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I'm forever on the hunt for good skincare that is right for my specific concerns but isn't going to cost me a fortune. I've definitely been steering towards French Pharmacy brands but this new UK brand has me really excited!

If you visit the ForYou website you can find a little test to come up with a personalised program of products. Currently you can pick up these little minis for just £2 each ahead of the full launch next month (the products will be priced between £10 and £20 each for full-sized). My skin is both dehydrated but also has some very oily areas so, as you can imagine, I struggle a lot!

The highlight of the bunch for me has to be the M1 Moisturiser*. It's absolutely amazing and the tiny little pot has lasted me ages! It's really rich and hydrating but doesn't feel greasy or heavy on my skin - hydrating without worsening my shine issues. I will definitely be purchasing the full size of this in January.

The C1 Cleanser* is also pretty nice. Personally I do prefer something a little more foaming but if you like a milky formula or if you just prefer to have a skincare system formulated by a single brand then this is for you! It leaves the skin so soft and, whilst it's more something I'd use before bed or first thing in the morning, it also does remove makeup pretty well and doesn't irritate my eyes.

The T1 Toner*, I can't comment so much on. As you can see, the pot is the same size as the others but for a liquid product that means you get through it after a couple of uses! Obviously the packaging isn't ideal for a liquid product, however this isn't the final packaging for the full-sized products. I did find it was good for removing my facial shine and any last scraps of makeup after my Micellar Water, however I really wasn't able to use it for long enough to see if it made a difference to my pores.

I really like that these aren't fragranced and they're about finding the right science for your skin. Overall I really recommend you pick up some of these samples and give them a go ahead of the big launch!

Let me know your thoughts on this new brand in the comments!


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  1. I picked up the combination skin moisturiser from the Bloggers Tea Party and unfortunately it wasn't moisturising enough for me, so I guess I should be trying out the dry skin formula instead. I love that you are able to purchase samples like these to try out before buying the full size but I agree the toner shouldn't come in the same kind of pot as the other two samples. Looking forward to seeing their big launch in January x

    Beauty with charm

    1. I did notice at the event that they only had oily and combination - so annoying for you! I guess it must not have been ready yet xx

  2. I was really pleasantly surprised - I'm usually so resistant to trying new skincare products! xx


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