Preloved Vintage Fair: Event, Haul & FOTD*

Working at Urban Outfitters in my final year of university kind of eased me into the idea of vintage and Manchester's Northern Quarter was the perfect setting for this fair, held by Preloved.

The event was held in the Night & Day Cafe, which was sort of a pro and a con. I loved how much character the quirky building had and the fact that you can chill and have a drink. But it also meant that once it got busy there wasn't much room to manoeuvre and it got pretty hot.

Much of the proceeds from clothing and cakes being sold went to charity. You could also get your hair done vintage style.

I really liked that the items on display were genuinely inexpensive; as at the end of the day vintage items are second hand. A lot of retailers try to cash in on the popularity of vintage and introduce huge mark-ups *cough*Urban Outfitters*cough* (I can say that now I don't work there!)

It wasn't just clothes on display but knick-knacks, books, records, ornaments and lots more...

Myself and a good friend grabbed a drink once we'd done some shopping and the place had gotten packed. 

I didn't have time to snap my outfit, but I wore my favourite New Look Tartan Dress, a tan handbag from River Island, my Urban Outfitters Boyfriend Coat and my black ASOS Lace-Up Platforms. 

On my face I wore:
The Contour Powder from the Sleek Face Form Kit (post here)
Mememe Cosmetics Banish the Blues in Oyster Gold from the Little Angels Collection
Sleek Brow Kit (both the wax and the powder, post here)
My MAC Eyeshadow Quad containing Woodwinked, Expensive Pink, Amber Lights and Antiqued
Sleek Blush in Sahara from the Dancing Til Dusk Eye & Cheek Palette (post here)

So, onto my little haul!

In my goodie bag I received  Lovespreads jam*, and I purchased one of their chutneys myself. I also got some lovely bath salts from Handmade Haven* (they smell so good you could literally put them in a bowl in your bathroom) and cute little soaps*. I also received some really yummy fudge from Matt & Ben's*, coincidentally in my favourite flavour: Salted Carmel. I also received a Mason & Miller mini sewing kit*, which is really perfect for me as I travel so much!

I picked up this jumper from the Oxfam Original stall for just a tenner! I'm so pleased with it; it's going to keep me warm this winter. I also picked up this scarf for £3 from another stall; I thought it would be perfect to be tied onto my tan leather handbag.

Do you love looking for vintage bargains? 

Jasmine x




  1. These events you guys in the U.K./U.S. get to go too seems so fun! (and the goodies don't hurt either). And I love that the proceeds went to charity!

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  2. I was expecting this to just be clothes, I wish we had more vintage around here for knick knacks, accessories and records.
    I like that this went to charity, and it's so nice to see vintage sold at a reasonable price!

    Sammy xo.


  3. It was a good event wasn't it! Though I was glad I got there just after 7 and had a good rummage before it got busy- was so hot in there! love your jumper x

    The Quick Red Fox- Manchester, UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

  4. I like your purchases, the jumper looks very comfy. I really like vintage stuff, and I was happy to be there, it was hot in there and the space was a bit small but I liked it. That vintage atmosphere was good and I met some new nice people. :)

    1. Yeah I really met some interesting characters there! I'm glad I got there early when there weren't too many people and there was still lots of good stuff left. I had a good rummage then and afterwards just got to relax and have a drink :) x


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