My Brush-Free Makeup Routine

I've seen quite a few tutorials on YouTube around how to do your makeup without any brushes, so I thought I'd share my routine with you (the only tools you'll need are a beauty sponge and probably a makeup wipe or 2...) I like doing something like this when I'm away for the weekend (and carrying a load of brushes takes up valuable makeup and clothing space) or if I'm just having a bit of a low-key day and can't be bothered messing around choosing the right brushes for the job!

I always, always prep my skin before applying makeup and I love the Too Faced Hangover Primer | £27. It's lightweight but nourishing, evening out any dry patches without leaving my skin feeling greasy or looking shiny. When I'm going brush-free, the Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser (St. Moritz) | £30 | review | is always my #1 choice. It gives a fresh, radiant, 'your skin but better' look. Whilst having good coverage and fixing any uneven tone, it just sits on the skin in a way that's so natural. It's also really long-wearing for this type of product on my skin. I never really use a brush with this product and it's one you can definitely get a great finish with using your fingers, making it really quick and easy to apply. Or, if you don't like the mess, then use a BeautyBlender* | £16. I know this is pricey for a sponge and I used to think it was kind of overrated, however I've found myself repurchasing it over and over again because the dupes just don't have that perfect squishiness to them that the original does. I use it slightly damp and it's such an amazing multipurpose tool that you can use it for just about every step in this routine.

The Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer (Ginger) | £24 | is my favourite concealer right now and one of the reasons I reach for it so much is because it's really quick and easy to apply with your fingers. This warms the product nicely, allowing it to apply smoothly to the skin with minimal effort. It works both on blemishes and under the eyes and has amazing coverage whilst also looking very natural. It isn't super matte, however does last very well. Powder is a trickier product to go brush-free on, however I really like using the Ben Nye Luxury Powder Dome Jar* (Banana) | £13.50 | with a damp BeautyBlender to set under my eyes and any problem areas (like around the nose). You only need a tiny amount but it's finely-milled and really ensures my makeup stays in place and prevents any creasing under the eyes. Using the sponge really helps to push this product into the skin.

In terms of cheeks, I've really been loving liquid and cream products recently and these are really easy to apply with your fingers or a BeautyBlender. For highlighter, I've been opting for the Fenty Beauty Matchstix Shimmer Skinstick in Rum | £21. This is a gorgeous golden bronze shade in an almost cream-to-matte formula that gives a gorgeous metallic sheen. I just apply this with my fingers as it just adds some warmth to the product, meaning it blends out nicely. The Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Sunset* | £34 | is the first liquid bronzer I've ever tried and I'm obsessed! It's pigmented, so you only really need one drop on the back of your hand. I use my fingers to dab this onto my skin and then blend out with the sponge. This has a matte-look finish but is also slightly luminous. I've gives such a natural finish and is really easy to work with. I apply blusher as my last cheek product and one of my favourites right now is the Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk | £15. This sits somewhere in-between a liquid and a cream. Again, it has so much pigment that you don't need to go wild squeezing loads of product out. I just dab this on with my fingers and it gives a gorgeous wash of colour. It's not greasy and lasts well on me. It's a muted brown-peach nude shade that doesn't contain any shimmer. As a bit of a tip: using the same damp BeautyBlender as for your foundation can also tone down the look of your cream cheek products if you've applied too much or just want to bring it back a little bit.

Unsurprisingly (given the amount of times I reference this product!) my eyeshadow pick is the By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Bronze Moon | £29. The crayon means you can use this as an eyeshadow but you can also take it across the lower lash line. It has such a beautiful texture that it glides right on with opaque pigmentation. You get a decent amount of time to work with this before it sets (and becomes budge-proof), so I blend out the edges with my fingers (which takes all of 2 seconds). It's a stunning bronze shade with a dewy, metallic finish that looks incredibly dimensional. I then use the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion | £15.50 | to tight-line. Using this matte black liner just thickens out the appearance of your lashes and adds definition in the most subtle way. This is a long-wearing formula that doesn't transfer throughout the day too. I finish up with the L'Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara | £11.99. This is so nice and volumising but not at all clumpy and still gives a nice amount of lift and length. I don't suffer with smudging or flaking when I use this mascara and it works both for the day and night.

On the brows, I opt for the quick and easy NYX Micro Brow Pencil (Espresso) | £8. The fine pencil just twists up and you can draw in each individual hair. I really like this because it's waxy enough to be subtle and long-wearing but at the same time I has a decent level of pigment. The spooly on the other end is great for brushing the product out through your brows to soften the look. For lips, I like to use the ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip in Echo Park | $6. It's just a pretty, natural peachy-brown nude shade that goes with most of my makeup looks. I'm a huge fan of this formula because it has the longevity of a liquid lipstick, however the not-quite-matte finish makes it really comfortable to wear. Finally, a spritz of the Rimmel Insta Fix & Go Setting Mist* | £6.99 | just ensures everything looks seamless, blended and fresh. 

Which products do you use when you want a brush-free makeup routine?

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  1. I need to try the liquid bronzer from Cover Fx - I think I'd love it! I must try doing a full face without brushes & see how I get on! xx


  2. I love how multipurpose beauty sponges are - they come in handy for so many things.

    I can't wait for Glossier's international launch so I can try out the Cloud Paints. Dusk looks like the perfect everyday blush shade.

    Pumpkin Lemonade

  3. Bronze Moon looks like the most beautiful shade - I'm going to add it to my birthday wish list!

    Sara - Flemingo

  4. I need to start using liquids and creams more (besides concealer and foundation), it would make my makeup routine so much easier - even though I think cream products don't last well on my skin. I just bought the NYX Micro Brow Pencil based on your recommendation on your Amazing Beauty Dupes post! Will tell you if I like it when I try it xx

    Carolina's Makeup Life

    1. They looks so natural on the skin! Hope you enjoy the brow pencil :) xx

  5. I really want to try the Glossier cloud paints they seem so easy to use and such gorgeous colours! I definitely want to give this no brush makeup routine a try, although like you said, not sure I could get away with no sponge so would have to use that! xx


  6. I don't know if I could live without my makeup brushes they help me so much as I have such spotty skin. I have been wanting to try the Too Faced hangover primer for such a long time it sounds perfect

    CharlotteSamantha // www.charlottesamantha.co.uk

    1. It's so nice for a smooth, hydrated base for foundation :) xx

  7. I really need to try the Hangover Rx primer, it sounds like something I would love! I also reach for the Cloud Paint when I'm doing an easy makeup look x


  8. Love how the Glossier cloud paint in dusk looks, it's been a product that I've been wanting to try for a while. I'm not sure how I feel about cream blushes, but it looks like a really interesting formula.

    Perfect Shade of Mauve

  9. I hate travelling with brushes because they fget to dirty and out of shape! I really enjoyed reading this, and great photos!


  10. Love these products! The NARS tinted moisturizer is one of my favourite products of them! :) xx

  11. I agree, the Beauty Blender is just the best, no other sponges cat to its level :) I can do my whole base with BB but I will need at least one brush for my eyes and one for my cheeks as I don't really like using cream blushes and bronzers :) x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

  12. Love the Glossier Cloud Paint in pink! I use it every day over my bronzer to give me that extra punch of color.

    1. Yeah it just adds that little bit of colour :) xx

  13. Never thought of doing a brush fee makeup routine, but will defiantly give this a try as my makeup brushes always seem to take up the most space in my makeup bag.

  14. I love the NYX Micro Brow Pencil, and a Colourpop lippie can never go wrong! I am yet to get Echo though, it looks stunning!


  15. I love quick and easy products like these, they are perfect for when I'm in a hurry in a morning!

    Danielle xx

  16. i love using milk makeup's sunshine skin tint, glossier cloud paint, and haloscope! those are probably my go to's


  17. I love the By Terry Ombre Blackstar range - so easy to use and Bronze Moon is by far my fav x


  18. Cream products are definitely the way to go without brushes! Ahh you used a sponge with the powder, i was intrigued in by how you would do it haha xx


  19. Love the idea of this post!



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