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Anastasia Beverly Hills is the undisputed queen of eyebrow products, and  I really love some of the products from their range, so when I ran out of brow gel last month it was perfect timing! I decided to pick up the brand new Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Gel (Ebony) | £19 | to give it a whirl, but is it a hit or a miss...?

According to the description, this product is intended to be a long-wear, pigmented brow booster. I think the packaging is really lovely and compared to the £22 Brow Wiz pencil (which only lasts me around 2 months), the price isn't bad at all. It also comes in a wide range of shades. I chose my usual Anastasia shade, however in retrospect, I probably should've gone one lighter than usual for a less full-on look!

This is quite a thick (and sometimes clumpy) gel, so although the brush is very small (allowing you more control over the product) you definitely still need to scrape off some of the excess when you go in with this. If you prefer a very natural boost from your brow gel; this might not be the product for you! It's more for those who want a bold brow look in one quick and easy step. I tried this both with eyebrows that hadn't been 'done' in a while and on relatively freshly threaded and tinted brows, which you can see below. For me, I do still have to add a tiny bit of pencil because my eyebrows are naturally uneven in shape. However, if your issue is only colour and sparsity - this will be perfect, as it adds depth and an amazing amount of volume for this type of product.
One thing I can definitely vouch for is the longevity of this product. It doesn't feel stiff on my eyebrows but holds the hairs nicely in place. The colour itself doesn't smudge, smear or vanish in places, even on a really long day. 

Personally, it has to be a 'miss' for me because it doesn't quite fit into my routine. As my brows are uneven, I do have to shape them a little bit after applying this product anyway, and I also just prefer a more natural look on a day-to-day basis. If your eyebrows are even and you want to beef them up into a more 'glam' look in one quick - give this a go! However it just isn't quite right for me.

Have you tried this product / are you interested in trying it?

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