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It's the end of another month and after the Christmas influx of new products, it's a bit more of an edited selection for February's beauty favourites. I hope you enjoy!

Touch in Sol No Poreblem Primer | £15 | For years I've been buying the kind-of-overpriced Benefit Porefessional and have had to use it on top of a product I preferred in the areas I needed it because it was the only thing that worked and I didn't really like using it on the rest of my face. For ages I've heard Leanne talk about this product but really couldn't justify buying yet another primer, however I actually won this in a giveaway she ran on Instagram! I'm so glad to have discovered this product because not only is it reasonably-priced but it does the job of stopping my base makeup emphasising the appearance of pores and on top of that, it's just a great primer all-round. It's smoothing without having that 'peeling' effect and gives a soft satin finish. It also ensures my makeup applies evenly and lasts. I couldn't be more impressed!

Jouer Powder Highlighter in Skinny Dip | £19 | This is obviously a mini, however the set is no longer available so I've linked the full-sized product. I love the formula - it's gorgeously intense and dewy-looking, giving an incredible highlight whilst being smooth in texture. This is a gorgeous warm golden shade with peachy undertones.

Stila Magnificent Metals Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Jezebel | £23 | I nearly dropped my phone in excitement when I saw that Stila had launched a full range of shimmery liquid eyeshadows. Of course their glitters are a cult classic already but this formula is it's more sheeny, wearable sister. It's still incredibly opaque and really long-wearing (it lasts all day without creasing). It's definitely more subtle but does still have a bit of glitz to the formula. This is a stunning coppery rose gold colour.

Gosh The Ultimate Lip Liner With a Twist in Nougat Crisp* | £6.99 | This is going to be featured in an upcoming affordable beauty post, however this is February Favourites and I've been using this every single day this month so I had to mention it beforehand! I love that it's twist-up so I don't have to sharpen it and it has a creamy formula that's waxy enough to stop the colour bleeding. This is already one of my favourite liners because it goes with all my favourite warm nude lipsticks!

Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Americano | £11 | This has been one of my go-to lip colours for evening makeup looks. It's opaque, doesn't flake and is long-wearing. It gives a matte finish that's nothing too drying and this rich, warm reddish-brown is perfect for me!

Personalised Salon Size Pixi Glow Tonic* | £18 (for standard size) | I'm nearly done with my third bottle of this stuff so I think it's safe to say I love it! Obviously this isn't a new discovery for me this month but I just had to give this amazing personalised salon-sized bottle a special shout-out - I'll definitely be refilling this bottle for the rest of eternity... If you're not familiar with this product it contains 5% glycolic acid, which chemically exfoliates the skin, fading old blemish scars, getting rid of dry patches and giving an instant glow-boost. It's a great entry-level AHA product as it isn't too high of a concentration and it contains soothing ingredients so doesn't feel harsh.

Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial* | £49 | I've pretty much used this every night since it arrived and I'm hooked! It's a really lightweight oil-serum that doesn't leave my skin smothered or shiny. This blend of essential oils smooths and plumps the skin, hydrating it and making it look fresh and radiant.

Peter Thomas Roth  Pumpkin Enzyme Mask* | £55.50 | I'm absolutely obsessed with this face mask - if you're after a product that gives instant, noticeable results then look no further! This is both a chemical and physical exfoliation mask that transforms my skin in minutes. My skin has never felt so smooth and it just gives it a radiant, glowing look. It's definitely not for those with sensitive skin but for me it's an amazing treatment to use once a week.

Dr G Aquasis Water Vital Sleep Mask* | £30 | Skinsider is a website that brings the best of K-Beauty to the UK and I recently got to try this much-hyped overnight mask. I'm going to do a full review on it eventually but so far I'm loving using this! It has a gel texture that absorbs quickly and doesn't leave the skin tacky. It plumps and hydrates as well as soothing any redness, so by morning my skin looks and feels nice and fresh.

eSalon* | from £7 | I recently had the opportunity to try out eSalon -  it's a home hair dye kit with a twist in that your colour is personalised for you. You fill out a short survey on your hair and what you want to achieve from your colour and send a photo of your current hair to the team. They then formulate exactly what you want and your kit shows up a week or two later. I went for a reddish mahogany - so it was a subtle change to make my hair look warmer and richer. It comes with really handy instructions and everything you need. I was seriously impressed that my hair didn't feel damaged or overly dry after using it (often my concern when colouring my hair) and I loved how it came out! The red was subtle but noticeable and looked very natural in its tone. I've been using the Tinted Love Colour Enhancing Treatment in Red* | £13 | to maintain the colour once a week and it's working really well - obviously red fades, however this has helped it stick around for longer than my previous red attempts! I have a few other bits to try from this brand, so I'll let you know how I get on, but so far I'm really impressed with the hair dying process itself.

What have been your favourite beauty products from February?

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  1. The Pumpkin Enzyme mask sounds amazing just from the title alone! I'd love to give it a go.

    Abigail Alice x

  2. The pumpkin mask sounds right up my street, will have to check it out!

    Lotte | www.lottebeautybox.blogspot.co.uk

  3. those stilla liquid eyeshadows are amazing!! the colour is just beautiful! i have just posted my feb beauty faves if you wanted to take a look xx


  4. I totally need a giant bottle of Glow Tonic! That's so cool! Lovely post :)

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  5. Jasmine, can we see a hair before and after?

  6. That lip liner sounds great! I also love how big that bottle of glow tonic is haha


  7. The Stila liquid eyeshadows looks so cool! Definitely want to try those.

    Candice | beautycandyloves.co.za

  8. I keep seeing those Stila liquid eyeshadows, and they look so gorgeous!! I really want to try them! I definitely need the Pixi glow tonic, I have seen it too much, and feel like I am missing out now! xx

    Zoƫ | https://zoe-ware.blogspot.ca

  9. I neeeeeed to try the Pixi glow tonic! I hear people rave about it all the time so I’m gonna have to give it a go! X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

  10. I love the Stila liquid eye shadows they are the best! In Feb my fave product was the KKW Beauty Lip Gloss its so hydrating I love it!

    Sheer Beauty Blog

  11. I really want to try the Touch In sol primer. At the moment I'm using one my Bare Minerals which I really love too x


  12. I never got along with Porefessional as it didn't do anything for my makeup or pores. So I will definitely be trying this one out at some point. I really love the results (and scent) of that PTR mask but I hate the price tag hah! xxx

  13. That's a great roundup of products! A few of my faves here - Glow Tonic, Overnight Facial and No PoreBlem! xx


  14. That Stila swatch though! Gorgeous. So many I need to try out.


  15. The Stila eyeshadow is absolutely gorgeous, and must stay on for ages! I'll have to look them up, it's a great staple to have for quick makeup looks. The Sarah Chapman facial sounds great too, I really need a good overnight treatment to repair my skin at the moment, I just wish it wasn't that expensive haha. Thank you for sharing, lots of good stuff here!

    Julia x
    Last Post: My Favourite Winter Moisturisers | http://juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/2018/02/beauty-winter-moisturisers.html

  16. I have the Jouer highlighter in the shade citrine and I am so impressed with the formula!


  17. I LOVE the Ofra Liquid lips. I have the shade Charmed, and I've actually nearly finished it!

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com

  18. I did pop something on Instagram but it's a pretty subtle change I don't think is that obvious, which is what I wanted really: a bit more warmth, even colour and getting rid of those couple of greys :) x

  19. It's a holy grail product for me! x

  20. I'm in love with it - haven't touched anything else since I got it! x

  21. At least it's a nice bit tub haha x

  22. It is beautiful! Maybe keep an eye out for a Cult Beauty discount code ;) x

  23. I love the look of Skinny Dip! I was a bit under-whelmed with the PTR mask the first time i used it, but perhaps I need to give it a try again!


  24. I use the benefit primer and I'm looking for something new! Definitely will try the 'no pore problem' next since it seems you're looking for the same thing in a primer as I am!



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