The Pressure on Bloggers to Look Like Models...

This post is a little bit different to my usual; I guess I'm just thinking out loud but I feel this is something a lot of you will relate to. Particularly for fashion and beauty bloggers there seems to be a pressure for us to look like models.

I feel this pressure especially in relation to fashion, to the extent that I don't really do personal style posts. I'm definitely somewhere between a conventional model's size and plus-sized. It feels as though conventional models will always be 'the standard' but plus-sized ladies have carved out a niche for themselves and people in-between (which I assume is most of us!) are a little invisible (even lingerie brands have shifted towards using fashion models). The only exception I can think of is Kate Upton and there is still a lot of snobbery towards her in the industry. Don't get me wrong - plus-sized ladies are 100% given a rougher ride by society than size 10-12s, but they've done a good job of making themselves visible in the fashion world.

This got me thinking that maybe I should be the change I want to see in the blogging and fashion world. I'm not a person who can put on just about anything and look amazing, but maybe in that I have something to contribute? 

We hear time and time again people saying they want 'relatable' but still the bloggers who come out of nowhere and immediately get a huge following fit a certain aesthetic, seeming to suggest we actually want the opposite! I'm not saying I'm not 'pretty' enough or whatever, I just know that I have a certain look and it definitely isn't the one that the new crop of popular bloggers have. Plus I'm really un-photogenic! (Seriously, I look in the mirror, then look at pictures and wonder what happened haha)  

At the end of the day I'm just a girl who loves to shop and that's why I started blogging! My main aim was to be helpful and entertaining, not for people to want to be me or to be wowed at pictures of me but I do wonder if that's what people want. Sometimes you'll read 'reviews' by popular bloggers and there'll be 2 sentences on the product followed by 5 pictures of them wearing it with various poses. To be honest that's just not me and I don't want to change. I write what I like to read (and admittedly I manage to strike a decent pose by once in a blue moon. By accident...) 

Where am I going with this? I'm not sure...as I said I'm just thinking out loud! I'm not trying to make an argument for anything and I haven't reached a conclusion, but let me know your thoughts in the comments.



  1. I love this post, I'm constantly thinking this! The one thing I found tough about my beauty blog is having to try new products and then take pictures of my giant forehead - haha! I am so unphotogenic its unreal! I'm just a normal girl-next-door type who happens to love makeup, I find the world of beauty bloggers really intimidating sometimes! I try not to let it affect my posts though and just have fun as it's my little place online where I just want to be myself. As always, a fab post! I'm glad there's other bloggers thinking the same thing! ♥


    1. I feel you on the giant fod issues! But I think other people notice these things less than us! I definitely feel intimidated too, as I'm not a super-glamrous person everyone wants to be, I'm just a girl who loves makeup and fashion and I'm happy to be that and write about what I love :) being part of this world can definitely make you second guess yourself though xx

  2. A couple of things to think about. Firstly, don't immediately think that those bloggers are getting followers because they're skinny. It's not necessarily the case :) I'm teeny weeny, and new to blogging, and I honestly believe I'll have to work just as hard as anyone to make my blog successful.

    Secondly, the thing about not wanting to take loads of photos, followed by a couple of sentences. Well... think about that. Your audience is visual. They *want* pictures. They want to see those jeans from every angle, to make sure their backside/thighs/calves won't look huge in them, before they buy them. A lot of consumers rely on fashion bloggers *because* there are more photographs of the product. I know that at first it can feel pretty narcissistic to take a load of pics of yourself, but if that's what your audience wants to see, then you'd be wise to give it to them.

    If you want to add more depth to your posts, then write some more :) But I'm learning the hard way that my own self-consciousness is going to stick out like a red thumb, because no one wants beauty/fashion advice from someone who isn't confident.

    Whether you're curvy or straight, with flawless skin or acne, with long flowy locks or short, dry ends, you need to project confidence. If you can do that, you've won half the battle.

    Oh, and Jasmine? You're beautiful, honey. Rock your curves, and people will feed on your energy. Big loves xoxo

    1. It's definitely not as simple as 'skinny' vs. 'curvy'. I mean that there is a very specific look that's popular at the moment, both in terms of hair and facial features and body type. I get told sometimes that I'm 'too skinny' although I definitely see myself as 'in the middle'! I'm also not saying if you look a certain way you don't have to put any effort in.

      Yeah I guess 'lots of photos' can mean pictures of a product though, not necessarily loads of selfies if you see what I mean? I put in text but (apart from in this post!) I'll break it up with images so my opinions on the product as well as what it looks like (which is also very important!) both come across and it's easy to read. I often include a picture of me wearing the product I'm reviewing but it's one that does actually show what the product looks like, it's not about getting the most flattering image possible of the canvas (me) x

  3. I totally know what you mean about this, I always feel like if I needed to take pictures of myself for blog posts (I haven't really delved into fashion blogging yet but when I inevitably do I will obviously need to do that) it would take too long to get a really nice one that I would want to use on my blog. Unphotogenic person problems! I do think that having lots of pictures and only a small amount of review isn't too bad though - it's nice to have a quick post to look at if you're tired or don't have much time, so long as not all of their posts are like that! This is a really great post, by the way - a very tricky subject to write about but you did it wonderfully xx


    1. Thanks for this comment, it means a lot! I definitely think different types of post lend themselves to more or less pictures xx

  4. Really loved this post Jasmine! It's so relatable and very well written! I'm really un photogenic and find it so awkward taking pictures of myself wearing/using different products! I love reading your blog, you should be very proud of it! You have nothing to worry about - you're gorgeous! xxx

    emily's beauty blog

  5. I'm not very beautiful or very thin and I still post photos of myself. I've had comments about me being to fat for my clothes before which really upset me because even though I'm not skinny, I don't think I'm big enough to be dubbed fat!

    It's a blog not a magazine so I'm not going to not post photos of myself because I'm not a size 6 or 8.

    I want to see photos of people wearing their clothing and their beauty products because it gives a better sense of how good the product is. I wish more bloggers would have the confidence to do so because when I see a mascara or foundation being bigged up, just a photo of the packaging but no application, it makes me a little frustrated because I want to see what it looks like on!

    Corinne x

    1. I'm really sorry you had to go through that, no one deserves it even if society does consider them to be large!

      If you look at my review posts I almost always include an image of how it looks on but I try to get the best shot of the product and write up all the things that don't come across in that. What I'm saying is I don't think a picture is enough with only a sentence or 2. I understand why people may not be comfortable having pictures of themselves in posts and that's cool as long as they describe how it looks onx

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  7. It's not like there's no reason why people want to look like models. The public likes to see fashion on people, in the end presentation and quality counts. Many girls are looking for an idol, in that case the body is anything else than unimportant. But I think these days it's quite different. As I've said before, girls are looking for idol which also means, another girls who are confident with their appearance and yeah, I see a lot of 'plus-sized' girls out there who have a huge fanbase :)

    All in all I think, it's not abnormal that many girls want to see the face of the admin. It shows your identity and gives personality. For me it's easier to enjoy a charismatic blog with pictures of someone and no, I don't mean, take picture everyday and then it's fine.
    Only every few times one just to see how you share your live with us :)


    1. I apologise that this didn't come across in my post as a few people have brought it up so I must have been ambiguous. Almost all my posts contain pictures of me wearing the product I'm talking about, it's just that the picture of me isn't the point of the post, it's the compliment the product I'm writing about x

    2. Unless it's an FOTD or look post, in which case selfie away! I just find it annoying when I click on what I think is a review and it tells me little about the product itself! x

  8. loved this post! you don't need to be like a model to share your thoughts with likeminded people :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

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  9. I get this - a lot of rising bloggers/youtubers do seem to fit a certain standard - as being super pretty and gorgeous - I think that's going to always be the way but, I think they also have talent in their niche. So in some instances it really is a win-win situation for the viewer - especially in regard to beauty or fashion. Yet, I don't think it hampers others chances at 'popularity' even if they're not the conventional norm.

    Personally I've struggled with whether or not to show my face on my blog but, not because I want to astound people with my mugshot but rather help them to see how a product works. Currently I am open to showcasing lip and eye products (oh and my hands) and maybe in the future I'll floor people with my "good side" (everyone likes a laugh). Until then though I'll enjoy my guise of anonymity :). However, I can see how my possible unconventional looks may inspire others but I'm not ready to be a hero for the cause lol. Oh and yes I have self deprecating humour but don't be fooled my self esteem is not on the floor ..

    A good blog post topic - Miss Super Pretty :) !

    1. I know what you mean about the 'do I show my face on my blog or not' thing - it's hard to call with beauty blogs as it's good to see the product in a look but sometimes people can be so preoccupied with getting a nice shot of themselves it ends up obscuring that! Personally I prefer swatches but both is good :) when you're ready god for if, if you don't ever feel ready it's not the be all and end all xx


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