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Over the past few months I've made a few beauty discoveries from the drugstore and, given it's January and everyone's bank balance is probably looking a bit worse for wear, I thought now was the perfect time to share these with you.


Superdrug We Love Face Masks in Coconut, Blueberry Jam & Kale* | £4.99 each | Ok, so these all-natural masks lean more towards being 'fun' products than true skincare, but they're pretty cute and left my skin feeling nice, so are definitely worth checking out if you're going to have a pamper night in. The Coconut mask has a really hydrating formula, as well as really coconut shavings in there to gently exfoliate, the Blueberry Jam leaves my skin fresh and cleansed and the Kale is nice and softening. You also get a good few uses out of each pot.

Sukin Purifying Facial Masque* | £10.15 | Oddly, I think I was sent this mask with the incorrect lid on it, because it says 'Purifying' on the side (and the product inside matches the description of that mask!) so just ignore the picture... That aside, once I realised it was a cleansing mask and not supposed to be hydrating, I really enjoyed using it. If you're familiar with high-end masks such as Niod's Flavanone Mud and Aesop's Parsley Seed then this is the perfect alternative for just a tenner! It's a clay mask (kaolin), so does harden on the skin, however it doesn't suck out all the moisture or strip it. It just leaves the skin so fresh, clean and clear after use!

Superdrug Calm Skin De-Stress Balancing Facial Oil* | £2.99 | This facial oil contains Vitamin E and apricot - as the name promises, it's just a nice, gentle overnight option. It isn't anything too greasy or slippery and doesn't sit on top of the surface of the skin. The fast-absorbing formula is suitable for most skin types in need of a bit of extra hydration during the winter months. It smooths and plumps the skin, as well as getting rid of dry patches.

Superdrug Calm Skin De-Stress Refreshing Facial Spritz* | £2.99 | This product is packed full of some really amazing ingredients for its price-point! I haven't really come across skincare at the drugstore that contains niacinamide and this also has hyaluronic acid and chamomile. The combination soothes redness, plumps the skin and adds some light moisture without the stickiness. My only negative is that the spray is so heavy and direct! I recommend spraying this onto a cotton wool pad and applying it like a toner instead of misting it, because otherwise it's just too much. 

Superdrug Calm Skin Hydrating 2-in-1 Serum & Moisturiser* | £2.99 | This is the winner from the Calm Skin collection for me! If you're oilier, then this will do the job as an all-in-one for you, however on dry skin I think it's best used as a serum. It has a lovely, lightweight gel-cream formula that absorbs easily without any tackiness. It really calms the skin and makes it feel soft and look healthy.

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre* | £13 | I know this is on the higher end of the drugstore, however I love this product so had to sneak it in here! This is a product that can be use as a moisturiser, primer or night cream (or all three when you're travelling). It's a lightweight whipped cream that smooths and hydrates my skin without being at all heavy or greasy. It gets rid of any dry patches and just ensures my skin looks fresh and healthy.


B Souffle Face Primer* | £9.99 | I'm not sure why this product doesn't get more hype because it really is a great budget find! It has a lovely smoothing effect and really helps the appearance of pores. It gives the skin a soft satin finish and ensures foundation applies smoothly and evenly over it.

Cyo Turn on the Light Illuminating Mixing Cream in Into the Shadows | £6 | Apologies - the name of the shade is actually Into the Shadows and the product is Turn on the Light. I'd never heard of this brand before but noticed it was featured on Boots so added this product to my cart. I've never tried a liquid highlighting product specifically meant for mixing in with your base and I've not come across such a natural one from the drugstore. It has a cream-like formula and the golden sheen it gives is so natural and pearly. It gives your skin a natural glow and just makes it look fresh and healthy.

Elf Baked Highlighter in Apricot Glow | £5 | This is a slightly older product in my collection than some of the others in this post, however it's just so good I had to give it a shout out. These highlighters do have a little bit of an overspray, however once you get past that the formula has a lovely soft, smooth texture. It sits naturally on the skin and gives an amazing highlight. This colour is a warm golden peach - I couldn't find it on the Superdrug website but they do stock this collection.

Maybelline Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter | £7.99 | I was a bit surprised by this product -  I expected it to be quite an intense highlight from seeing US beauty gurus use it, however it's actually a very soft, subtle formula. It actually wouldn't surprise me if they changed the formula, as Maybelline love to make pointless changes when releasing products in different locations! However ignoring that, it is a nice product in its own right; it's nothing glittery, this bronzed gold colour just adds a natural bit of warmth and glow to the skin.

Natural Collection Powder Blusher in Peach Melba | £1.99 | I am SO glad that Natural Collection have re-lauched their eyeshadow and blusher singles in packaging that isn't cheap and annoying at no extra cost! I actually think this colour might be slightly lighter than the original Peach Melba I had, however it's still a natural, muted pinky-peach in a soft matte formula. It's a great everyday option and isn't chalky or patchy in the slightest.

Natural Collection Mono Eyeshadows in Milk Chocolate & Crushed Walnut | £1.99 each | Luckily the matte eyeshadows remain unaltered, otherwise we may have had a problem! This is such a lovely, easy-to-use formula; it blends out effortlessly and smoothly. The pigmentation is spot on - nothing too intense but still definitely there. Milk Chocolate is a taupe-brown and crushed walnut is a dark cool brown.

Real Techniques MultiTech Brushes in Large and Extra Large | £11.99 & £13.49 | I use these brushes every single day and they've totally replaced my other (admittedly still Real Techniques!) cheek brushes. They're both tapered synthetic brushes that apply product so evenly to the skin. The Large is perfect for blusher and the Extra Large is amazing with bronzer.


Hask Monoi Coconut Oil Nourishing Shampoo* | £6.99 | This is a lovely shampoo if you have dry or damaged hair. Shampoo is a process that can strip the hair however it's obviously an essential in your haircare routine - this option still cleanses but just leaves my hair soft and healthy.

Hask Keratin Protein Smoothing Deep Conditioner* | £6.99 | I was recently sent a ton of products from Hask and I'm still kind of making my way through them, however this instantly stood out as a winner. It's one of my favourite haircare products at the moment - it's a miracle-worker and the fact it comes in at under a tenner is just a bonus! It has this amazing smoothing, nourishing effect and leaves my hair looking so silky and healthy.

Maui Moisture Revive & Hydrate Shea Butter Conditioner | £8.99 | Before I discovered the Hask conditioner, this was my go-to, and it still has a place in my collection. This is more of an intensely nourishing product for damaged hair to make it look and feel healthier. It isn't anything overly heavy or greasy, which is why I love it.

Hask Kalahari Melon Oil* | £2.49 | I didn't actually realise when I started using this that it was meant for coloured hair, so I was already enjoying it but I have since dyed it. These oils aren't greasy or sticky in the slightest and this just really helps keep things nice and nourished.


Kind Natured Ultra Gentle Oatmeal & Aloe Body Wash* | £4.99 | This is a really great product for the winter months because it's nice and foaming but, true to its name, it doesn't strip sensitive skin and helps it stay soft and moisturised. It contains 97% natural ingredients and has a soft, pleasant fragrance.

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Milk* | £10 | This has been a bit of a rediscovery for me because it was a favourite of mine a couple of years back. The fragrance is lush! It contains almond, brown sugar and oats, which are all perfect scents for this time of year. The lotion comes in handy pump packaging and has a lightweight but really nourishing texture.

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Peanut Butter | £3.99 | Although I'm a bit of a convert to gel manicures, if you're looking for a similar look at home, I LOVE this collection from Barry M. I've tried much more expensive nail polishes that don't last as long and aren't as opaque as this! Peanut Butter is a gorgeous warm pinky-brown nude.

Which products have you picked up from the drugstore lately and fallen for?

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  1. That ELF highlighter looks absolutely stunning!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. i love the maui moisture mask so I must check that Hask one. I love the sound of that superdrug face mist, superdrugs own range has some really good products. xx


  3. Love this post! I've used the ELF highlighters before, they're so lovely! <3

    Charlotte | https://charlotteidek.com

  4. I've really enjoyed those Superdrug masks this month too 👌

    Gillian xx Eyelinerflicks.com

  5. oooohhh I love the sound of the Hask products, thank you for sharing!

  6. I think you're right, Peach Melba does look a little lighter than the original! Still very pretty though. I keep meaning to upgrade mine but its never it stock when I look. I saw a Chanel polish really similar to the Barry M one the other day that I was eyeing up, now I know this cheaper one exists I'll be going for that one! Xx

  7. I really need this right now! I have barely any money, but always love finding new products! Definitely going to check out the Elf bits, and I use to love some of the Natural Collection things in the UK, but they don't have Natural Collection here in Canada! Loved this post, and lots of new things for me to have a look for! xx


  8. So many recommendations! I can't wait to try some of these :)

    Fatima x www.fatimawrites.co.uk

  9. I have been eyeing Soap and Glory. I might try something form that line.


  10. There’s loads of products in your post id love to try now. Always looking for ideas. It’s funny about the Sukin mask because I had exactly the sameness problem. I rough I as bought 1 purifying mask and 1 hydrating. But I ended up with two purifying. I’ll still use them
    But I was a little disappointed I didn’t have the hydrating one to try. I thought maybe someone had changed the lids, but maybe not. X

  11. Maybelline Master Chrome is not very intense on me too but I do use a fan brush and apply softly. I need to use it again, I love it but currently am trying to show love to my Physician Formula highlighters.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  12. Smoothie Star is one of my all time favourite scents - if I could smell like it all the time,I probably would!

  13. I always forget that Superdrug stocks Elf products. That highlighter looks beautiful as well. I will be checking out that Superdrug Calm range. The mist sounds lovely xxx

  14. I am absolutely nuts for drugstore makeup. I feel like over the years they have especially upped their game! That B souffle primer sounds especially awesome. I have been loving brands like maybelline, Makeup revolution (which I am OVER DUE for making another order), colour pop, Bourjois, Physician's formula and just so many other brands. There are so many incredible products in the drugstore. Such a great post as always Jasmine! x


  15. Real Techniques Brushes are my go-to, I'm not one for spending a lot of money on brushes so this brand is right up my alley because the quality is great for the price that you pay. Barry M nail polishes are a great staple too, I used to buy so many shades - Peanut Butter is super pretty!

    Julia x

  16. I haven't tried any of the Real Technique Multi-Tech brushes yet, but I think i'll be picking some up! Though I have loads of brushes in my collection I do always find myself reaching for Real Techniques over most of my Zoeva/Sigma/Morphe brushes! I love the Barry M Gelly collection - I have sooo many nail polishes though, I really need to condense my collection!

    Amy | New In Beauty (formerly The Beauty Post)

  17. PS. I've been reading your blog for years (since I had The Beauty Post in 2015/16) and though I've taken a huge extended break away from blogging I've still been silently following your posts and your blog is still as great as ever! Congratulations on the huge success you've had - you deserve it!

    Amy | New In Beauty

  18. I haven't used Natural collection in years, and I really think I need to go back to them! One of the first brands I ever tried and always loved it, for the price I need to try peach melba again!


  19. The Barry M Gelly Paint sounds amazing and the shade Peanut Butter right up my street. I love to shop in the drugstore so it is so great to hear some new tried and tested favourites. I will also definitely be trying out the B Souffle Primer as I have been looking for a good, new primer & this sounds like just what I am after.

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

  20. I might have to give the Superdrug Calm Skin products a try! I like some of their Vitamin E stuff, so would be nice to try more of their other lines.

  21. There are so many new drugstore items that I really want to try out. I really want to try out more drugstore products this year!

    Danielle xx

  22. I had an ELF Baked Highlighter before and I loved it! xx

    Maiya | http://www.maiyabellexo.co.uk

  23. That Elf Golden Apricot looks so good!


  24. Their colour range in that formula used to be insane! x

  25. It's well worth checking out :) x

  26. Thank you so much Amy :) good to see you back! x

  27. How strange - something must be wrong at the brand's end! x

  28. Barry M have such an amazing range of shades and I really do love their formula :) x

  29. The Hask conditioner is amazing - can't rave about it enough! x


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