A Skincare Update | New Additions to my Routine #3

It's time again to give a little update of the skincare products that I've been trying over the past few weeks. I've got a variety of brands, price-points and types of products, so let's dive into it...


The Konjac Sponge with French Red Clay* | £8.99 | The beauty world seems to be abuzz about the Konjac sponge! It's essentially a natural, vegetable-derived sponge and here the added ingredient is French Red Clay, which is designed to regenerate the skin and make it appear more glowing. You just gently rinse it in warm water (which makes it very soft) and add your cleanser of choice. It can be used either to remove makeup (instead of a muslin cloth) or simply with your cleanser on makeup-free skin to give it some added power. It has a very gentle texture but also lightly exfoliates the skin. I've definitely noticed my pores look a little more refined since I started using this sponge. Overall, this is a great alternative to a flannel or cloth, especially if you have sensitive skin or you specifically want to try a natural, vegan product.

Foreo Luna Mini (Fuchsia)* | £119 | I realise that I've talked about this so much this year that a review is almost redundant! However I just wanted to go into a bit more depth on how it works and why I love it so much. This is a silicone cleansing brush with three different textures (some with larger bristles, which are supposed to be better for oilier skin) which is ergonomically curved to sit perfectly against the face. There are 8 different settings, meaning you can decide how fast or slow the vibrations are. It also buzzes to let you when it's time to move on to the next part of your face. I love how gentle this is and how easy it is to clean; you could honestly use it every day and every night if you wanted to (I know I would if I had time!) My skin feels so soft and so incredibly clean whenever I use this; it just gives an incredibly deep cleanse with no irritation. 


Foreo Luna Day & Night Cleanser* | £47 for both in full size (or £25 & £30 individually) | I actually got minis of each of these cleansers in a set with the device, which you can buy here for £119 (so you essentially get to try both the cleansers for free!) These are really handy for travelling, though in all honesty I'm not sure I'd pick them up individually over other cleanser options. Obviously you don't need a specific cleanser to go with your device but I wanted to see how I liked these in their own right. The Day cleanser is cream-based and melts beautifully into the skin, especially when used with the device. This is definitely my favourite of the two because it leaves my skin looking healthy, feeling soft and just overall more hydrated and radiant. If I were to purchase the full size in one of these then it'd be this one. The Night alternative has more of a gel texture and contains some very gentle, naturally-derived exfoliation particles. It does offer a deep cleanse without stripping the skin, but overall I just don't find there's enough about this product to distinguish it from the many other cleansers in my stash.

Ingredients include (Day): probiotics, bergamot and mandarin extract, apricot seed extract
Ingredients include (Night): meteorite powder, moringa extract, sweet almond

Vivderma Balancing Cleansing Cream* | £26 | This is a really great cleanser if you want something that's the perfect balance between being cream based and not to stripping but also slightly foaming, leaving your skin feeling incredibly clean. It has very gentle exfoliating ingredients which remove dead skin cells to reveal a more radiant complexion. I also find it plumps the skin and makes it feel softer and appear more hydrated. It's very gentle, leaving my skin fresh and free of oils but not sucking out any of the moisture, which makes it a great one for combination skin.

Ingredients include: AHAs, amino acids, bioretinol

Pai Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser* | £28 | This has pretty much been my perfect winter cleanser over the past few months to use in the evenings. My skin is definitely in need of hydration when I've gone to work and back in the cold and sat in a heated office all day! After removing my makeup, I've been cleansing with this (often using the Foreo Luna Mini). It's a gentle, lightweight cream-based cleanser, which comes with a handy and hygienic pump. It's really nice and moisturising with a texture that melts beautifully into the skin. It doesn't leave behind a greasy excess but makes my skin feel so hydrated, plus it's incredibly gentle that I'd recommend it as a great option for even very sensitive skin. It does actually work to remove lighter makeup (and you get a good quality face cloth with it) but personally I prefer using this as a second or morning cleanser.

Ingredients include: camellia oil, damask rose otto oil

Insitut Esthederm Osmoclean Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser* | £26.50 (for full size) | I think this is the first time I've come across a deep pore cleanser that's had this sort of a texture (which is definitely a positive from my perspective!) It has a very lightweight, gentle cream texture which, whilst not at all rich, still feels nicely calming and moisturising on my skin. It leaves my face feeling thoroughly cleansed and my complexion looking very clear. During the time I exclusively used this product as my morning cleanser, I didn't suffer from any breakouts, which is pretty unusual for me. Overall, if you have oily or combination skin which is a little drier around this time of year I think you'd really enjoy this cleanser.

Ingredients include: amino acids, algae extract, boldo leaves

Niod Sanskrit Saponins Cleanser* | £21 | I'm a little bit in love with this cleanser at the moment! It's actually quite a hard one to describe, but I'll do my best... It's a kind of paste/balm/cream formulation that glides onto the skin beautifully and actually feels very luxurious. I actually really love the plant-based scent of this but it may not be for everyone. It's incredibly gentle and leaves my skin fresh, oil-free and soft. It's overall a very balancing cleanser on my combination skin - not too rich but not too stripping either, despite giving my skin a really deep cleanse.

Ingredients include: plant saponins, acacia fruit extract, baby's breath root extract

Exfoliators & Toners

Kukui & Jojoba Bead Skin Brightening Exfoliator* | £24 (for full size) | This is a really interesting kind of face scrub because although it contains exfoliating particles (which are natural, not micro beads), the formula they're contained in is definitely oil-based. This is a pretty cool combination because it means that whilst it removes dead skin cells effectively, it doesn't strip the skin at all and the moisture is locked in.

Ingredients include: kukui, jojoba beads

Dermo28 Regolatore PH Balancing Toner* | £40 | This is kind of pricey for a toner, however if you're like me and have combination skin then I think it's worth the splurge! I just wish that for the price the packaging was a little more luxurious and I don't think a pump is necessarily the best way to dispense this sort of product. However that aside, I really do like its contents. I suffer from an oily t-zone whereas the rest of my face (particularly during the winter months) can get really quite dry, which sometimes makes knowing which products to use really quite tricky (I tend to opt for a hydrating base in the winter and just apply plenty of powder to my oily patches and keep it topped up throughout the day). I find this really balances out my skin, removing excess greases without stripping my dry areas; my skin just overall has a smooth, satin finish which is perfect as a base for makeup.

Ingredients include: vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, succinic acid

Institut Esthederm Cellular Water Spray* | £16 (for full size) | In terms of actual skincare benefits, I'm not convinced this would have a lasting effect, however I do find it to be incredibly cooling and calming. I honestly don't know the temperature of this stays so low but it's honestly like a burst of refreshing-ness every time I use it!

Ingredients include: water, citric acid, algae extract

Hylamide Hydra-Density Mist* | £15 | This is pretty much the default facial mist I've been reaching for on the days when I need something that's an all in one. This is so refreshing (which definitely perks me up in the morning) as well as being hydrating. I actually find that it has a nice plumping effect on my skin, which makes my face feel smoother and softer, as well as making it look healthier overall. It's a slightly heavy mist but nothing too over the top and definitely something I can live with.

Ingredients include: green tea, glucuronic acid, pepperberry

Treatments & Masks

Institut Esthederm Lift & Repair Eye Contour Patches* | £47.50 (for 10x sachets) | This is one of those really great 'quick fix' products that had instant effects, albeit with short-term payoff. These are essentially patches soaked in product which you put underneath your eyes for 5 minutes before removing. They have such a cooling feel, which is perfect for tired eyes, and are so soothing and calming on puffiness. I didn't notice a difference to dark circles, probably because I think mine are 90% hyper-pigmentation. However they're great for wanting to look instantly more awake and alert.

Ingredients include: caffeine, escin

Insitut Esthederm Osmoclean Lightening Buffing Mask* | £27.70 | This is a really interesting face mask because it comes out like a cream texture, however it contains a fine grain as well. All you have to do is apply the product, leave it for 5-10 minutes and as you're removing it, massage your fingers over your face to remove dead skin cells. This is a really great mask because as well as exfoliating, the formula itself is nice and moisturising, meaning my skin is left soft and smooth but not at all red or irritated.

Ingredients include: kaolin, algae extract, licorice root

Serums & Moisturisers

Dermo28 Youth Complex* | £90 | Dear lord: this is an expensive product! (I just had to get that out in the open...) So my expectations for this serum were sky-high, naturally. I have essentially been using this as a serum - it has a cream formula but it's very lightweight and absorbs easily into my skin without being heavy or making it feel greasy in the slightest. It is really nice, hydrating and plumping, which my winter skin definitely appreciates! However I do struggle to justify the price-point on this one; it's a good hydrating serum (though perhaps my skin is too young to fully appreciate the benefits), however I've tried other good, hydrating serums that are a lot more affordable.

Ingredients include: hyaluronic acid, panthenol, ectoine

Pai Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream* | £34 (for full size) | Ok, so this isn't one I'd be using in the summer months, however over the past few weeks I've really liked it! It's not too heavy but is fairly rich on the skin and intensely moisturising. It absorbs nicely without making my face shiny or smothering my skin in thick product. It's really calming and soothing, even on those cold days when my skin was red and sore. 

Ingredients include: omega 3, chamomile extract, rosehip extract

Have you tried any new skincare products recently?

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Disclosure - products marked * were sent to me for consideration however all opinions remain my own. 

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  1. I have been really liking the Nautrogena Hydro boost products

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I used konjac sponge before, but it didn't really impress me, maybe I should give it a second chance :) Hydra-density mist sounds good, due to the cold weather, my skin needs hydration and lately nothing seems to work *added to wishlist* x

    Ela BellaWorld

  3. I've been looking for some new additions to my skincare routine for a while now and all of these bits sound amazing! Will have to try some for myself. X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

  4. Dorota recommended using the Konjac sponge to me a few months ago but I haven't gotten around to buying one yet - this is a reminder. I also LOVE the sound of the Foreo. The eye masks sound great - I could do with some of those at the moment! xx

    Beautylymin| LuxuryFragranceGiveaway

    1. I'm surprised you've not tried Foreo yet as the skincare queen haha I'd definitely recommend :) xx

  5. I know literally nothing about skincare and what ingredients are good, so posts like this are really helpful! Some of these cleansers sound dreamy x


  6. Ouuu so many new goodies here that I haven't heard of before!

  7. I have to work on my skincare routine it's non-existant at the moment.

    Lauren x Huggled

  8. I love me a good dose of new skincare to indulge in! I need to get me one of those sponges to see what all the fuss is about. I am really enjoying using the Foreo Luna Mini 2 too...I might be a little bit addicted to it actually ;) The Pai cleanser is on my wish list xxx
    Sal | UmmBabyBeauty

    1. The sponge is definitely unlike anything else I've tried before! xx

  9. I really want to incorporate a cleansing tool into my routine & I've heard so many great things about the Foreo Luna. I need it!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  10. I've heard so many wonderful things about the Foreo Luna. I am definitely keen to try it out. I also need to try out some products from Hylamide - that brands looks so good.


  11. So many brilliant sounding cleansers! I love the sound of Vivderma and Niod ones. The Hylamide spray sounds brilliant too. Deram28 is another brand I want to check, it sounds right up my street. xx

    LPage Beauty

  12. Some fab products here - I love a good face mask!

    Rachael xox

  13. I love the Konjac sponge [ review on my blog ] and have been using for 3 months now. I use the Bamboo Charcoal and the Green Clay for oily skin. I've noticed a massive improvement in my skin and my pores seems refined to. Its a great little product that works wonders.

  14. Thank you for your comments :) xx

  15. I love the Foreo Luna, it's amazing for helping makeup go on smoothly!

  16. Oh these all look so good!



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