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If you're like me then 'actual Christmas' (as in Christmas Eve through to Boxing Day) is always great, it's just the build up that can get a bit stressful! These are my top tips for staying calm when it comes to Christmas shopping, plus how to plan your present-buying with Shoptagr.

1. Get the essentials as soon as possible

There's just stuff you will always need: cards, tags, wrapping paper - you know what I mean! Card shops are always absolutely rammed around Christmas time so if you want to avoid the snaking queue in Card Factory (whilst sweating it out in your winter coat...) then try to get this part over with as soon as possible because it's one of the few things you probably will want to do in the shops as opposed to online. Or better yet, see if you have any left over from last year - I know I almost always buy too much wrapping paper so tend to keep it for next time.

2. Head online 

For virtually everything else, I personally think online is the way to go. I try to either order to my workplace (to avoid the endless 'sorry we missed you' cards) or to click and collect, because I can go in-store at a time I know it won't be so busy. I don't live in a big city any more, so whilst my town has all the main shops I need, they don't have the full range of products so click and collect is a great option. If you do live in the city then it still saves you having to rush around to get it all done in your lunch time - you can just collect your packages as and when it's convenient for you.

3. Get organised with Shoptagr

I pretty much never go Christmas shopping without a list and this year the free app Shoptagr has been a life-saver. You can use it on a desktop however I've been loving it for mobile especially, as I always seem to get ideas when I'm out and about! All you have to do is download the app and install the extension, which takes about 30 seconds (and the app shows you exactly how to do it on your browser and operating system). The app is very simple and intuitive to use, plus I like the clean, stylish interface. Once installed, it creates a universal wish list button so all you have to do is browse your favourite website and hit the button to save items, like I've shown below. It will automatically save them to 'my items' but you can also create lists to sort the products.

The app doesn't just let you save items to 'my items' and to specific lists you've created, but it lets you know if an item you saved has been reduced, is out of stock or is low in stock (you can enable notifications for this too). If you set up a Christmas Gift list then this is so handy because it means that you can save money when you can see there's been a reduction on an item you were already going to buy for someone. Also if there's a really important gift that's just become 'low in stock', you can snap it up before it goes.

It's also a great way to create your own list of products you'd like for Christmas that you can share with loved ones via social media, email or Whatsapp. For fashion items, you can also specify which size you want, which is handy for the stock updates (if you're buying for yourself) or for anyone looking to buy you a gift. I often find myself refreshing pages on ASOS, waiting for a product to come back in stock in my size, however now I can just add it to my list and get notified (so I can get in there fast) when it's available again.

This app is also going to be so handy when the Boxing Day sales come around because I try to avoid buying anything on sale that I wouldn't have bought if it wasn't reduced. The Shoptagr app lets you know when an item on your list has gone on sale, so if you have products you really want saved on the app you can snap them up if they're then reduced (without the temptation of buying a load of other stuff 'because it's only £15'!) So, even if you're ridiculously organised and have your Christmas shopping all done then it's still worth checking out the app here for the sales!

4. Don't wait until the last minute

Every Christmas a friend, family member or work colleague of mine ends up in a flap over a present not arriving on time. I'd like to think this isn't brand new information for anyone but (wait for it...): Christmas is on the 25th of December every year! It isn't a surprise thing you have to do! I aim to get all of my Christmas shopping done for mid-December. It's pretty much a given than online stores might be slower in dispatching orders around this time of year and that shops regularly sell out of much-sought-after gifts. Yet every year, someone I know is still there on the 23rd of December hoping their next day delivery shows up ok! Therefore, do yourself a favour and allow some leeway. Items can show up damaged, your order could be incorrect or the shops might be sold out of what you want if you show up on the 24th. There's no better feeling than that smug satisfaction of knowing all your presents have been bought, wrapped and are ready and waiting by the 15th!

5. If you need to go to the shops, get there early (or late...)

At this time of the year, the shops tend to operate at extended hours, so if you can only visit them in person on the weekend then I'd suggest biting the bullet and going either at 8am or 8pm to try and beat the rush. I'm not saying it won't be busy but it will be far more bearable!

What are your top tips for a stress-free Christmas shopping experience?

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  1. I absolutely love Shoptagr! It works with so many websites I shop on and I create so many wish lists. Just love it!

    The Makeup Directory

  2. Great post and I'm very happy to see that I have pretty much done all of the tips above, my month of December will be so busy that I certainly don't need the stress of last minute Christmas shopping which, at least to me, completely ruins the festive feel of Christmas!


  3. I do all my shopping and have it finished in October. So I have been done for ages. I do love walking around town with a coffee watching everyone else panicing though! But I do see way too many disasters where people leave it too late. - never good.

    Erin || MakeErinOver Happy Blogmas!

  4. I do the majority of my Christmas shopping online, it makes life so much easier!

    Lauren Ashleigh xx

    1. Me too - I never want to go back to the pre-internet days haha xx

  5. I do most of my shopping online, mainly because im not fully mobile and can't go out on my own yet. I love Christmas shopping and usually start early but this year I only started a few weeks ago!

    EmmysBeautyCave | Blog Header Designs | GIVEAWAY Win ABH & More

  6. I have done pretty much all of my shopping online this year. Or i have gone to the shops super early to avoid the huge crowds of angry people! I must give that app a try though.

    Thank you

    Charlotte xxx


  7. The app sounds great, especially the fact it tells you when something is reduced! I do virtually all my shopping online so need to get this downloaded!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  8. I love this app it's so handy to have, especially when things are out of stock! xx

    Gemma Louise

    1. Agreed - I the having to keep checking back to see if something has come back in stock! xx

  9. Great app. I'm such a last minute shopper

  10. I totally agree to not leave everything for the last minute. It can save a lot of stress and pressure. :)

    Michelle Morchella

  11. Shoptagr sounds interesting and great way of not missing out. I always find it funny when friends are trying to get stuff on the 24th haha xx

    LPage Beauty

  12. This was so helpful! I am always that last minute Christmas shopper haha!



  13. This app sounds so good! I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet so I'll definitely try this when I get round to it x


    1. It's really handy! I've managed to do mine in almost one sitting :) xx

  14. Shoptagr sounds amazing!! I always get in a flap over Christmas shopping so I did it really early - but next year I'll definitely check it out so I don't have to tell people I'm Christmas shopping when it's still October ;)

    Cia | Littleyellowbutterflies.com

  15. Shoptagr sounds incredible! Ngl, did most of my shopping in October! Wish i had this app to use!

    Jess xo | Jessica Ann ♥

  16. actually been trying shoptagr out for a few weeks...haven't quite got the hang of it but I'm sure it will come in handy down the line!!


  17. this is such a great app! downloaded just before black friday, it really helped me get my hands on a few pieces during the madness of cyber weekend!


  18. Great tips Jasmine! I definitely need to get a move on!
    Katie Actually

  19. Great tips - I always try to get all my shopping done as early as possible too!
    Philippa x

  20. I do all my christmas shopping online! it makes life so much easier haha


  21. This is such a great app, I've never heard of it, but I'm definitely going to start using it.

    Tia | The 10am Blog

    1. I hadn't either but it's been such a revelation :) xx

  22. I do so much online when it comes to Christmas!

    Danielle xx

  23. This app sounds brilliant! I especially love that it can tell you if there are low stock levels & price changes xx


  24. Thank you for your comments - I hope this was useful! xx

  25. Yes i am all for doing christmas shopping as early as possible, especially if it's going to be an online order.



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