It's no secret that I love Zoeva and their special collections - for Autumn / Winter 2018 they've launched a jazz and showbiz-inspired selection of products. Think opulent shades and warm tones! I have it here to review and swatch for you today, so if you had your eye on any of these bits; keep on reading...

Premiere Eyeshadow Palette* | £17.50 | Ok, let's start with the palette! What's really interesting about this colour selection is that the top row is very much warm-toned and the bottom row is more mauve-y, however you can dip into both for a single makeup look and it works beautifully! You have some lovely metallic shades in here: the warm orange Devoted to the Art, Artistic Ethic is a lovely wearable red, a green-olive colour - Theatrical Mise en Scene and the antique gold of the Show is Over. I personally would swap out the cream matte shade of Melodious Singer (I never use these!) for a champagne inner-corner highlight, but that's just me... On the bottom row we have our mattes: Magisterial Vibrato (a neutral-to-cool mid-toned brown), Fourth Wall (the medium mauve) and Greatest Era (a deep warm plummy colour). There are also two purple shimmers - Lost Footage (a deep purple) and Say Goodbye (a purple-blue duochrome colour). I love this range of colours and think so many others would too!

I find Zoeva's quality to be fairly consistent across their palettes and there were no surprises with Premiere. I really can't fault the mattes in here; they're pigmented without being difficult to work with (even the dark shade - Greatest Era) and blend out so nicely. I really like these metallics too - they're pigmented and give that glamorous look that really works with the theme. I think the colours are beautiful without being outlandish and the formula makes this pretty much foolproof! I find the wear-time of these shadows to be fairly average - they're not the best in my collection in that respect but they'll still look pretty decent by the end of a standard work day.

Premiere Blush Palette* | £12.50 | This beautiful selection of warm, rich shades called my name the moment I saw it! The shade Fame and Fortune is unlike anything else in my collection - it's a sort of rosy pinky-purple with an icy blue tint to it. I absolutely love how this subtle but unusual blusher looks on my skin. 1929 is a beautiful, warm, rich gold highlighter with a metallic sheen that looks so striking once applied. There's also a matte blusher in here - Curtain Call, which is a warm poppy tone. Unlike many brighter blusher shades I've tried, it blends out evenly and isn't so pigmented that it's too much. It wears really well on my skin, as does Fame and Fortune.

Premier Lip Crayons in Acoustic Feeling, Theatrical Extravaganza and Extreme Costumes* | £9.50 each | I really like this formula! It's matte-finish but has a silky, non-drying texture that lasts really well on me. It's comfortable to wear and has really great opacity too. Acoustic Feeling a what I'd describe as a 'vivid neutral' because it's sort of a muted but vibrant peach - I really like this colour as it brightens the complexion but is still work-appropriate. Theatrical Extravaganza is a shade I do like - it's a vibrant deep orange colour - but it does have a bit of a golden sheen to it, which I'm not so wild about. The cherry red of Extreme Costumes isn't really my thing but I get why it was included in this collection.

Premiere 228 Luxe Crease Brush* | £8.50 | The Premiere brushes aren't actually a set so you can just buy the ones you need individually. I love the matte deep, rich midnight blue handles - I think they're beautiful. I really like this large tapered crease brush for blending out a transition colour. It's made of a natural-synthetic blend like all of the white-haired brushes Zoeva do. It's nice and soft and just makes applying my eyeshadow so easy. I use Zoeva eyeshadow brushes pretty much every single day so really recommend checking them out.

Premiere 134 Luxe Powder Fusion Brush* | £9.50 | This is a small tapered face brush that I personally like for highlighting. The size and shape is really great for the brow bone and it allows you to build the product up, diffusing it on the skin. I do really like this, though I still find myself reaching for their fan brush more often when I'm highlighting.

Premiere 232 Luxe Classic Shader* | £8.50 | I've tried the Smoky Shader from Zoeva before but not this similar eyeshadow brush, which is a little larger and fluffier whilst still being quite flat. It's really great for two uses; placing a darker shade on the outer part of the lid and blending a colour on the lower lash line for a smoky look. I'm using this every single day at the moment!

Premiere 111 Petit Face Finish* | £12.50 | This is another brush I've been reaching for a lot - this one is synthetic and you can use it for bronzer or highlighter but personally I like this as a setting brush. The rounded shape and the flatness of this brush make it great for really pressing the powder in when I set under my eyes and any other places on my face that need it.

The entire collection can be purchased in a bundle for £84 here.

Do you tend to check out Zoeva's themed collections?

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Disclosure - products marked * were sent to me for consideration however all opinions remain my own.


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