A Guide to Deciem Brands & the Products to Try

I honestly can't believe that this time last year, I don't think I'd tried a single thing from Deciem! Fast-forward 12 months or so and I couldn't imagine my beauty routine without their products. Today I'm taking you through the brands under their umbrella and my favourites from each.

I've kept it to (at most) my top 5 from each brand and there are one or two I haven't used anything from yet. They range from haircare to beauty supplements but largely focus on skincare.

Hair is Fabric

The concept behind this brand is that you should treat your hair like fabric and care for it as such! I know that I'd like to think of my hair as fancy French silk, not cheap polyester... Their range is essentially made up of shampoo-conditioners, so don't work in the same way as traditional haircare products. Each product is geared towards a different hair type or concern.

Hydration Support Cleansing Conditioner | £25 (180ml) | This is the one that works for my hair type. It comes out as a sort of gel formula; I apply this to wet hair, leave for several minutes and rinse. Your hair won't have that super-silky feeling immediately after use like with a traditional conditioner, but bear with it. By the time I dry my hair, it's softer, smoother and so much more hydrated. The 2-in-1 nature of this product also makes it so handy for rushed weekday mornings. I love this product so much that I purchased this gigantic salon size  after using up the regular tube (which I've linked as I can't find my 100ml bottle online any more). My mum used some of mine and immediately ordered it, my friend borrowed it when she stayed at mine and immediately asked me to send her the link to where she could find it... You really can't argue with that!


I think that this was one of the earliest Deciem brands and it focuses on skincare. The packaging is pretty 'no-frills' and the fuss-free products do what they say on the tin. Out of all of the Deciem skincare brands, I think it's the easiest to navigate and the price-point is comfortably in the middle.

Booster Glow | £20 | This is a fab little serum that I use in the morning, when my skin is looking a bit dull, grey and tired! It's packed full of natural tanning agents and ingredients to even out the skin tone. It's perfect when things are a bit lacklustre to bring some colour and healthiness into your complexion.

Hydra-Density Mist* | £15 | This has been my everyday face mist on and off for most of this year when I haven't been trying new products, and there's actually a fair amount of it left! It's just a simple, fragrance-free mist that's light and hydrating on the skin. It's like a splash of cold water that really goes into the skin and gives it lasting moisture. It's also nice and soothing if your skin is feeling sensitive or irritated.

Matte 12 Primer* | £23 | I accidentally missed this out of my shot, however it's one of my most-used products out of all these across the entire collection of brands. I'm actually almost out of it because it's my everyday primer in the summer. It has a gel formula but isn't anything messy or slippery, nor is it dry. It really helps to keep my makeup in place and to stop the shine setting in on hot summer days.

Photography Foundation in Golden Tan* | £19 | I wouldn't really use this as a foundation on its own, however it's really nice mixed in with a moisturiser or foundation. You don't need to apply much but it just warms things up and gives the skin a healthy glow. This shade is pretty spot-on for me and it comes out like molten gold! There's no glitter at all so it looks incredibly natural.

The Ordinary

The brand that everyone's talking about! The Ordinary strips skincare back to only active, proven ingredients (which can be a bit of a minefield if you don't know your stuff already!) and sells these products at incredibly low prices. They've since ventured into makeup and base products too. I've tried soooo many things from the range that it was tricky to choose but I've managed to whittle it down.

Advanced Retinoid 2% | £8 | This is such a game-changer and the product that opened my eyes to the wonders of retinol. It comes in an opaque jar with a dropper applicator and the consistency is milky but lightweight. I use this overnight and it just renews my skin in every way! As well as having anti-aging benefits, it's also amazing if you suffer from pigmentation or uneven skin tone. I've noticed amazing results since I started using this and seriously recommend it - though you may want to start with their 1% formula if you're new to retinol.

Caffeine Solution 5% EGCG | £5.80 | This is a lightweight eye gel that's perfect if you suffer from dark, puffy eyes. It isn't super-nourishing so might not be enough for dry skin, but personally, I just want to look more awake and refreshed and this does it for me!

Salicylic Acid 2% Solution | £3.90 | I often suffer from breakouts and salicylic acid is an ingredient I've tried in several other products, with great results. This concentrated gel formula allows me to just apply it to the affected areas. This can be used under makeup or overnight, and 99% of the time I find that my blemishes have shrunk or totally vanished within 24 hours.

High Spreadability Fluid Primer* | £5.50 | I really need to repurchase this because I'm almost out and it's totally fantastic! It's hard to describe because it's unlike any other primer in my collection; it comes in a bottle with a dropper (which does make it slightly tricky to dispense at times). It doesn't pill up at all and just goes so smoothly onto my skin. The formula is a sort of gel-serum and it helps my makeup last as well as providing a smooth surface for my base. It improves the appearance of my pores and gives my skin a nice, satin finish.

Serum Foundation (2.1Y) | £5.70 | I reviewed both the Ordinary foundations here, however the Serum formula came out on top. It gives a lot more coverage than the name suggests and comes in a wide range of shades with different undertones. It's a lightweight foundation that mimics the natural finish of your skin, so looks incredibly natural and wears pretty well on me. Overall, it's an everyday staple of mine for summer.


This is the high-end Deciem brand for true skincare enthusiasts. However, having said that, I still don't think the prices are unreasonable. When it comes to Niod, if you don't know your ingredients then this brand probably isn't aimed at you, unless you're willing to do a bit of research. It has a high-tech approach to skincare that aims to give results that rival those of cosmetic procedures.

Sanskrit Saponins* | £21 | This cleanser is unlike anything I've ever tried before; it has an almost gel-paste consistency and a very natural but pleasant scent. Although it's a balm cleanser, it isn't intended for removing makeup, so I use it for a second cleanse or in the morning (on dry skin). It feels so luxurious on the skin and is nourishing but not at all greasy and leaves my skin feeling incredibly clean without stripping it.

Flavanone Mud* | £29 | This is just one of those super-intense all-round-amazing face masks! It has a red clay formula (though the pot is a little awkward to get the product out of, as a side-note) that's quite thin so, although it dries down, it doesn't go hard and stiff like a lot of masks I've tried. It gives my skin a seriously deep cleanse, leaving it feeling completely purified. My skin is clearer, brighter and looks fresher and renewed after use. It's perfect when your skin is just looking rubbish overall!

Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex* | £38 (30ml) | I've tried hyaluronic acid serums before but this is just on another level, in a league of its own! It has a very watery consistency and absorbs incredibly well without leaving the skin feeling tacky. It contains a variety of sizes of the molecule, allowing it to penetrate as many layers of the skin as possible. It has an amazing plumping effect on the skin and provides hydration that truly does last, as opposed to sitting on the surface and not really doing much in the long-run.

Copper Amino Isolate 1%* | £60 (30ml) | I've tried few products as transformative as this serum. It comes in two bottles (one of which looks empty but isn't!) so you have to mix them together and it turns an interesting blue colour. Again, it has a very fluid consistency and absorbs really nicely into the skin. This is apparently an amazing anti-aging ingredient but for my still (kind of) young skin, it just has this incredibly renewing effect. Any dehydration is gone, plus my complexion is smoother and more even. My skin looks and feels healthier and over time I do think it's improved the overall quality of my skin in a meaningful and, hopefully, long-lasting way! It is pricey but you can try the 15ml to start with which is £38.

The Chemistry Brand

This mid-priced Deciem brand is focused on body care and several of their cult hand products fall under this umbrella.

Hyaluronic Body Mist* | £17 | I don't have this with me, as I finished it earlier in the summer, however it's such a great multi-tasker. On holiday it really helps to cool the skin and has an amazing refreshing scent. It's water-light and absorbs so nicely into the skin to leave it soft and hydrated.

The other brands

You can check out the rest of the Deciem brands and what they're all about here!

What are your favourite Deciem products?

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  1. I've actually never used any of these before - thanks so much for sharing these products

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. It sounds like I need the NIOD Hyaluronic Complex & the Copper Amino Isolate. Really great post, Jasmine! xx


  3. I really need to try some more products from The Ordinary! I'm using the high spreadability primer at the moment and that's really good and very affordable! (:
    Philippa x

  4. Very helpful post! Didn't know Deciem had so many brands! Definitely need to try some of these.


  5. Fab post Jasmine and very informative, look forward to learning more about their many brands. The Copper Amino Isolate sounds great, but wow so expensive, because I do have quite dehydrated skin. Thank you for sharing, it was so helpful x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  6. I'm yet to try anything from these guys either, but all the good reviews has me really wanting to! Awesome post girl xx.

    Amy // www.thenoiseinwonderland.com

  7. This is so helpful! I recently got into The Ordinary and have really loved the products so far. I was definitely considering venturing into Deciem's other brands. Always lovely to have somebody's advice :)


  8. Loved this post, it's great to hear from someone exactly what each product is designed for. I have tried two products from the brand so far, the Hyaluronic Acid and Buffet, I love them both! So glad I discovered the brand.

    Alice May Snell ♡

  9. I'm a huge fan of the photography foundation and primer. I even wore the photography foundation as a base on my wedding day because it's just light enough to give a glow but not completely mask your skin.

    Mel ★ http://www.meleaglestone.co.uk

  10. I've never even heard of this brand before! Sounds good though, I'll definitely check them out x

    Wonky Lauren

  11. This was such a good post! I must try that conditioner, it sounds brilliant! I didn't really notice the ordinary retinol doing anything to my skin though. I need to try Niod and Hylamide next xx


  12. Thank you for this post! I definitely want to make another order from Deciem, I have been loving The Ordinary Coverage Foundation!

    xx, The Makeup Feed

  13. I am literally seeing the Ordinary everyone!! So so crazy :D

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  14. Such a great breakdown. I am really enjoying the Hylamide HA Blur right now and I've just cracked open their Sub Q Serums for my face and eyes and I have super high hopes. Niod is the one I can't get my head around at all so I find myself steering clear haha! xxx

  15. I've tried a few things from The Ordinary but I'll have to add these to my list - the Retinoid product sounds lovely! It can be tricky to find the right products without any skincare knowledge so this was really helpful x


  16. I'm obsessed with all things The Ordinary. I've only tried the rosehip oil and hylauronic acid but I'm in love with them both. The advanced retinoid and caffeine solutions are next on my list!

    Meghan | The Lipstick Philosopher

  17. I've not tried any of it yet because I have been feeling so overwhelmed by all of it, but I really want the caffeine one, and the Salysilic Acid, they both look like they would suit me really well, and the price is just insanely cheap!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  18. The Ordinary range is one of my favourites! I'm loving their Advanced Retinoid 2% x

    Maiya | http://www.maiyabellexo.co.uk

  19. These are very interesting brands! it's nice to see different and non mainstream brands in your blogs! i love it!! Really need to try the ordinary products they're getting big xox
    Erika Jane | Blissful Wonder

  20. i adore the ordinary. it literally changed my skin and i really want to try niod masks.


  21. I really want to pick up some of the Ordinary products, maybe next payday!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

  22. I've been wearing The Ordinary Serum foundation for a while now and I love it! Received the coverage foundation today so will compare!



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