It's no secret that I love a lighter base because, for 5 days out of 7, I'm at the office and just want something that will make my skin look good without it feeling like I'm wearing layers and layers of makeup. I've been using my Boots app to garner as many bonus points as possible over the last few months and during February, I finally got enough to treat myself to the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream (Medium Tan) | £31. This is why it's my standout product from last month...

We'll start with the packaging. This comes in a long silver tube with a pump on the end, which I personally find really handy - it helps me control how much product I want to dispense a lot more easily. I've seen many photos online of well-loved tubes of this stuff with the silver all rubbed off, so I totally expect that to happen to mine eventually, which is a bit annoying! 

This comes in 12 shades, which isn't great but I suppose it also isn't terrible for a light-coverage product. I believe this was expanded recently from the original range though, as I initially didn't have anything even close to a match! Medium Tan isn't perfect on me - I'd have preferred it to have a bit more of a warm / yellow undertone to it, but it is what it is; I'm very picky about wanting my base to match my skin pretty much perfectly and I feel like I can comfortably wear this. I guess because it isn't super full-coverage, maybe it bothers me a little less. 

The level of coverage you get with this product is surprisingly good! CC Creams often don't have the most coverage ever but this one is very easy to build up into a good medium coverage. It has a radiant but non-greasy finish, which is exactly what I like! It makes my skin look glowing and healthy without adding any surface shine. It's pretty much exactly what I'm looking for when it comes to a base to wear to work on a day-to-day basis. 

As far as longevity goes; it's pretty good too. I do feel like I need to powder my t-zone after lunchtime, as a bit of shine starts to creep through, however I don't find that it breaks up in those areas. If I had to criticise this product for something, it would be that it can settle into fine lines a little as the day goes on and emphasise their appearance, which is odd given that this is often advertised towards those with more mature skin. Overall, however, I can rely on this product to still look pretty good by the end of my normal work day and it can get me through an evening out too!

In terms of ingredients and added extras - this contains broad spectrum SPF50, which is pretty impressive for this type of product. As hopefully most of us know, you almost never apply enough of a base product to get the full protection it claims to have, because most of us don't want to cake our faces in foundation! However for this time of year, it's enough protection for me personally. It does also mean you could get flashback, but to be honest I bought this for everyday wear and it's extremely unlikely I'm going to be having flash photography done of me during a day at the office! It contains collagen and hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate the skin, peptides for renewal, antioxidants to protect the skin and niacin to reduce redness and inflammation. It also claims to colour-correct - whilst I don't have a huge issue in terms of discolouration, I do appreciate how even and flawless this makes my skin look. 

All in all - I really like this product and if you're looking for something to wear every single day and, like me, you don't tend to wear a proper foundation to work; it's a really great option!

Have you tried / would you try the IT Cosmetics CC Cream?

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