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I first discovered Pestle & Mortar skincare about a year ago and have since had the opportunity to try a few more bits from their range. This is definitely a high-end skincare brand but what I like about their product range is that it's very much an edited-down capsule collection of products. You can pick them up directly, at the Hut Group sites (including Look Fantastic) and now Harvey Nichols. Today I'm going to give you a rundown of the selection I've tried from them (which I think is almost all of their range!) 

Hyaluronic Acid* | £36 | I've actually since used this product up entirely and will definitely pick up a new bottle once I've finished a couple of other HA products I have. This just works! It's functional, it's nothing too expensive and I can't recommend it enough as an everyday serum. It's lightweight, absorbs easily and doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky or tacky. It's vegan, paraben free, cruelty free and fragrance free, so one I'd recommend to anyone. Hyaluronic Acid is amazing at retaining water in the skin, so no matter what your skin type is; if things can sometimes look dehydrated and lacklustre, this will leave your skin looking fresh and healthy without being heavy or rich. In short: I love this product (I very rarely use up serums like that!)

Hydrate* | £38 | This moisturiser has such an interesting texture and doesn't feel quite like anything else I've tried. It comes in very handy, hygienic pump packaging that's pretty satisfying to use too! It includes collagen-boosting peptides, antioxidants and Vitamin E. It's so hydrating and plumping on my skin but dries down to this lovely satin finish. The texture is so light that it's almost lotion-like, meaning it doesn't have leave any excess on the surface of my skin. Overall: this is a winner!

Double Cleansing System* | £62 | or Erase* | £34 & Renew* | £34 | You can buy a smaller version of this duo in a set or purchase the two products individually. Erase is essentially an oil-based cleanser that comes in a pot. You simply massage it in and wipe away with a damp cloth (you actually get one in the set if you buy the Double Cleanse System). I don't have any particular complaints about how the product works - it effectively lifts my makeup (including stubborn black mascara and eyeliner) and doesn't sting my sensitive eyes or leave a film on my skin - I just find the texture a little grainy for my liking. It's one of those products that works and I will use it all up, but probably wouldn't get it again as there are just similar products out there that feel a little more luxurious on my skin for the price point. I personally prefer the Renew - it's a gel-to-oil cleanser that works best on dry skin. It's nourishing but also leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed, with no residue left over on the surface at all. It's also a really lovely morning cleanser and is a bit like a more hydrating version of the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel.

Superstar Retinoid Night Oil* | £63 | This is the product I have the hardest time sharing my thoughts on! If I'd tried this a couple of years back I'd have raved about how life-changing it is, however in 2018 there are a lot of retinol products out that come in at a lower cost, so it's hard not to make comparisons. If you're out of the loop; retinol (AKA Vitamin A) is one of a small handful of proven anti-aging ingredients in skincare and can work wonders if you have acne (however you can't use this if you're on accutane). I've been using over several months and it combines two forms of retinol blended with a grape seed oil base for that extra kick of hydration. I personally haven't experienced peeling with this product, but I have used retinol before so bear in mind that my skin is probably more used to it than most people's would be. I do really like this product; it's hydrating (though does take a little while to 'sink into' my skin) and I definitely get that amazing smoothing effect I want from a retinol-based product. I also find it helps fade and reduce the look of scarring I have from old blemishes. I'm just not quite convinced the effects are above and beyond other products I have to justify the extra spend!

Have you tried Pestle & Mortar skincare?

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Disclosure - products marked * were sent to me for consideration however all opinions remain my own.

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