Review: Makeup Revolution 'Just Me in the Promised Land' Eyeshadow Collection

So, this is one of the items I got in my first big Makeup Revolution haul. I think, perhaps as it wasn't a dupe or in crazy/cool packaging it got pushed down my list of priorities. However, this is seriously a product that needs more hype! It was just £5 for this collection, here's what I thought...

I really like the idea of these collections; I often go for palettes, but this gives the freedom of individual eyeshadows whilst grouping different looks together. You can buy the individual 'mono' eyeshadows for £1 each via Makeup Revolution or Superdrug, or you can get all 6 for £5 from the Makeup Revolution website (which is what I did). 

I have to start off by saying these shades aren't what I was expecting! I thought they'd be browns and golds (but looking at swatches, it seems their Finally Sold Out collection is more like this), however they're quite pink and purple toned. They are a little reminiscent of the Iconic 3 palette (my review here), though there are differences. For a start these are all shimmers, so if you're a matte-lover turn back now (and maybe check out their Matte collection!) 

The packaging isn't ideal. It's been fine so far but looks pretty flimsy. Also, as you can see, one of mine arrived damaged :(

So, let's get swatching...

The first image is with the flash and the second is without. From left to right we have: Illuminate, Cappuccino, Promised Land, So Good To Me, Mountains of Gold and Just Me.

I was going to individually break down each shades, however I found the quality consistent across the collection. So I'll talk a bit about the formula, then move on to discuss each colour :) They're all shimmery, which I love; they look like liquid metal or something! I was really impressed that the shades not only stayed on my oily lids all day, but they also didn't smudge into each other! I used 4 swipes of each shade in my swatches, so you can see just how pigmented they are! The only one that's slightly less so is Illuminate, but it's still miles ahead of most white and cream colours.

White shimmer, perfect for highlighting the brow bone

Muted brown-pink, a good lid shade

Promised Land
A brighter brown-pink shade, great to use on the lid or crease

So Good to Me
A muted brown-gold, can be used on the crease or in your outer 'v'

Mountains of Gold 
A bright orange-gold, could be used on the outer 'v' or dotted across the lid on top of a more neutral shade

Just Me
A deep brown-toned plum, perfect for adding a smokiness to the outer 'v'

So here's the look I created with it:

I used Illuminate on the inner corner of my lid and Cappucino on the outer half. I then blended Promised Land into my crease and applied So Good to Me on top of it. Next I put Mountains of Gold on the outer 'v' part and added a tiny bit of Just Me on top of it.

Overall I love this collection, even though it wasn't exactly what I was expecting. The quality is just amazing across the board, making it really worth buying the lot! Makeup Revolution have done it again!



* Single eyeshadows which all compliment each other
* If you buy all 6 you get one of them for free!
* Beautiful shimmer
* Nice neutral shades
* Durable
* Applied smoothly
* Creamy texture


* The packaging doesn't feel that secure, and one of mine arrived damaged

The Verdict

Colour Range:               ****
Durability:                   *****
Ease of Application:    *****
Texture:                       *****
Pigmentation:              *****
Value for Money:       *****



Which Makeup Revolution eyeshadows do you love?

Jasmine x



  1. Wow these look so lovely when swatched! So pigmented for the price, I really need to get into some make up rev! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. Love them shades, they are gorgeous!
    xprincessjas | x

  3. The quality of these eyeshadows is incredible considering the price! I also think that Makeup Revolution looks a lot better quality than MUA, and I always thought they were great value for money x

    Angelica // One Little Vice

    1. Yeah I personally prefer Makeup Revolution over MUA :) x

  4. Love these colours! So pigmented too - and you can't exactly go wrong for £1 each!
    Laura x FloraLoo Two


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