The French Pharmacy Skincare Series #1 | Caudalie

Almost all my skincare products tend to be mid-priced and the vast majority are French pharmacy brands so I thought I’d do a series focussing on my favourite brands, starting with Caudalie. Though this brand is stocked by the likes of Space NK in the UK, I do still find their products to be very reasonably priced. Their product line is based largely around grape water, which is an amazingly hydrating ingredient that’s also perfect for sensitive skin.

Grape Water | £6 (75ml) | We’ll start with the product that introduced me to this brand; the grape water face mist. It’s a fine, extremely hydrating water mist that’s very soothing. At the start of this year I suffered from extremely dry and sensitive skin that flared up at absolutely everything! However I kept this stuff in my bag and it really calmed things down and kept the reaction under control. You can use this to refresh your skin in place of a toner or over makeup to get a dewier look.
Ingredients: 100% Organic Grape Water

Beauty Elixir | £11.50 (30ml) | As a skincare product, I’m still all about the Grape Water, however if you want something that feels incredibly refreshing then definitely check out the Beauty Elixir. I also have here the Limited Edition Jason Wu version* which is the same price but comes in the gorgeous black and gold packaging (so get it whilst you can). Both the versions I have are minis, which are small enough to go in your hand luggage for a flight. I find the minty, fresh scent of this really calming and relaxing and it makes my skin feel so invigorated.
Ingredients Include: Grape, Orange Blossom, Mint

Glycolic Peel* | £22 | I really love AHA-based products that chemically exfoliate the skin and leave it glowing. This is a little different to my long-time love, the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask, because the texture is like a cream as opposed to a gel. It’s definitely more gentle and doesn’t at all strip the skin (if anything it’s quite hydrating) so it’s what I’d recommend for a beginner experimenting with acid exfoliation for the first time. It isn’t quite as effective but still leaves my skin looking much more radiant, making it great for when my skin is a little more sensitive and I don’t want to use something too intense.
Ingredients Include: Glycolic Acid, Papaya Enzyme, Viniferene

Instant Detox Mask* | £22 | This is a clay mask that I reach for when my skin is in need of a deep cleanse. It has quite a thin texture so is easy  to spread across the skin and this also means that although it’s a clay mask, when it hardens and dries down it doesn’t feel like your soul is being sucked dry of moisture! It's amazing at drawing all the impurities out of my skin; leaving it feeling so clean and helping keep any blemishes at bay. 
Ingredients Include: Pink Clay, Grape Marc, Coffee, Papaya Extract

Make-up Removing Cleansing Oil* | £18 | This has rocketed up the ranks to become one of my all-time favourite cleansing oils! I love how lightweight the texture is, so it doesn't feel heavy and never leaves a greasy excess on my skin or breaks me out. You only need 2-3 pumps of this to completely remove all your makeup (yes, even that stubborn waterproof eyeliner!) and best of all it doesn't sting my eyes! I just wash it off with a damp cloth and it takes all my makeup off with it.
Ingredients Include: Sunflower Seed Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil

Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet* | £21.85 | This is one of my absolute favourite moisturisers; the texture is somewhere between a cream and a gel and is very much water-based. This makes is amazing for hydrating the skin without being anything too rich or greasy or heavy. It absorbs quickly into the skin leaving it soft and plumping out dehydration lines considerably. It's pretty amazing for combination skin that needs hydration but also a product that isn't going to be suffocating in the slightest. It's also incredibly soothing and hydrating if your skin is feeling sensitive.
Ingredients Include: Grape Water, Antioxidants

Vinosource Moisturising Matifting Fluid* | £23 | I pretty much alternate between this and the Moisturising Sorbet, though I opted for the matte version mainly over Summer. It offers pretty much the same level of hydration as the Sorbet with the beautiful fast-absorbing texture but gives me a more shine-free finish. I don't know how a product can control shine so well yet still feel so hydrating but somehow Caudalie manage it with this moisturiser! If you have combination skin then this is a must-try product, especially during the Summer months. Even if you have normal or drier skin that just gets a bit shiny sometimes, I feel this is hydrating enough to still work for you.
Ingredients Include: Grape Water, Vitamin C, Calcium, Flax Seed Powder

Have you tried Caudalie skincare? What are your favourite products from them?

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  1. i've received a few samples of claudalie products before and i've always been super impressed, the vinosource fluid being one of my favourite ever moisturisers! the glycolic peel sounds amazing.
    jen / velvet spring

    1. Agreed - I use the moisturiser every day :) xx

  2. Even though I'm not a huge fan of the Beauty Elixir and Instant Detox Mask, Caudalie is still a brand I appreciate a lot, I tend to use a lot of their bodycare products yet I also really want to try the Glycolic peel!


  3. Their grape water face mist is absolute dream! While I love Jurlique's more, sometimes the rosey scent can be overpowering, so Caudalie's one is more forgiving but still refreshing at the same time.

    Selene Addicted

  4. Reading this, I've realised that I haven't tried very many Caudalie products - just the beauty elixir and a night oil, I think. I like the sound of the Grape Water & Cleansing Oil! xx

    Beautylymin| Kat Von D Contour Palette & brush Giveaway

    1. At the moment I'm using both of these every day! xx

  5. I've never heard of this brand - though I'm definitely intrigued to try it out! Seems like such a nice range :)

    Lotte | www.lottebeautybox.blogspot.co.uk

  6. I love Caudalie skincare and bodycare products - their fragrances are great too x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  7. I haven't tried anything from Caudalie before but it's a brand that I hear so much about. This was a great read since I'm looking to try some of their things! I definitely need to try the Beauty Elixir and cleansing oil!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  8. I haven't tried much from Caudalie, but the Vinosource Mattifying Fluid sounds great! I'd never heard about it before but it's actually just what I need for my skin. Thanks for the discovery Jasmine :D

    Julia x
    Last post: Travel Diary in the Alps | http://juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/holiday-diaries-roaming-french-alps.html

  9. I've been wanting to caudalie for the longest time! I really want to try the grape water :)


  10. I'm yet to try anything from Caudalie, the beauty elixir has never appealed to me even though there is a lot of hype around it, but the instant detox mask sounds fab! I really want to try and use products all from one brand to see if that makes a difference to my skin xx

    Jodie / jodiemelissa.com

  11. I haven't actually tried anything from Caudile, I know i'm bad blogger haha. I love the sound of grape water though. Definitly adding that to my list xx

    LPage Beauty

    1. It's one of my all-time favourite products for dry winter skin! xx

  12. Ooooh the vinosource mouisturising sorbet sounds lovely! I'm really oily but with dry cheeks-sounds like it'll be perfect!

    Beekeyper - Latest - The Ordinary-What's all the fuss about?

  13. Ive always wanted to try some Caudalie products. They all sound lovely!


  14. I haven't tried too many Caudalie products, but you have me wanting like all of these haha. The Grape Water, glycolic peel, cleansing oil, and the Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet are going to the top of my list!

    Nida | Caked To The Nines

  15. Heard loads of good thing about Caudalie products, might have to invest! x


  16. Looking out to pick some new stuffs for my wife.


  17. I love Caudalie too! That remind me I need to get my hand on new products :)


  18. I love the Glycolic Peel and Instant Detox mask, definitely want to try more form the brand, the Cleansing Oil sounds nice! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. I find Caudalie to be such an underrated brand! xx

  19. I've tried a few products from Caudalie and I love the grape water and micellar cleansing water so far. Thanks for the review, I'll need to check out some of the other products as well.

  20. Thank you for your comments - hope this post helped you discover something new :) xx

  21. Fabulous post Jasmine! I love Beauty Elixir, Grape water and Instant Detox mask.

    Ash | www.mstantrum.com

  22. Caudalie is one brand I definitely want to explore a lot more. I have heard amazing things about the moisturizer & their refreshing mists. I have no idea how come I haven't picked up a sample yet. Many thanks for reviewing these, I am definitely going to order a few bits from Caudalie <3
    Grape Water and Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil are definitely at the top of that list for me :)
    xox Nadia

  23. Yes to this series!!! :) I don't get along with the Beauty Elixir and its strange because so many people love it so much. I love the Glycolic Peel which I always reach for before a special event. I need to try the cleansing oil it seems. xxx

    Sal | UmmBaby Beauty

  24. Their gourmet hand cream is hands down the most moisturizing hand cream I've ever used <3

    You can get some from biafine.bigcartel.com xx


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