MUA £1 Blusher in Bon Bon Review

When you can pick up a pretty-coloured blusher for just £1 there really is no reason not to go for it! (Although I already have far too many!) So I picked up a single MUA blusher for just a pound in the colour Bon Bon.

The packaging isn't great, but hey, what can you expect for £1? The fastening is a bit annoying and fiddly and the plastic casing feels pretty flimsy! I do like that they've started naming their products though.

It's a little hard to describe the colour of Bon Bon; it's not a classic pink, it has a slightly peach/apricot tone to it. It's a pretty matte colour too, which I liked. Overall it's a really pretty shade and feels nice and silky; not at all chalky.

I've swatched it with flash (left) and without (right).

My major gripe with this product is that it applies a little patchily. It's come out pretty well in the photos but it clung a little to dry patches and even when I exfoliated before doing my makeup, it looked a bit streaky. 

The staying power was OK; it stayed in place for 4 hours, so not all day but not an instant-fader either.

Overall I don't regret purchasing this blusher, as it's a nice colour and it's only £1, but at the same time it isn't one I'd rush out to buy again. It's good for a pound but I have many blushers I much prefer to this.



* Pretty colour
* Satin-feel matte
* Only costs £1
* Nice pigment level


* Applied streakily
* Can cling to dry patches
* Doesn't last all that long

The Verdict

Durability:                      **.5
Colour:                         ***.5
Ease of Application:         **
Finish:                            **.5
Colour Pay-Off:            ****
Value for Money:           ***



Have you tried any of MUA's £1 blushers? What did you think?

Jasmine x

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