Urban Decay Born to Run Collection | Hit or Miss?

I really wasn't expecting to be reviewing this collection but it showed up on my doorstep and I decided to give it a go so I could report back to you! The latest Urban Decay collection consists of the Born to Run Eyeshadow Palette* | £39.50 | and the Born to Run Vice Lipsticks* | £16.50 | which come in three shades - I have 66, which is the more neutral option. However are they worth checking out...?

Concept, collection & packaging

I think the one thing everyone has said about this collection is that they love the theme; and I agree! I love that it's travel-inspired and it's nice to see a brand do something a little different (dreamy wanderlust is definitely a departure from Urban Decay's usual edgy image). From the photos I didn't realise that the palette packaging would be such nice quality - it looked like foam and cardboard in the images I'd seen but it's actually plastic with some weight to it, so it feels sturdy and more expensive, with the front being decorated with travel photos (like the lipstick). There's a nice big mirror in here, plus it's very slimline, making it great for travel (very apt!)

Although I was initially drawn to the theme I decided against buying the eyeshadow palette because although I could definitely see myself using 90% of this palette, I wasn't sure these shades would be adding something new to my collection. There are also about 4-5 shades I didn't feel I'd reach for. I didn't actually realise there were lipsticks in this collection because of the hype around the palette! I'm a massive fan of the Vice lipsticks, so this was a nice surprise for me. 


This product is just like the other Comfort Mattes I have in terms of formula - it's matte-look but opaque, creamy to apply and doesn't dry out my lips. This lasts very well on me too, though the colour being slightly purple-toned does mean it fades a little unevenly. The casing is sturdy and doesn't feel at all cheap - I've had no issues in terms of the others I own, though I do wonder if the print on the tube might fade or scratch over time.

The colour itself is actually quite a cool purple-mauve nude and it doesn't really suit me. If it speaks to you; this is one of my favourite formulas so I'd recommend picking this up. However for me personally, it just doesn't look right.

Eyeshadow palette

I've tried all of the shades in this palette that I plan on using (we'll go into more depth later) and it's really reminded me how great Urban Decay eyeshadows are! I think this formula is a classic for a reason and my old Naked palette is more of a nostalgia product than something I'd actually use now, as it's getting on a bit... What I love is how easy they are to use - you get the full pigment with one swipe, they're easy to pick up with my brush and blend out easily. I particularly love the mattes because of how creamy and smooth they are - even the more colourful tones which can be hard to nail formula-wise. On the whole the shimmers aren't going to give you that super-dewy foiled look - don't get me wrong; some of them pack a punch (whereas others are softer) but they don't have that slippery-smooth texture. I find these last very well on me without muddying and I can definitely trust that these will look good throughout my typical work day and maybe even into the evening if I'm out for drinks...

I do like the colour story; you have some cool tones, lots of warm shades and a mix of nudes and wearable brighter, more colourful shades. It's great for me as someone who likes to experiment a little with colour but needs something that will work for everyday looks. The reason I chose not to get this was because the shades that really looked like 'me' are ones that I already have in my collection, however I want to put that to one side and review this for people who don't already have similar colours and this palette really appeals to them.

The first shade is Breakaway - this isn't your basic matte cream shade (thankfully!) - it's much smoother and has a sheen so works as a highlight. Stranded is the warm mid-toned gold shimmer I use all over the lid a lot of the time when using this palette. If I have one criticism of this palette, it's that there aren't enough of these sorts of shimmery lid colours. Blaze is a light gold with a gorgeous pinky-peach sheen running through it. I actually use this as an inner-corner highlight as it's unfortunately quite light so doesn't really work so well across the lid on me (though I do sometimes apply it on the inner part of the lid and a deeper shade on the outer portion). Weekender is that functional, necessary neutral light brownish-nude matte that can act as a brow bone highlight if you're deep, a base colour if you're medium or a transition on fair and light skin tones. The pinky-coral matte Still Shot is one of my favourite shades to pop in the crease to add a bit of colour to the look (it also looks so pretty used with Blaze). Riff is a warm mid-toned matte brown that's the natural bedfellow to the typical 'Jasmine' shades in here (Stranded, Smog, Ignite, Accelerate, Double Life, Punk, Baja...) Good as Gone is an interesting shade I tend to use on the lower lash line (I never usually to put black there, as it looks quite harsh on me, so I like having a similar alternative that's a little softer). It's a sort of deep brown-purple with a soft sheen. 

Sorry for getting the next two swatches the wrong way round on my labelling above! We have a deep-ish pinky purple matte in Hell Ride - you can use this on the outer crease but I tend to run it along the lower lash line (it actually looks gorgeous with some of my more typical warm nudes to add a bit of colour). I always love a deep orange matte and Baja gives me that in this palette. Accelerate is a warm orange-red shimmer that I like to use on the outer lid, paired with something like Stranded. I haven't really reached much for Guilt Trip, as I prefer my purples to be a bit richer and warmer-toned, however I think this deep purple shimmer could work to smoke out the lower lash line. Ignite is a gorgeous copper shimmer I like across the lid. Smog is a colour I have in eyeliner form and, given that my Naked palette is well past its prime, it's nice to have this eyeshadow back in my life - it's a sort of bronze / antique gold colour with a slightly olive undertone. I don't want to say that Wanderlust has glitter but it is slightly more shimmery than most of the shades in the palette(but isn't chunky). It's a forest green colour that I've not really figured out how to incorporate successfully into a look yet! 

Wildheart is almost the (slightly more vibrant) shimmer version of Hell Ride - I really like this purple because it works well with the warm tones in here. Punk is a staple shade for me - a slightly more neutral-toned deep brown matte. It can be blended on the outer part of the crease or used to line your lower lashes. Double Life is a very warm bronze-brown shimmer I like to put on the outer part of the lid. Jet isn't a shade I've ever used as I just don't go for the blacks in palette - it's hard to tell but I think this may have a slight bit of sheen in it because although it's matte-look, it has this extra smoothness to the touch. Drift is on the cooler side of things and I don't think I've ever successfully worn this sort of deep grey-silver shimmer, so I can't really comment on its performance. Radio is a lovely true ocean blue shimmer - I tend to use it on the lower lash line, but if you're into colour, I'm sure you can find a more creative way to wear this shade! Finally we have Big Sky - a shade I've not used because it doesn't really suit me - it's a cool mid-toned blue shimmer.

The verdict

Overall, I'm really happy with the eyeshadow palette! If you don't already have most of these colours or just want to invest in something that's easy to use, high-quality and is going to perform, then I do recommend checking this out. It's also great if you love your warm nudes but want to add a bit of colour to your makeup looks - this ties everything in nicely so you're not stumped on how to incorporate them into your eyeshadow. The lipstick wasn't for me - I live for this formula though, so if this colour does call out to you then it's worth a look. I'm calling this collection a hit on the whole.

Have you tried / will you be trying anything from the Born to Run release?

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