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The busier I get, the more I value convenience! Recently there have been a few new foundation releases that come in packaging that makes them ideal for on-the-go. I don't know about you but my face basically *eats* makeup. Foundations that can be thrown into your handbag seem to be having a moment right now so today I'm bringing you my top picks.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup | £28 | This has a bit of a confusing name; you see 'Double Wear' and think matte, full coverage, however it also says 'radiant'. Though this has incredible staying power, it has a much more natural, healthy finish. It doesn't wear quite as well as the matte original but it's one of the longest lasting slightly more glowing bases I've tried. I would still say it had a medium coverage but it looks very natural and like skin. It isn't a dewy finish but isn't anywhere near as matte as it's sister products. Even if you aren't wearing it as your main foundation, it's a great one to throw in your bag and use for touch-ups. You turn the base of the stick and the product comes up (easily and controllably) through the centre of the sponge (which is removable so you can wash it). Though I would prefer to use a brush or blending sponge if I had one to hand, the applicator is adequate for applying this if you're just freshening up your existing face of makeup. A word of warning on this foundation though; it comes up lighter than the normal Double Wear so make sure you get a sample (I'm usually 3W2 but use 4W1 in this).

Clinique Chubby in the Nude Foundation Stick | £23 | The product that started my obsession with handbag-friendly foundations! I'd been put off stick foundations in the past because I just imagined them to be really thick, creamy, greasy, full coverage. However I picked this up on a whim and fell for it! It's a nice, natural coverage; very much a 'my skin but better' foundation. It doesn't feel thick or heavy and gives a satin finish; making my skin look more radiant and flawless without being too dewy or too matte. My only negative is that it doesn't wear so well on me; by lunchtime I definitely find myself reaching for the powder. It's great for touch-ups or even if you find yourself having to do your entire base in the loos or on the train (you can judge but having to get the 6am train from Manchester to London is not fun!) The shade Grandest Golden Neutral is spot-on for me.

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation* | £30 | Lancome was the first big Western brand to release a cushion foundation a year or so ago, and this time they're back with a less 'light and dewy' option. This has a medium-to-full semi-matte finish and I was pleasantly surprised at how well the sponge that comes with it applies this foundation. I used it for my entire face and it looked good! It gives a very flawless look without feeling heavy or caky and mattes down my skin nicely without looking or feeling dry. It's a beautiful finish and this would be up there as one of my favourite foundation discoveries in a long time if the shade was better! I have 03 Beige Peche and noticed that the difference between shades jumps quite dramatically. This is a tad too light and just too neutral-toned for my yellow-based skin, which is a real shame. If it was warmer it would definitely work for me in the winter months. However I still recommend the formula of this and the fact that the sponge it comes with is actually pretty good makes this a winner in the on-the-go stakes.

Max Factor Miracle Touch Skin Smoothing Foundation* | £12.99 | This is the only proper drugstore foundation on my list but I have noticed that more and more affordable brands are jumping on this trend. This is a cream-based foundation that I personally apply with my fingertips but the sponge that comes with it is fine for applying the product to smaller areas. It's a very natural finish and if you apply this sheerly you could probably fool people into thinking you just have amazing skin and aren't wearing a base at all! As the name suggests, this applies very smoothly and evenly to the skin without settling into pores or fine lines. I like the satin finish, though some shine starts to come through during the day, however I still don't find it too greasy at all. At the same time though I also can't see it being too matte for dry skin either. My only downside is the shade selection - I have Bronze which is the darkest in the entire range! That's pretty incredible to me, especially given that Rochelle Humes is one of the faces of Max Factor. Even then it's not quite right for me because all the shades in this foundation have a more neutral-beige base, whereas I have warm undertones. If you can get a match I really recommend it because I liked this formula so much more than I thought I would. However I will just live in hope that they bring out more shades!

KIKO Skin Modernist 2-in-1 Foundation & Concealer | £18.90 | This is a little different to the other options because from the outside it just looks like your usual bottled foundation. However it's actually a lot smaller (you also get 25ml when I feel 30ml is 'standard'), and when you open it, the applicator is a very large doe foot like you'd use with a concealer. It gives a very flawless, satin medium-full coverage. I'd say I still need to conceal after using this, however it does almost completely mask my blemishes and any uneven skin tone and goes some way to hiding my dark circles. If I was out and about I'd be comfortable just using this to touch up any areas where my base has vanished. It does let a little shine through after the 6 hour mark but it's nothing a bit of powder can't fix. Overall I really rate this and find it quick and easy to use. I wear Neutral Gold 100, which is perfect for me.

What are your favourite foundations to throw in your handbag?

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  1. I'm liking the sound of the foundation sticks lately and there seems to be quite a few new releases too. Must check out this option from Clinique, sounds like a good one x

    Beauty with charm

    1. It's great if you like a nice, natural coverage xx

  2. The Clinique one sounds good! I like the Make Up Forever HD stick for travelling!

    Jaynie Shannon*


  3. My skin is just the same, I don't know why because it isn't particularly dry but it just eats makeup! The Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation sounds really good, I will definitely check this one out and see if I can find my perfect shade!


  4. Lancome cushion blush is just as pretty, i think it will be good on the go as well. Cushion is just the best option for travel base.

    Selene Addicted

  5. I can't believe Ive never thought about a handbag friendly foundation, I am always complaining about my foundation as no matter what I do my foundation always seems to wear off throughout the day. I love the sound of the Esteé Lauder double wear stick and the Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundation. I'll have to give them a go as an on the go foundation would same my life! -xo


    1. It's so handy to have something to do touch ups with :) xx

  6. Wow your blog is beautiful, great post X

  7. I must pick up the new lancome foundation, can't wait to try it out :)

    Lotte | www.lottebeautybox.blogspot.co.uk

  8. I've not tried any of these but I like the sound of the EL Cushion Stick foundation even though the whole idea seems a bit gimmicky :)I seem to prefer bases that are more of a satin finish then truly matte so this could be a good option. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  9. I love the sound of the Kiko 2 in 1 option! I really need to get round to trying a cushion foundation soon too!


  10. I haven't tried any of these but I recently bought Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation, which is perfect for one the go! xx


  11. The Estee Lauder one sounds really good, Double Wear is my holy grail so definitely going to give that one a go! x

    Gemma Louise

  12. I definitely need a product like this in my life. I always carry around with me a powder with some coverage, but definitely could do with a foundation at times. Just love the sound of the Clinique chubby stick!

    The Makeup Directory

  13. I used to love Max Factor Miracle Touch but i went through it so quickly and it's on the higher side of drugstore pricing so I stopped but think I might give it another go at some point!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. That's a bit annoying! It's a handy one to have even if it just stays in your handbag :) xx

  14. I haven't tried the Lancome offering yet but I find travelling around with my L'Oreal cushion foundation is just so convenient and easy x

    Always, Alice

  15. I have read that the Makeup Forever HD stick foundation is suppose to be good as well :)
    Lovely post x

    Jessie Glam | www.jessieglam.blogspot.co.uk

  16. I have been using the Estee Lauder and loving it but the Kiko one looks really good, I might have to give that one a go!

    Danielle xx

  17. Im really loving the NARS tinted moisturiser right now its amazing i dont even feel like its a true tinted moisturiser because you get so much coverage from it! <3


  18. You are the third blogger whom I've seen raving about the new Clinique stick foundation. What are your thoughts between it and MUFE HD Stick foundation?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  19. So many people love the Clinique stick for touch ups, think it might need to be my next handbag addition.

  20. I love the Clinique Foundation Sticks as well! They're so perfect for on the go. I made my own cushion foundation, which has been great for on the go as well :)

    Nida | Caked To The Nines

  21. I reallyyyyyy want to try the Clinique stick foundations! It sounds sooo good! :)

    xx SofiaaDot

  22. These all sound like incredible foundations! The Clinique one sounds great! x


  23. I did not know that teint idole is available in cushion form. I defintely have to check that out like right now! Great post


  24. I really want to try the Lancome cushion foundation, but im not sure if will wear well with my oily skin.

    Hope you have a great day!

    Vanessa www.springlilies.com

  25. This gives me makeup envy! X

  26. So many great foundations - I actually have the Lancome cushion one and have been meaning to give it a go. It's a shame the shade isn't right for you, but it sounds like a great formula - you've inspired me to try it tomorrow!

    Gem x | flutterandsparkle.com

  27. MAX FACTOR foundations are really good and worth their price! Loving this post!

    Lots of love,
    Gara. Xx

    PS: If you fancy reading something...http://thingswedidntdo.squarespace.com/blog/2016/9/20/why-is-everyones-blog-dying

  28. I absolutely love the Clinique and Lancome one. I have the max factor one too, I need to give it a proper test though. I agree with what you said about the max factor shades. I have the second from darkest shade, which is crazy, I'd say i'm more on the pale side! xx

    LPage Beauty

  29. I always forget about KIKO as a brand to try out! The foundation sounds amazing!

    Parie x

  30. Thank you for your comments - I hope this post was helpful! xx

  31. I don't tend to take foundations with me but can't deny that I've always liked the concept even if I haven't practiced. I've only tried the EL to go and it's alright but the sponge is terrible. Would really be interested in the new Lancôme cushion though...

    Beauty Isles
    My Mommy Years


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