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Every month sees a boatload of new beauty launches but today I wanted to hone in on my top picks of the bunch. We have skincare, haircare, makeup, nail polish, high-end, drugstore, indie and everything in-between, so I hope there's something in here for you!


Gosh Concealer High Coverage* (Shade 4 Natural) | £7.99 | I'm not sure why I haven't heard more about this concealer (maybe it's just the fact it's very new) but it's seriously impressed me! It reminds me a lot of Tarte Shape Tape in that it's full-coverage, non-drying and lasts really well on me - I always set my concealer, but some of them crease a bit anyway, whereas this one doesn't. The coverage is more like medium-full, as opposed to full-full like the Tarte, but it really works for me on an everyday basis and for £8 you really can't complain.

Zoeva Eye See Brush Set* | £49 | I'm a longtime fan of Zoeva brushes - especially for eye makeup - and they recently launched a gorgeous new set along with an eyeshadow palette (the colour scheme of that wasn't really for me). I love the dusky pink and gold colour scheme and these pouches are so handy for travel! The Luxe Crease brush is a large, tapered synthetic-natural mix brush that I like for blending my eyeshadow or applying a transition colour to the crease. The Luxe Petit Crease brush is its more precise sibling, which I like for applying darker colours to the outer part of the crease. The Luxe Soft Shader is a flat brush with a fluffy domed shape which I tend to use for blending in the crease or for packing a colour onto the lid. The Precision Smudger is great for applying a colour across the lower lashline. The Fine Liner brush isn't really one I have a use for, to be honest, however the Winged Liner is great if you use a gel eyeliner formula or eyebrow pomades. Overall, this is a really good starter kit if you need some high-quality eyeshadow brushes but don't really know where to start!

Dose of Colours x iluvsarahii Highlighter in Bathe | £25 | I really wanted to pick up something from this collection - I love the small handful of Dose of Colours products I've tried and this packaging was calling my name! The Desi and Sarah collection never made it over to the UK but I did hear really good things about the highlighter formula, which made me want to pick one of them up. As I said in my highlighter declutter; I don't need any more gold tones so opted for this unusual deep rosy colour. It's definitely different to the other highlighters in my collection and this formula is lovely - it's so smooth and has that wet-look metallic finish that I love!

Ace Beaute Classical Paradise Eyeshadow Palette | $34 | I'd honestly never heard of Ace Beaute before this collection launched and it was splashed all over the usual Instagram accounts I follow for new beauty updates. I'm really into this collection - there are four palettes with different vibes but this is the one that called out to me the most. Although it's the most 'warm neutral' palette of the four, it isn't your typical warm neutral palette! For a start; there aren't actually any browns in here. One of the shades that really appealed to me was the muted olive green - Golden Apple. Then you have a muted yellow and a orange-red matte. I really like the coppery-red shimmer Harvest too. One little niggle I have is that Earth, Clay and Soil are all very similar deep purple-red mattes - Clay has a more pinky tone but the other two look pretty much the same once applied, so I feel like they could've swapped one of them for a deep charcoal brown or something like that. Overall I do really like how these shadows blend and the pigmentation and longevity, but that's not to say it's without its flaws; Earth can be a little patchy to apply and the shade Hay isn't quite as smooth and opaque as I'd like. I do really love this colour scheme, though, and think it'll be amazing for Autumn.


CND Vinylux Nail Polish in Vagabond, Offbeat & Topcoat* | £9.95 each | I've long been a gel manicure advocate, so when CND asked if I wanted to try their weekly polishes, I was definitely interested! These shades are part of a summer 2018 collection and are both really pretty - I have a vibrant pink and a sunny yellow. Whilst these don't last a week for me, they do give me a good 5 days of wear before the edges start to chip on my hands and they last a couple of weeks on my toes. Normal nail polish only lasts a couple of days on me, so this is definitely an improvement! You can also just take off these polishes with normal remover instead of faffing around with foils, which is a bonus.


Niod Modulating Glucosides* | £21 | This is described as an emulsion, so I personally apply it to my skin before using something like a hyaluronic acid serum. It's designed to soothe the skin, reduce redness and tackle inflammation with technology such as bio-active glucosides and a multi-molecular-lipid complex (which includes ceramides and ginger root). I really do like this product and I suspect it will become a firm favourite when autumn-winter comes around again. During the hot weather my skin often got a little red and itchy in certain areas and this helped calm things down. It's not something I need to use every single day but it is something I have on-hand for when I really need it.

Fresh Sugar Coconut Hydrating Lip Balm* | £15 | Fresh recently launched a collection of five dessert-inspired lip balms that are a little richer and a little cheaper than their famous stick formula. These are limited edition, which is a real shame because I love this formulation! It's so moisturising without feeling thick or heavy on the lips and of course it smells divine. I think maybe I need to grab the Caramel edition before these lip balms go...

Kate Somerville Cold Cream Moisturising Cleanser + Makeup Remover* | £41 | I've been a little bit obsessed with this new cleanser from Kate Somerville. It's quite hard to describe how it feels on the skin - it definitely has a nice cooling effect which feels lovely on my skin after a long day or first thing in the morning. It's a lightweight whipped cream cleanser that comes in a pot (which is slightly annoying to me, as I have long nails and don't like using my fingers to get a product out. What I do like about this is how gentle and calming it is - it's amazing at removing my makeup (which a lot of cream cleansers aren't) whilst being soooo gentle on my eyes. It also works as a refreshing morning or second cleanse. I find the formula moisturising but not at all heavy and it contains white honey and a floral complex.

Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturising Cream* | £55 | Ok, so US readers will be wondering what this product is doing in this post, however it's only just launched here in the UK! For years I've been seeing British beauty bloggers picking this up in their American Sephora hauls and now we finally have easy access to this collection. During the time I was testing this, the weather was back to the standard UK summer fare, so I've not had many irritation flare-ups recently but I definitely want to give this a go during winter when my skin can be a little drier and more prone to irritation. This product is well-loved by people with dry, sensitive skin but it still works to provide amazing moisture to my combination skin without clogging up my pores with product or leaving an excess on its surface. It gives me such soft, smooth skin and I actually really love the packaging on this product - it's one with a pump where the product comes out of the centre, so it's really hygienic.

Kate Somerville Goat Milk De-Puffing Eye Balm* | £32 | I've mentioned many times on this blog that, although I do really like some hydration for my eye area, my main concern is my eyes looking puffy and tired. This stick balm is really handy, quick and easy to swipe on without the need to really blend it out. It has a nice moisturising effect and it does the trick in terms of making me look less tired. It's a pricier option but it works for me!


Tangle Teezer Wet Detangler Brush in Millennial Pink* | £11 | I've historically been a fan both of the Wet Brush and the Tangle Teezer for their different uses, however Tangle Teezer has now launched its own wet-use edition. I don't want to be unfaithful to my Wet Brush (I still have a mini version that I travel everywhere with) but I *think* I may actually like this more... It's so satisfying to use, as it smoothly brushes through my hair when it's wet without causing me breakage. I still don't understand how these brushes work, but they do! They never fail to detangle my hair and leave it smooth. I use this before blow-drying.

Percy & Reed Wonder Balm* | £18 (for full size) | Since last year I've been totally converted to these kinds of humidity and moisture combatting hair products. The one I usually use is in a pretty huge spray bottle, so this little squeezy tube is so much more convenient when I'm away from home! You only need a small amount of this balm-gel product and I use it through the lengths and ends of my hair whilst it's still damp, before blow-drying it. Even when I get a little bit caught in the rain, this keeps things looking smooth and frizz-free.


Korres Ginger Lime Shower Gel* | £8 | Korres have released two new scents, as both shower gels and body moisturisers. Personally my favourite of the shower gels in Ginger Lime - I really love their shower gels because they feel luxury and come in so many interesting scents but are at a very reasonable price-point (M&S often have them on offer too). This is a natural shower gel but it still foams nicely and feels moisturising on the skin. This scent is refreshing, exotic and kind of zesty and spicy all at once - it isn't overpowering but does linger nicely on my skin after use. 

Korres Jasmine Bergamot Body Milk* | £10 | Despite my name being Jasmine, I don't always love jasmine-scented products, however this is balanced beautifully with the fruity Bergamot scent. I've tried a few of these body milks and love the formula - it's lightweight, non-slippery but still gives the dry skin on my body enough hydration. It leaves behind a light but noticeable fragrance after use.

Have you discovered any new beauty products recently that are worth sharing?

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