I'm a huge fan of Zoeva's themed collections - they play around with different colour stories whilst still being very affordable. They recently released the golden Ancient Greek inspired Heritage collection and I have it here for you today to review and swatch!


First up we have the Heritage Eye Crayons* | £9.50 each. I absolutely love cream eyeshadows and I find crayon ones like these so handy for busy weekday mornings, plus the point means you can also use them as eyeliners. I really like this formula! It has that creaminess that allows you to blend it out on the eyes (for my lids; I just use my fingers) - I personally don't find that this formula sets down too quickly, which is a big plus for me. These dry to a smudge-proof finish and even after a long day I don't notice creasing or any significant fading! The finish of these is really nice too; it's a sort of soft, metallic sheen.

These come in a number of shades; all of which are on the more natural and wearable side. Mythology is your sort of mauve colour which reminds me a lot of the cult favourite Misty Rock from By Terry. Typology is a warm brown-bronze. Phonology is a very warm orange-toned gold. Finally we have Morphology, which is a sort of antique red with brown undertones. Overall I really like every single shade in the range - they're all very 'me' and I'm getting a lot of use out of them!


Onto what is usually the product people are most excited about in these collections: the palette. Here I have the Heritage Eyeshadow Palette* | £17.50. It's no secret that I love Zoeva eyeshadows palettes already have a significant collection of them. I was actually hesitant over whether I should review this or pass it on, because a lot of the neutral colours aren't that unique in my collection, however I decided to give it a go and I've ended up reaching for it so much! I find this formula consistent with my other Zoeva palettes with a few small differences. I really like these mattes; they're what I expect from Zoeva, which is a pigmented, easy to blend, very smooth formula. We have several standard shimmers (which have a lovely smooth consistency) but then two more 'glitzy' shades, which are a little like the ones from their Christmas palette, so I guess it's a new finish they're now going to be including. They last reasonably well on me, though I do notice some fading and muddying right towards the end of my normal working day.

In terms of the colour story; it's a bit of a twist on neutrals - you have your warm-toned gold shimmer, camel-coloured matte and deeper more charcoal and chocolate shades, but you also get a more glittery silver-bronze, a smooth cranberry shimmer, a glittery rich royal blue and that lovely muted cranberry matte. Just based on the eyeshadow palettes I already have in my collection - I'm not sure I'd have picked this up myself, however if this colour story speaks to you, I do really like the quality of this palette.


The Heritage Highlighter in Metallurgy* | £10.50 | is Zoeva's first single highlighter. I actually really appreciate that they released something so versatile - this is beautiful as a highlighter on deeper skin tones but can be worn as a blusher if you're fair or a topper if you're somewhere in the middle. I personally use this as a topper and love the soft, sheeny, glitter-free formula. It just catches the light and looks gorgeous. I think this warm rosy colour is stunning too and really works with the copper-toned makeup looks I've been going for a lot lately.

Do you have your eye on anything from this collection?

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