - the longevity is really disappointing to me, making the Huda Beauty Tantour more of a miss for me!

Have you tried a cream contour-bronzer before?

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