Things I Loved This Week #3

I can't believe another week has gone by! I've spent most of it waiting around to hear on jobs, interviews and so on, but I've still got some favourites for you...

In terms of beauty, my favourite MAC Lipstick this week has been Jubilee as for job interviews I've had to go super-subtle. I love wearing it with my Essence In The Nude lipliner. I've been re-discovering my Urban Decay Naked Palette for the same reasons, as with the first half of the palette you can create a really nice subtle look. I've also tried out Cupid's Kiss from the Mememe Little Angels Collection (also available individually) and, whist it just does not work for me as a cheek product, I've been loving it as a lip tint. I've also been using Maybelline's The Matte Maker Face Powder, and it's been fantastic for keeping my shine at bay. I even (dare I say it!) prefer it to Rimmel Stay Matte. I've also been loving my e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeliner from my recent haul, I've given up trying to make the Benefit Push Up Liner work for me so I've been shopping around for alternative and so far this has been impressive (especially for £3.95!)

This week I've been unpacking all the stuff I brought back from uni that's been knocking around in boxes in the spare room. I've been organising my beauty storage, as I bought a second Muji Acryic 5-Drawer Box, so everything's much tidier and more spread out. I've been putting things on eBay, digging out my Autumn/Winter candles and filtering my summer clothes out of the wardrobe in my bedroom (and into one of my secondary ones in the spare rooms) and moving more Autumn stuff in. As you can see it's pretty crammed in my bedroom!

My favourite Youtuber this week has been Lisa Eldridge. She's got me doing facial massages every night before bed. Whether it's done much for my skin remains to be seen, but it's super-relaxing!

What have you all been loving this week? :) x



  1. Fab post, I adore my muji boxes, cant remember how I stored my makeup without them :)

    Emilyldn.blogspot.com xx


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