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I get quite a lot of questions about my blog and Instagram photos so I thought I'd take you guys through my photography process. Standard disclaimer: I'm not saying I'm amazing at taking photos, I just feel I've come quite far from where I started and that you may find it useful to see how I now take my images (I've used the same few products throughout to show the variety you can produce). I don't have a fancy camera kit or editing software so I thought it might also be helpful to show you don't need to spend a fortune! This is just my personal process, there's no right or wrong way to take your photos and at the end of the day; rules are there to be broken.


All my blog photos after Christmas last year are taken on the Panasonic Lumix FZ200 Bridge Camera. Before then I was blogging on my iPhone 5. I also use this camera for 3/4 of my Instagram shots as I take them beforehand with my blog photos. When it came to buying a camera I did feel like I had to have an SLR however I came round to the idea of a bridge camera because I didn't have the knowledge to fully utilise something more complex (I probably don't even use this camera to its full capability).  Although this came in around the £300-350 mark, the real cost of an SLR comes in the lenses and obviously I don't have multiple lenses to buy with this. It's reasonably light and has a flip-out screen that can turn 360 degrees. I'm really pleased with this camera and don't see myself replacing it any time soon. The only negative for me is that it doesn't have WiFi capability, which would be a lot handier for Instagram.

I think that having a 'proper camera' made me take my blog photos more seriously, however you don't need to buy a camera to start a blog. There are apps like Fotor and VSCOCam which you can download for free and use to edit and improve photos taken on your phone. Sometimes for Instagram I do just take shots on my phone and I don't think people can tell much of a difference once it's edited and you've put a filter on! Just make sure you use your actual phone camera instead of taking them through the Instagram app as your photos will be better quality. Good natural lighting is also even more important for phone camera images.

Raw image taken with the iPhone 6 camera

Edited with the Fotor App for iOS

The same raw shot taken with my Panasonic Lumix FZ200

Edited with PicMonkey on my laptop

Finding the Right Spot

For a long time I felt my photos had to be taken in my bedroom but that's not the case at all, I just use wherever has the best natural lighting. Most of my shots are flat lay so shooting in my conservatory really isn't a problem. My bedroom is quite dim so I often get strange shadows if I try to take photos in there! Personally I prefer the look of natural lighting so finding a good place is really important. 

Choosing a Background

This is something that's really personal to you. A plain white background is popular with beauty bloggers because it is often best for showcasing a product. I tend to go for something slightly more than completely plain white. I generally alternate between a marble-effect adhesive (which set me back just £4) backed onto a place mate for closer-up shots and a few B&Q flooring samples (which were £2 each) for wider shots. However recently I've been using some patterned Paperchase tissue paper in some shots. I like how this looks, it's just important to take the print into account so I'll often put fewer products in the shot, choosing colours that fit with the pattern and don't look too busy on it. The background can make what's essentially the same shot look really different.

Marble Background

Paperchase tissue paper

Marble background + tissue paper

The shot against the flooring sample background

The same shot against a marble background

Finding Your Style 

Part of the process is finding your photography style. I personally favour a flat lay as I find it looks best visually for beauty products and I find it most natural for me. I also shoot landscape as it feels most intuitive, however a lot of people shoot portrait as the image then shows larger on Bloglovin.


Most of the props I use are household items that cost under a tenner. My favourites are:
H&M Marble Tray
H&M Copper Plate
IKEA Small Candle Holder
IKEA Large Candle Holder

I also love using my Zoeva Rose Gold brushes and bits of jewellery (just from places like Topshop, River Island and Miss Selfridge) as well as books and magazines.

I spend a bit of time playing around with props but as a general rule, the busier the shot (in terms of the background and number of items) the less props I'll use.

You can also get really different shots using the same few products and props so take your time and enjoy it!

Zoeva brushes

Pretty Honest book #1

Pretty Honest book #2

Elle Magazine #1

Elle Magazine #2 + H&M Marble Tray

Small IKEA Candle Dish

H&M Copper Plate + high street costume jewellery

Urban Outfitters fairy lights + Zoeva brush

Large IKEA candle dish + jewellery + Zoeva brush

Final shot (marble background + tissue paper + jewellery + Zoeva brush)

Tips & Tricks

As a general good idea, I really recommend pinning any images you like from other blogs to in Inspiration board on Pinterest so you can re-visit it if you're feeling your photography is getting a bit stale and you need some fresh ideas.

If your lipstick is rolling around all over the place, secure it to the surface using Blu Tac. Just make sure it's not visible in the shot! I've been caught out a few times and realised its been visible in my shots and it's very annoying.

Be aware of reflections in shiny surfaces and try taking the shot from different angles.

In a similar vein, be aware of the type of product you're shooting and keep an eye on all the items in the shot. As I general rule, I try to place bottles towards the centre of the image as they can look a little bit warped in photos!

If its not a flat lay then make sure there's not an unmade bed or messy corner in the background. 

Have some wet wipes on hand to clean up any messy-looking products. It's nice for them to look well-loved and used but I try not to let that verge into messy. If I'm showing a pencil product I'll give it a sharpen.

If you're taking a photo specifically for Instagram, bear in mind that  unless you want to re-format the photo, which you can now do through the Instagram app (this can look good pretty good), your photo will be square. For landscape shots, re-formatting makes the image smaller, so it's really up to you but the standard Instagram proportions are square. Most phones now have a square shooting option so you're already taking it in the right proportions. However if yours doesn't or you're taking it on a camera then it's something to bear in mind. 

Also, if I do take photos for Instagram on my camera, I just email them to myself. You can also use Cloud services if your camera isn't WiFi-enabled.

Not great for Instagram as a lot of the action takes place on the outer corners, which will be cropped out

Much better for Instagram as the products are gathered towards the centre


This is another aspect of photography that's totally down to personal preference. Switch the products around, move things about, see if you prefer it close up or a little wider, which product you'd like to be the focus of the shot and so on.


I edit my photos using PicMonkey and/or Fotor, both free online services.

My top tip would be to use the shadows/highlight functions instead of altering the brightness, as it looks more natural and doesn't wash everything out. I usually take this to around 25 but it totally depends on the photo. I also move the contrast up to around 5.

During Winter I would often turn the temperature up to around 10 but I rarely have to at the moment, occasionally I've actually had to move it down (I would definitely recommend taking it down if it's a sunny day and your photos are getting a yellow or orange tint as a result). I usually move the saturation up to around 5.

I prefer clarity to sharpness so usually set the sharpness to around 10 and the clarity to 25. 

A lot of the time I leave it there but sometimes I'll head onto Fotor to make use of a tool PicMonkey annoyingly doesn't have, which is curves. This essentially alters the tone of the photo.

Sometimes I may put a filter on the image if it is more illustrative than about the colour of the products in question. My favourite is Red Ochre and I put it on a low intensity, around 20-30.

For Instagram I'll do the editing via the Fotor or VSCOCam apps. I will either use a filter from them or one of Instagram's. My favourites on Instagram are Ludwig and Juno for making the colours pop or Aden and Nashville for something a little more vintage-look.

Original raw image

A few basic edits on PicMonkey

More extensive edits with Fotor

If I'm taking a photo on my phone, I use the Fotor app as it contains most of the same tools and filters

If I want to make a text header like the one at the start of this post, I use another free service called Canva. I've never paid for the premium content on any of these sites, but it seems reasonably affordable if you want something easy to use.

When I upload photos to my blog I always set it to 'original size' as it automatically resizes it to the perfect width for my blog.

So there you have it: how I take my blog and Instagram photos! I hope you enjoyed this and found it helpful.

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What are your top tips for taking blog and Instagram photos?


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