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Did I need another primer? Absolutely not! But something about the Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer's | £27 | suggestion that it could solve all of my base makeup problems just drew me in...

We'll start at the top - this product comes with a generous 45ml of product (the typical foundation is 30ml, for reference). It comes in clear plastic packaging so you can see how much is left and this type of pump system is great for ensuring there's no wasted product you can't get to when you're drawing towards the end. I really like the dispenser; it helps you properly control how much product comes out. In terms of hydrating ingredients; it contains aloe water, cherry blossom, cannabis seed extract, Hyaluronic Acid, blue agave and Vitamin B. Milk claim this product will create a 'velcro-esque' effect, leaving makeup looking fresh 12 hours after initial application...

The texture of this primer is gel-like, meaning it's quick and easy to apply with zero pilling up. It also has a nice cooling effect on the skin. As soon as I apply it, this feels fresh and hydrating in the most lightweight way possible. It sort of melts onto the skin so it applies like skincare, however there's also that slightly silky feeling when I touch my face that I associate with priming the skin for makeup.

When it comes to applying my base; everything has been going on like a dream when paired with this primer. It turns my skin into the perfect canvas - the hydrating effect definitely helps my skin look smoother and more perfected (though it's worth noting that this product won't do much to fill in visible pores like something silicone-based). Once the makeup is on; my skin looks fresh and healthy without the pearly sheen left by more traditional luminous primers, which I think makes this appropriate for a wider range of skin types.

So, hydration was a 'tick' but did this make my makeup last longer or wear any better throughout the day? What really impressed me about this primer when compared with most hydrating formulas was that it didn't leave my face looking shiny during the day. I've worn this for some really long days where I've had my makeup on from 7am to 11pm and it's held up pretty well! I find that my base is less likely to start sliding off if my t-zone gets a bit oily throughout the day and it doesn't disappear from the usual problem areas. I honestly don't know how they managed it, but Milk have created a primer that extends makeup wear-time and improves how makeup looks after several hours of wear without the need for silicone or drying matte textures!

In case you couldn't tell (or didn't read the title): I love this primer and think it could be well on its way to being my Holy Grail. Even just after a few weeks of use it's already joined the ranks of long-time favourites.

Have you tried / will you be trying this primer?

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